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[NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC] Free Meal for Kids Under 10 When You Order a Main Meal from $16.95 on Sundays @ Rashays


Its long running deal with no expiry.. Just a reminder for parents who may not usually visit Rashays

Kids under 10 eat FREE on Sundays. Keep their tummy's full with Sam's Schnitty, Claire's Chicken Nuggets or Cooper's Cheeseburger. We have a delicious range of kids meals available.

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  • Restaurant in title pls

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      Agreed. The food quality has gone way downhill over time. Dry, chewy, par cooked crap but charging quality steakhouse prices.

      • True.
        Quality hasn't kept up with prices.
        Some of them are looking extremely dated now too

    • Ashtrays?

    • Really really bad pub food

  • Cockroachays.

    That creamy sauce they slap on the chicken is delicious.

    • It's actually cockroach milk, and believe it or not, it's really good for you.

  • Do you have to have kids with you to get the free meal?

  • When you pay $17 for meal that's not even cooked on-site and microwaved in the back

  • isnt this run by that cooker? and i dont mean 'cook' in a good way

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