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Mirabella Genio Smart Home Wi-Fi Pixel LED Twin Bar Lights - 1.2m - $20 (Was $59) + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ Kmart


Limited stock but I managed to order some in WA

Light up your living space with this Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi 1.2m Pixel LED Twin Bar Lights that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled anytime, anywhere using the Mirabella Genio app. Select from pre-set colour patterns or customise your own colours to suit any occasion!

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  • +3

    $110 for shipping. That's a lot.

    • I thought my $45 Delivery was bad

      • Same, ACT

        • +1

          Showing as in stock in Tuggeranong?

  • Cheers got one c&c

  • 35$ for shipping kill it!

  • $110 delivery to qld… no thanks

  • +1

    Ordered for pickup, was cancelled 10mins later due to no stock :(

    I have Mirabella lights and $20 is a good price for these to add to the collection

    • Same. Cancelled and refunded C&C order

    • +1

      By any chance did you order from epping?

  • Yeh just got my OOS cancellation

  • +13

    Damn kmart's ordering system is unco not Anko

  • +2

    crazy price even at the full price $59.

    i could not buy the materials and make it for $59 (including labour at even cost)…and I have access to required contacts, experience and tools required too.

    • +2

      Sounds like that's worth more than $59….

    • +4

      I am trying to say $59 is cheap let alone $20 - just to clarify.

  • lol $80 shipping. Is it coming from Italy?

  • Pretty sure these were the deals for their black Friday. Hence them now in clearance.

    Decent light bars. We got two at the time for the Office and main TV. You can individually set each LED along the bar as well.

    • +3

      plus you can use them as lightsabers

      • +2

        cords might impede somersaulting though

        • +2

          Attached to a hook on ceiling, they might facilitate it

  • Have these from full price, well worth the $20 if you can find them, particularly since there are two as opposed to the 1.4m similar price, where there is only one included.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered for C&C at Tuggeranong ACT, and there's still some stock there it seems.

    • +1

      Hey me too!

      • Me three. Let us know how you go

        • +1

          Went there in person and got one, they have them out the back, not any location in the store itself.

          If you want one before everyone grabs them with C&C, now's your chance.

          • @NobalaKoba: Cheers for that. I'm in Belco so will have to chance it with C & C

    • My order at 430pm y/day for C&C at Tugg just got cancelled.

      • Mine got cancelled as well 😔

        • Same here. Man, what's the use of C&C :(

          • @pinopio: Me: procrastination pays off yet again

          • +1

            @pinopio: Often with deals like this people will grab them in-store before they get picked out and allocated to a C&C order.

            • @xdpx: Thanks for the tip, will keep this in mind. I was actually able to go to the store but erroneously assumed C&C was the surer way to go. Oh well, live and learn

              • @pinopio: Yah neither way is guaranteed success (except when you find it on shelf in-store and buy).

            • +1

              @xdpx: Yeah and people hype them up on Ozbargain and you end up buying crap you don't need.
              Scrambles for 2$ on shopback but easier saving 20$

              • @G-rig: I don't disagree. However, one could say that (discretionary choice purchases, not an essential or necessary need) about myriad of purchases for different reasons, eg owning more than 1 watch (or any watch really, given ubiquity of mobiles), more than 1 pair shoes, clothes etc. I like the affect created by smart home lighting; along with my various watches, shoes, and clothing. These looked interesting to me for $20, I care little that I missed getting one. (ps happy you got the watch on shiels, another deal that interested me but I guessed it would be a s**t-show, and there are no shiels local to me to C&C quickly. So I skipped that one. I have missed others that did pan out for people, and got some that did, like the KitchenAid).

                • @xdpx: Yeah probably ok if you are chasing something anyway, 20$ instead of 50$ is a nice deal.

  • +3

    FYI stock at parramatta NSW 2150 far back right near service desk. Not labelled $20 but there’s 4 left. Scans at $20.

    Picked up 2 myself, exclusive of the 4.

    • All gone…

      • Stock still shows available online, did you check instore?

        • When I posted my comment, the in store showed no stock, but the other stores bit showed some stock. Possible it’s gone now, just don’t pick up the 1.4m ones on the bottom shelf, it was second shelf from the bottom.

        • Yes I took the last two

  • -2

    Not enough stock to warrant a deal IMO

  • Not eligible for onepass free delivery

    • It is a very unwieldy box. Not surprising.

  • +1

    Hurstville and Miranda in NSW have it in stock

    • Couldn’t find any in Miranda

  • Don’t fall on it

  • +1

    Ordered and refunded.

  • +3

    Not eligible with OnePass, what the point of having OnePass?

    • +1

      Not all products are eligible for OnePass, especially bulky/heavier items.
      One can ask for such items free shipping but then membership price will also be increased significantly and will not be affordable anymore.

  • +1

    Mt Druitt says no stock… but then when I click other store, it says Mt Druitt has stock 😂

    • Bring a knife and your armoured car

      • Sound like my wife 😂

    • Prob means the store has stock, that was what Parramatta showed so I went to check. Might be gone now though.

  • +1

    Firle in SA has stock but you have to ask service desk as it's out the back

  • holy shipping batman…

  • Worth it for $35 shipping? LOL

    Hmm might be OOS

    • lol $80 shipping here…

  • OOS

  • Ordered 1 and 1 limit per ordered,plus 35 delivery 🚚

  • Innaloo say they have 4 in stock, but staff can't find them.

    • Did they check the toilets?

  • Anybody having issue connecting their phone to it? Can't seem to find it via BT.

    • Wifi

      • BT mode (fast blinking) doesn't find it.
        EZ mode doesn't find it (I don't even know how this method works since the instructions say to turn the off BT on the phone)
        AP mode (slow blinking) I can connect my phone to the light's wifi network. But then what? Still don't know how to add the device manually in the app.

        Instructions are bloody shit. Never had this much trouble connecting to a smart light.

        Edit: ugh had to enable Nearby devices in app permissions. Don't know why it was set to don't allow by default.

    • Try connecting on the Grid Connect (Bunnings) App or native Tuya, it should work

  • Click and collect order confirmed, then cancelled and refunded 7 mins later due to insufficient stock

  • +4

    I've given up buying online from Kmart. Out of my last 10 orders, 9 have been cancelled whilst still showing stock available online. Really obvious that they are a bricks-and-mortar company trying to bolt ecommerce on the side and failing miserably.

  • +3

    Kmart online is insanely bad

  • +1

    Got the last one behind the customer service counter. Honestly, better than my Govee one and there are 2 of them. Downside, not as bright as Govee. Upside, really good diffusion. No individual LEDs are observed if all are on.

    • +1

      Any chance of sharing a video of these is music sensitive mode?

      • It's very similar to Govee in music-sensitive mode. Unfortunately, I have the controller stashed out of sight for the mic to work properly anymore to make a video. It is only $20. If you can find one, just get it. Would be easy to sell or even return.

        • Yeh may try to find a set… I occasionally do mobile DJ for house party etc, figure they might be some cheap lights for that.

  • +1

    What's so Good about these, do people just stare them next to the telly or something? I find LED light strips behind the TV to be enough at night, but I assume not as bright for room lighting.

    • Combine with say HA and sensors and can have then light up when walking into rooms etc - go further with HA and have different brightness or colour based on time of day etc.

      Mood lighting for an entire room - again via smart commands and rules.

      • Yeah I got Google home stuff and bulbs/strips, just don't think these would be very aesthetically pleasing.
        20$ i'd prob grab some for the study and one in the corner of a room or something.

  • Went to Chatswood NSW to check since it said "In Stock" online but not on the shelves and staff said nothing in the back unfortunately.

    • +4

      In stock - in the staff car boots.

    • Ha - same day, same store, same experience. Should have checked here first.

      • +1

        you guys will do 20$ of fuel driving around to Kmarts and a few hours of your time lol

        • Nah it's Ozbargain mate, can't be a member unless you promise to do fuel calculations when buying stuff off Gumtree.

  • Ours fell apart due to missing internal screws. Mirabella couldn't even tell me what size the missing parts were and didn't seem to know anything about the specs. They are very cheap quality, but for $20 i guess they are a bargain!

    • You would be surprised at how sturdy and easy the setup is. Govee, 5x the price comes in a tiny box and ikea level of assembly with mini metal brackets etc. These come in large one-piece box.

  • OOS at Noarlunga.

  • Burwood shows in stock… but alas no stock it seems. Service desk guy said a few were sold this morning & should be more… but couldn’t find them

  • +1

    If anyone is still after these; Lidcombe store shows as no stock; however they have 2 in store (was 4, but I picked up 2 of them).

    Boxes are a little beat up, but seems everything is inside from the quick peak I had.

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