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Stanley Bailey No 7 Professional Jointer Bench Plane, 60mm Blade Width $218.93 Delivered @ Amazon Germany via AU

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I bought mine second hand from a retiring carpenter for around $180 without a blade, so this looks like a good deal. Pretty specialty item I guess but if you are using a plane to refurbish old timber its great.

Seller is Amazon Germany, but even so there is a comment on the listing that makes me a bit wary - "Scamed. Not a Stanley as advertised but a cheap & nasty Silverline. The only thing that was "Stanley" was the pamphlet enclosed. Returned for refund."

The faithful equivalent is for $158: I have some faithful blades and they are fine, need to sharpen a bit more but do the job.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good to plane down the wooden frames

  • -8

    Check the review.
    "Scamed. Not a Stanley as advertised but a cheap & nasty Silverline. The only thing that was "Stanley" was the pamphlet enclosed. Returned for refund."

  • +3

    The 'scammed' review was 3+ years ago so not sure how much stock i'd put in that. I purchased a block plane and bench vice from them last year and both were perfect, the plane is amazing.

    • +2

      Plus it's sold by Amazon DE. If some unscrupulous third partyseller does sneak in a counterfeit product it's very easy to get a refund

  • Did the retiring carpenter sell you a proper Stanley?

  • How difficult is it to plane doors? One of mine is catching on the carpet and thinking of getting a planer to shave it down

    • +7

      Easy, however that is not $218.93 worth of problem.
      Ideally use a block plane (shorter & meant to plane end grains). This plane is long and might be hard to spot plane a certain area that catches.
      Sandpaper would be cheapest & easier.

    • +1

      Just use a sander if it's only 1 door

    • +4

      Has it always caught or gradually got worse? Hinges might just need tightening if latter.

    • Just clamp on a straight edge and use a circular saw.

  • +5

    Im pretty wary of anything from the stanley black and decker group now. They appear to be very good at buying highly respected brands and destroying them by lowering quality significantly

    • -1

      only thing they have cut corners on quality is the knock and handle, they are now plastic, everything else is the same as years ago. they make minor design changes every once in a while over the last 30 years to try and make the, better.

  • +2

    Dont buy new stanley they say. If you really going to buy a new plane, its either the cheapest one or veritas/lienielson/luban/hntgordon. Otherwise get an old stanley.

  • Ozbargain must be monitoring what I'm up to - as I pulled one of these out of an old toolbox earlier in the day and (tried to) use it for the first time. It must be 50 years old.

    • Too bad you didn’t have luck with it, would have been a cool retro piece ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

  • +1

    My daughter asked for a Stanley for her birthday so this is perfect timing. She will be super excited. Thanks!

    • -1

      Are you certain she is not referring to a Stanley, the type that’s tall and handsome? This may disappoint.

      • A plain Stanley or a Stanley plane?

  • -1

    Personally, I would never fly in a $220 Plane ………………..

  • Facebook marketplace is your friend if you want one of these

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