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½ Price Vodafone $250 240GB 1-Year Prepaid Starter Pack for $125 @ Woolworths



  • 365-day expiry
  • 240GB
  • 5G enabled
  • Data banking

Not for commercial or resale purposes. Available at Woolworths Supermarkets only until 6/2/24. Limit 3 per customer. Unlocking fee may apply. Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry. While stocks last. Vodafone starter pack terms apply - see packaging.

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  • +4

    Decent deal if you can stack the Woolies 10% off shop

    • -1

      Should be able to, but you can't also stack with discounted Woolies or WISH cards, as it thinks you are buying gift cards with gift cards. I always have to pay for SIM cards separately with a credit/debit card (or cash) and do the rest with WISH cards (and once a month 10% off).

      • Can we pay with Everyday rewards dollars ??

      • +3

        I never had issue paying with digital wish card. The guy had to come to make sure it’s activated.

      • +1

        Should be able to use gift card to pay for vodafone sim. If Woolworths mobile then can't pay with gift card

        • I couldn't buy Lebara sims with my Woolies gift cards. Vodafone might be fine.

          • @Maltopia: Curious why there are such different policies for different SIM cards… Anybody knows the reason?

          • @Maltopia: Why not? g

        • +1

          I seems to be able to pay for telstra sim with gift card

          but failed other times with other sims cannot remember the details

          anyone wants to try it tomorrow please update thanks

      • +7

        Hi all, can confirm I bought 3 of these Sims this morning, used a 10% Woolies extra discount, and successfully paid with 2 gift cards (split payment) at the self serve register. Did not need any assistant help, went straight through, thanks for coming….

        • +1

          I can also confirm this. bought this morning with 10% extra plus gift card

        • I did the same it worked today

    • Seems decent either way

    • How about Office works price match ?

      • +2

        I did this and it works. Got it for 118.75.

    • How do you get the 10% off shop?

    • +1

      For anyone else looking. I just went and bought one, but the 10% everyday extra discount is not allowed for this. I spoke with Everyday Rewards support and they mentioned SIM cards are not part of the 10% off T&C's.


      What products can I not apply my Extra Discounts on?
      The Extra Discount cannot be used for or on any smoking or tobacco products and accessories, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges (including Delivery Unlimited items), bag fees, donations, Carpet Care, lottery products, pre-order kiosks, purchases on a charge account, BIG W Photos online, Apple products, gaming consoles, rainchecks, BIG W eBay, BIG W Market, DukeLiving, pre-orders, lay-by fees, remote and bulk orders or Everyday Market from Woolworths orders.

      If you are eligible for the ‘10% off your shop once a month’ offer (“Services Offer”) available to eligible Woolworths Mobile, Woolworths Insurance and Woolworths Credit Card customers, you cannot redeem that Services Offer on the same transaction as the Extra Discount.

  • +5

    Damn, I just paid $150 for the same deal direct through Vodafone.

    • Oh do you have link for vodafone direct offer?

      Just incase need it later


    • +1

      Mine from wws last year, is still sitting there. $150 as well

      • +1

        Woolies gave 4000 everyday rewards last year, meaning $20. Total loss is just $5, not too bad I guess.

    • I almost did the same thing last night

  • +9

    The lack of international calls really kills this plan. And the cheapest way to add this onto this plan is $5 every 28 days for a paltry 30 minutes.

    I guess if you stick with WhatsApp / FaceTime for international calls it could be okay.

    • +2

      Yep. I wish this had international calls too.

    • is there any international text/sms/mms on this one?

    • +4

      Why don't you just use WhatsApp? Or do you mean roaming

      • +6

        What if they want to call their elderly parents on their landline or call people overseas with f all data or bad 4g speeds?

        • +3

          Not sure, sounds pretty niche.

        • They could call their elderly parents on their landline using a number of VoIP providers, download the app and you're pretty much ready to go.

    • The Vodafone site says includes calls to 50 international locations or do you want roaming ?

      • +2

        Actually it says 50 international texts.

        • Oh! You’re right, sneaky, yeah this kills it for me too then, thanks, you saved me a year of hassle

    • true. especially with lack of incoming SMS, it just doesn't work for anyone with overseas travel. also the Vodafone app (if you can even call it an 'app') is by far the worst in the market so value doesn't stack up.

      • incorrect incoming sms is free and available see above

    • Costco Exclusive Voda pack has 1200 STD international mins to Zone 1 (37) Countries, otherwise exactly the same. Costco normally sells it for $200, GF $100, Xmas $120.

  • hmm, my telstra prepaid is expiring in 25 days and their 1yr recharge is $320

    worth the switch ?

    • +3

      Yeah worth swapping away from that to almost anything else.

    • +4

      I heard telstra network was superior, was that true?

      • +1

        Depends, if you're often in rural/remote areas you'll definitely notice a difference. If you never leave the city I doubt it.

        Mate of mine works freight trains on a FIFO basis, so it's definitely worth it to him. I'm in the city 95% of the time, so it's not to me.

        Besides, Boost is the cheaper Telstra anyway and full coverage.

        • Thanks mate

          Yes i heard boost mvno is full telstra network

        • +1

          it's not just coverage, it's congestion.

          • @M00Cow: Oh never heard network congestion

            How does it affect end user?

            Would it be some sort bottleneck?

            • @ATTS: yep, too many devices trying to use the same cell tower and compounded by not enough backhaul to cope with the demand.

              similar to road congestion, things just slow down or grind to a halt. I wouldn't commit to a mobile plan without testing the provider out first for a month.

      • +2

        As someone who goes to remote areas and was on Telstra and just switched to Vodafone…

        Yes the coverage difference is very noticeable.

        Often times not 4g in more remote areas and speed was lacklustre.

        But in towns and around cities seems fine.

        I'll be switching back to my Boost prepaid

        • Cheers mate

    • The $320 w. 230Gb is $280 temporarily but for "new customers". I suggest you port out to one of the free Boost SIMs and then after a free month port back onto that one if you want to stay with Telstra.

    • Yes if you need the whopping 240gb data.

      Telstra > Optus > Vodafone

      • I dont need that much data at all, prob use 5gb per month as wifi is everywhere these days …

        I just want to save some $$s …

        $280 is still a lot vs $125 which is also 5G network

        • Vodafone has the least network coverage and their 5g network is patchy.

          I think Catch Connect has an Optus prepaid plan for $120 but only has 120gb data

          • -3


            their 5g network is patchy.

            Vodafone vs Optus

            Vodafone has much more 5G coverage than Optus. Optus has much more rural coverage than Vodafone.
            Fun fact: they tried to do a deal with each other, where Optus would get Voda's 5G and Vodafone would get Optus' regional coverage but the ACCC blocked it because it would make telco "uncompetitive".

            • +1

              @pennypincher98: Most of vodafone's 5G coverage relys on 5G Standalone, Which is mostly n28 (700mhz). PS. Optus's 5G coverage map hasn't been updated in a year or 2, and doesnt include all frequencies deployed. I recommend Visiting this site To see where your nearest mobile tower is and what frequencies/Technologies it supports.

            • +1

              @pennypincher98: Your fun "fact" is incorrect. The deal that ACCC blocked was between Vodafone and Telstra , not Optus.

              • @puppetmaster: I am on Telstra prepaid 12 months and will likely go with this. Don't want to pay $320 if I can get Vodafone for half price for 12 months. Assume I can just get this starter pack and port my number over within 6 months activation. I'm due to recharge in April.

                • @slankets: Telstra $320 SIM is currently $280 for "new" customers. My Telstra prepaid is due to expire and I'll just port out to one of those free Boost SIMs from the earlier deal. Once that one expires, I port back in as a "new" customer.

                • -2

                  @slankets: You could be in for a bit of a shock if you're used to Telstra reliability, coverage and speed.
                  This is great for kids, students, data hogs and the poor people in general

              • +2

                @puppetmaster: Well everyone knew about that lol, this came afterward. I worked as a Vodafone employee at that time though so not sure if it was public knowledge. Media probably got their hands on it somehow.

                I'm not going to make up a story for attention lmao I don't need internet points or clout. Honestly so stupid.

      • @BubbleIce based on what ? thanks

    • +1


      $244 here for Telstra pack, you need to port out first then port back in.

  • perfect timing for me, thanks for posting

  • +4

    Postcode 3028 = vodafail

  • Would this be better than Optus, coverage wise?

    $160 for 120GB 365 Days.

    • +5

      Everyday/Woolworths Mobile uses the Telstra's Wholesale Network.

      It also has the benefit of 10% off an in-store Woolworth shop each month.

      • It uses parts of Telstra network.
        Is it still better than Optus?

    • $160 for 120GB 365 Days.

      Showing $170 for me

      • $10 off for rewards members

  • +1

    Does anyone know if this pack can be used as a Data sim in a Tablet?

    • +1

      i have samsung s8 plus, i tried using my mobile sim to samsung tab, it worked and i can even make calls from tablet. but for ipad i dont think you can do calls but can use as data sim i guess.

  • They were $99 during BF at Costo

    • +1

      Missed out I'm not due to recharge til April so I'll probably get this. Porting from Telstra. WFH so don't care about mobile data.

  • +1

    Damn!! just got Kogan 365Days 120GB for $100

    • +2

      Yep and Kogan is 4G only whereas this Vodafone branded SIM includes 5G.
      If that matters to anyone.

    • $100? i see $120 on website

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