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Casio MRW200H $31.35, World Time $44.15 + Del ($0 with prime) Solar Classic $116, CasiOak $135.15 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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There is a sale on Casio watches but nothing much stands out. Strangely the MRW200 isn't even in the sale.

Casio MRW200H-1BV$31.35 + del ($0 with prime)

  • Crystal/Lens - Acrylic
  • Diameter - 44.6mm
  • Case Thickness - 11.6mm
  • Resin Case
  • Water resistant 100 Metres

A Blog To Watch Review.
The Urban Gentry Review of a similar model.
Casio Website.

Casio World Time AE-1000W-1B (100m, 10yr battery)$44.15 + del ($0 with prime)

Both watches above have a resin lens, never trust Amazon specs. Good price for Casio beaters though.
Anyone that buys these should jump on Amazon chat once they receive it & complain big time because it's not mineral glass. This is misleading & a breach of consumer law.
You might get a partial refund.

Casio G-Shock Moon & Tide G7900-1$105.59 delivered.
Casio G-Shock Moon & Tide G7900-2$105.80 delivered.
Casio G-Shock Moon & Tide G7900A-4 (red)$106.68 delivered.

Casio G-Shock Classic DW9052GBX-1A4$71.25 delivered
This has a negative display which some might find hard to read.

Casio G-Shock Solar Classic$116.63 delivered

Casio G-Shock CasiOak GA2100-2A (blue)$135.15 delivered

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Limited-time deal: Casio Men's G-Shock Mudmaster Triple Sensor Solar Wave Ceptor Watch, Black Dial/Yellow Accent, Black Band https://amzn.asia/d/2wcGnzA


    That's a very expensive Casio.

  • somebody on aawf got a mrw200h from your last post - i cant find the picture of it anymore but it looks way better IRL on wrist than it does in photo i will say

    • +1

      Oh yeah I saw that & was kind of shocked. Amazing how shit stock pics are.

    • Non Amazon on wrist shot

      Edit - standby on that one

      • need to rehost on ozb file server or imgr etc

        • +2

          Doing that now

          Edit: try this

          • +1

            @Muzeeb: oh hell yeah how good does that look
            great contrast
            so readable

            just seems to 'pop' more than stock photo

    • I saw one in-the-resin at the local Prouds Jewellers and I agree they look much better than the photos give them credit for. I'd really like the model with yellow accents as it would be easier to read while gardening outside, but that's $20 more.

      • +1

        yellow accents

        as always @Chazzozz my brother you have impeccable taste. This one is on my wishlist now. looks hella nice.

        also love the 'in-the-resin' phrase hah

        • Glad you like it! Check out the MRW200H-9B for an alternative colourway, with black dial and yellow numerals. They can be had at various places for close to the same price.

  • Hi Watchnerd….Amazon.com.au has this at $31.35 shipped.Is it the same watch?

    • Sure, maybe it's because you have prime?

  • Thanks for your quick and courteous reply,and Yes I do have amazon Prime.

    • -4

      See that reply button? It does what it says.

      • +1

        So does the vote button 😎

  • Is the Casio MRW200H-1BV a good chunky watch I was thinking I may use this for work or who know mayb just day to day use

    • +1

      its like $40 delivered use it for whatever you want and buy a freshy when its finally too battleworn

      • Actually it was $31 which you probably struggle to get a cheaper watch for I already had ordered as looks ok for the money

  • +1

    I got the MRW200H today was very fast delivery but was it worth it yes $31 was cheap but I think I expected more like a big chunky watch.
    Would I pay $80 plus some retailers sell it for probably not.

    • I have this and the white one.
      The white has a somewhat shiney band, and doesn't have the notches on the back of the strap, so often find it wiggling itself out from the keeper.
      I love them both though. So light, legible and actually love the two way bezel. Use it for timing things all the time.
      Really tempted to get the oversized 210 which is a big boy. As I find the 200 just a touch too small.

    • $80 no way.. even then I'd prefer to pay extra for a dw5600, hell can even get the solar version G5600E-1 around $100 which I'd recommend. You'd be more likely to keep it for years as well, and not end up in landfill. For $30 the casio is probably great for kids though and easy to give away.

      • I got this $30 one by what was said on here was good price and it looked better in person.
        When it arrived not that I have owned a Casio watch before to be very chuck and thick strap this certainly was not chunky or has a thick strap.’
        It was probably just worth the $30 paid not more and even $80 which some places suggest it was.
        What I good Casio chunky watch thick strap not expensive maybe for work or just day to day what should I look for or comes up on sale a lot.
        Ok i don’t think you could get a cheap $30 watch by Casio maybe as good as it is but it just was not what i expected i should have kept that money towards a better one

        • yeah sounds ok and fine for $30 (and not a cent more)
          RRP is always laughable even on citizens and seikos, good to aim for 40-50% at least).

  • +1

    Bought the only AE1500WH-1A. Thanks WatchNerd~~

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