This was posted 4 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free: Medibank Live Better $50 out-of-Pocket Reward for Dental Services at MCA Providers (Was 5,000 Points) @ My Medibank App


This is currently 0 points (free) on my Medibank app, normally it is 5,000 Live Better Points. It requires you to have Extras cover from Medibank. From the T&C's, it seems like you have 12 months to use this, but it needs to be redeemed in Feb.

Comments have confirmed this shows up on the app for those who have Extra's only cover as well.

From the description on the app

  • Reduce your out-of-pocket dental costs by $50 at a Members' Choice Advantage provider. Available for eligible Medibank members with extras cover. Applied automatically at policy level after dental limits have been reached.

From the T&C's / Disclaimer:

  • Reward will be applied automatically to your policy to reduce your out-of-pocket costs from a claim for dental services at a Members' Choice Advantage provider.
  • This reward does not affect your annual limits.
  • This reward will be applied at a policy level towards the out-of-pocket costs from a claim for dental services at a Members' Choice Advantage provider. It will be applied towards the first claim received by Medibank for a service provided after redemption.
  • Can only be used on dental services covered in your extras cover (please refer to your individual extras limit which can be found in My Medibank).
  • During waiting periods, the reward can be redeemed but no benefits are payable during this time.
  • This Reward can only be redeemed once per Live Better rewards member.
  • Can be used in multiple transactions until the reward amount is reached.
  • This reward is available to be redeemed from 1 February 2024 to 29 February 2024. Must be used within 12 months of redemption or it will expire.
  • After redemption, allow at least 24 hours for the reward to be available for use and displayed in your My Medibank app.
  • Please choose carefully as rewards will not be amended, cancelled, exchanged or refunded due to change of mind.
  • Note: under some extras policies, you cannot use a Dental out-of-Pocket Reward towards a claim for any preventive dental care package item (PDCP Item). PDCP Items are preventive dental treatments, dental examinations and dental scale and clean. Therefore, before redeeming your points for this reward, you should check your My Medibank account, or contact Medibank using the contact details provided at, to confirm whether, under your extras policy, you can only use this reward towards a claim for non - PDCP items.

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  • Thanks OP

  • Thank you OP

  • +5

    I only have extras and it was available.

  • Done cheers.

  • +1

    Shame my dentist isn’t members choice…

    • Change dentists, I only ever use Choice dentists now and it has saved me a lot over the years.

  • Thanks OP.. I use most of my Medibank PI for my Dental 😬

  • How can I activate this?

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      Open the Medibank app
      "live better" icon at the bottom
      Half way down : "your points, shop rewards"
      Then click on the offer at the top panel

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    Good deal if you like getting your personal data hacked

    • +19

      Can't get hacked if you've already been hacked

      • +3

        Now that's what I call a good life hack.

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    Hey I have the two free cleans a year. What can I use this for?

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      Break a tooth

    • +3

      Anything that is more than a teeth clean.

    • +3


    • +18

      Your dentist will find something don't worry.

    • +4

      Dental cleans are fully covered at all Choice dentists (a couple of cleans a year), anything more than this will be partly covered and this will reduce that by an extra $50.

      • Yes, as the OPs detail explained, it's a top up.

        The $50 optical top up was useful after MBP and SSavers couldn't agree on how MBP optical codes worked. MP insisted I should have no out of pocket expenses, SS said MBP codes did't allow that. In the end I paid a few dollars because SS was giving great service and deals, and I couldn't be bothered chasing MBP. Yes, I did send MBP a rocket, I mean provided feedback, after the event.

  • +1

    Don’t forget you get 1,000 bonus points for actually going to the dentist too!

    • How?

      • Make an appointment at a Medibank Choice dentist and go and get your teeth cleaned.

  • -1

    Omg lose all my points to zero unless I claim $50 out of pocket by end of February! I need to redeem or lose the loot!

    • Just download the app and do a challenge or link it to your health app and walk some steps

  • I had an appointment booked with a new dentist for a clean and two fillings. I’ve been quoted $720. Is it worth signing up to this now and finding a Choice dentist?

    • If you already have cover with Medibank, yes. If you don't already have cover with them then no, as there will be a waiting period.

      • During waiting periods, the reward can be redeemed but no benefits are payable during this time.

        So I could use this now to save $50? Or if I delay my appointment by two months, I'll be paying $34 a month for the Extras 75 plan. Then I can claim back 75% of the $720?

        • +2

          use code EXTRA6WEEKS when signing up for the extras cover and it waives 2&6 months waiting periods.

          • @Edtheman: Wow thanks. So as soon as I recieve my card, I can go ahead with my $720 worth of fillings and claim 75% back?

            • @spiderbite88: I believe so, when I signed up I did so over the phone and they were very helpful and answered any questions I had, maybe do the same. just remember to tell them the code.

  • +1

    I found my dentist was claiming for items I didn’t use from my cover. Should I report him to medibank / medicare? (totalled over $1500 cost to medibank, not for me)

    • +1

      I think most do (the benefits of private health insurance 😬), but they might actually be doing you a favour, reducing your out of pocket expenses. 😅

      • I think most do

        $hit man…

        but they might actually be doing you a favour, reducing your out of pocket expenses

        We went for a clean up & it’s included in the cover, without out of pocket costs for us. he’s included items for multiple teeth fillings for both of us from medibank 😱

        • +1

          If that's accurate then you should initially tell the dentist he's made a mistake. If it's not corrected you have another choice to make.

          There's no evidence that "most do" as suggested above but Health fraud costs us all big dollars.

    • +3

      Yes. You should report him. It’s insurance fraud, and it ends up costing us all more for premiums / insurances etc. whilst your dentist just gets to scrape more money for himself. You’re actually losing out too, as more than likely he’s eating in to your annual limits for your dental extras.

      • +1

        You should report him. It’s insurance fraud, and it ends up costing us all more for premiums / insurances etc

        Exactly my thoughts. No free lunches. Eventually will cost tax payers and private insurance premiums regardless…

  • Thanks OP

  • anyone know if both adults on a family plan can join the app/live better ? It asks from member number when joining then name etc but at the end says you already have an account so can't work out how to join.

    • Yes you can. Use different email addresses.

      • thanks, called them and it was an issue as had an account before but fixed now :)

  • +1

    Buy Toothpaste Nano Hydroxyapatite w/Xylitol, you're welcome. Make sure it's NANO and not micro, rod-shaped particle and not needle at least 10% Nano Hydroxyapatite.

    Now go forth and smile.

    • +1

      Although good for your teeth, it is unclear whether nano hydroxyapatite is safe (nano particules go straight to your blood even if you don't swallow):

      But yes, it is significantly better at remineralisation than micro hydroxyapatite (

      • +1

        Thank YOU, too. EU's approach seems prudent.

        • Indeed, EU approved some form of nano-HA (rod-shaped, as you mentioned), which is what the last link I shared discusses. However, it seems like there are very few brands offering such compliant forms of nano-HA. I looked up Great Oral Health and couldn't find any evidence that their nano-HA is not needle-shaped. Probably a great Aussie business opportunity for whoever reads this.

          Even with rod-shaped nano-HA, I would still be cautious and probably read the SCCS opinion report to make up my own opinion before going ahead. The fact that it was approved is encouraging, but it does not mean it is healthy – there are many toxic substances (you mentioned SLS) that are approved.

          • @pokemeimfamous: It was invented a few decades ago. But not many manufacturers pick it up. I take what I can get, still better than colgate.

            PFOS, PFOA, and its huge family are not approved nor healthy for humans, yet it is everywhereeee shrug

            • +1

              @frewer: Just reading that mdpi study linked above there appears to be no statisically detected advantage over flouride for toothpaste AS YET. Looking at the raw science of how it works though it looks very promising, provided the issue of potential toxicity can be overcome.

              Nano particles were touted (in the media) decades ago as the next big breakthrough in medical science. It was only last week that I was chatting to a friend about the (apparent - to me) lack of progress, even allowing for the long lead in times required for human uptake. Thanks to you two I'm now a little wiser. Plenty of issues to be sorted out.

              • +1

                @Igaf: Knowledge is power, happy to share that around.

    • Thank you. Only one view, but quite persuasive. I'm guessing it costs a bomb?

    • Any particular brand your recommend? And do you have personal experience with it?

      • +2

        I was using Apagard Premio ( from Amazon ), but then found out it has SLS. About to order some Great Oral Health ( from Amazon ) which has Nano Hydroxyapatite, Xylitol + natural ingredients.

        • How did you find the improvement in your teeth after using the Nano Hydroxyapatite? It seems from my limited research thus far, that it's useful for the strengthening of enamel still physically present.

          I have about 2-3 teeth enamels that are pretty worn down, and have been recommended fillings, which I'm all for, however I'd be keen to check out the Nano Hydroxyapatite toothpaste - if it'll also assist with slowing down the issue.

          I also had a look at SLS, seems like it's a 50/50 when it comes to benefits/issues (depending on which website you look at).

  • +1

    Just confirming that I was eligible for this, I don't have hospital cover, only extras 75.

  • Thanks OP

  • Love this.

  • Does this apply to all members under the same policy? Do I need to create an account for my wife to claim it?

    • The optical covered all members but each had to claim it (at least that was our experience). Probably the same here but conact MBP for confirmation.

  • Anyone know what we can get for around $50 at the dentist?

  • For those not with Medicare Nogaps dental may be a good option. They still have no out of pocket for many services, including check ups and basic fillings.

  • Thank you

  • can't claim the $50, keeps telling me something went wrong 🥲 fwiw I don't have extras at all so perhaps that's why

    • No extras = no deal.

    • +1

      Mine keeps saying the same thing but I do have extras

      • Same here.. I might have claimed a similar deal before

  • Bugger just did all our dental stuff a week ago…

  • Where do you see the $50 ?
    I see nothing in my rewards section of the app

    • It’s literally the very first reward on the list…

      • Can't be first if there is nothing there lol…

    • Ditto. Nothing

  • Thanks OP.

  • Awesome my son broke his tooth at laser tag on Saturday so this $50 will be so good..does anyone know if medibank still cover 100% dental if your over 16. It was my sons 16th birthday yesterday.

    • +1

      They stay as dependents until they are 21. Once 21, if they are full time students they can stay as dependents on your policy. If they arent you can pay a higher premium to keep them on your policy.

  • Got it! But terms say "you cannot use a Dental out-of-Pocket Reward towards a claim for any preventive dental care package item". So what can you use it on if it's not preventive?

    • Contact them and ask them directly. The best we can do is have an educated guess. My interpretation is that actual dental restorative work would be covered.

    • Anything that isn't 1XX series item number, knowing health funds they'll probably claim 0XX series as "preventative" as well…
      Basically any treatment after the initial exam/diagnosis.

  • Does it automatically apply when the surgery swipes your card.

    I activated it before going to dentist. But not sure it did anything at all.

  • Anybody managed to claim this $50 at the dentist ?

  • Used to be able to redeem the $50 Dental out of pocket for 5000 live better point.
    Since this Free: Medibank Live Better $50 out-of-Pocket Reward started and ended, i no longer able to see $50 Dental out of pocket for 5000 live better point in my cover rewards.

    Any has this problem now ?

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