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Dryguy Force DX Dryer $127.91 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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So imagine this, right? You come in from a long day of trudging through the rain and mud, and your shoes are soggy as a sponge. What do you do? You could leave them out to dry and wait for an eternity, or you could get yourself a one of these things. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "Karl, why do I need a special dryer for my shoes?" Well, let me tell you, it's all about saving time and keeping your feet happy.

This thing, it's like a magic box for your soggy footwear and gloves. You stick your wet shoes or gloves on these little racks inside, and then you turn it on, and boom, it's like a hurricane in there, but in a good way. Hot air blasts through your shoes, drying them out quicker than you can say "soggy socks."

And here's the best part - it's not just for shoes. You can stick all sorts of stuff in there, like gloves, hats, socks, you name it. It's like a one-stop-shop for drying out all your soggy gear after a rainy day or a snowball fight gone wrong.

Now, I'm not sure how it works exactly, something to do with science and technology, I reckon. But who cares about the details when you've got warm, dry shoes waiting for you in record time?

So, there you have it, the Dryguy Force DX Dryer. It's like a hairdryer for your footwear and gloves, saving you from the misery of squelchy socks and clammy gloves. Brilliant, innit?

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  • Much cheaper using an old hair drier and some PVC offcuts.. huge markup on this for convenience

    • I've found on top of a dehumidifier the best for drying shoes.

    • +3

      A cheap way to burn your house down.

    • My workmate did this for drying his motorcycle boots when they got soaked.

    • Little sister burnt out a cheap hair dryer using it to melt beeswax for making candles. I could see this has a more convenient and safer alternative if it happens to you on the reg.

  • +13

    Karl, with all due respect… Go away

  • +2

    it was 46 degrees out the back today …. my shoes are dry.

  • +2

    Like the idea, but thats not a bargain

  • I didn't want to get me new trainers wet!

  • cool item.. wish it was half price though haha

  • +2


    this will do the same job?

    reliability might be the issue here but the one posted looks like a generic brand too?

    • +1

      Thanks, the one you suggested is at my price point, just purchased one for all the rainy days in Sydney

  • Good for motorcycle commuters. 😁

  • +1

    It's only 5% off. Might wait for a decent discount.

  • When travelling I learnt the hairdryer trick due to not having extra shoes.
    I just lay the hairdryer on it's side with the nozzle in the shoe, smash out some emails for 30 min then swap shoes. They don't take long dry.
    I wouldn't buy a dedicated machine to do this with.

    • +2

      Holy hell! What hairdryer do you use? I don't think I'd trust any to go non-stop for 30 minutes..

      • The complimentary one in the hotel room

    • +2

      This is really dangerous. I did this once with my Merrell's and it melted the plastic to the hair dryer as well as the removable insole.

    • I tried this with a small hair dryer once at it overheated and shut off.

  • +1

    Buying another pair of shoes is much more practical.

  • +1

    Just buy another $5 pair of shoes and let the wet pair naturally dry for a while. Problem solved.

    • +2

      Why are you even wearing shoes? What kind of bougie princess are you?

      • +1

        It's for when I go to Bunnings or they won't allow you in

  • I'll just wait for the 80% off sale

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    Low heat will make bacteria grow a lot faster. And lead to a smelly shoe (and foot) and toenail fungus. You can find other shoe dryer with UV sterilization, on Temu and Aliexpress for a lot cheaper.

  • +1

    Just put a small amount of petrol in there and light it. Not too much. Also, don't try this at home - or anywhere.

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