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Earn 20x Everyday Rewards Points on Airbnb, Ultimate Him/Her, Event/Village, Accor or Restaurant Choice Gift Cards @ Woolworths


Earn 20x Everyday Rewards Points on Airbnb, Ultimate Him, Ultimate Her, Village/Event Cinemas, Accor or Restaurant Choice Gift Cards

Offer available from 7/2/24 to 13/2/24 on all denominations of gift cards listed, excluding Airbnb variable $25-$500 card. Available in-store only at Woolworths Supermarkets and Woolworths Metro, scan your Everyday Rewards Card to collect 20x points. Excludes Woolworths Online and MILKRUN. Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase. Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions.

  • For Accor, Airbnb and Event/Village Cinemas, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member (can be done across multiple transactions).
  • For Restaurant Choice $50 & $100 and Ultimate gift cards, limit of 5 cards per day per Rewards Member (can be done across multiple transactions).
  • For Webjet $20-$500, limit of 10 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction.
  • For Restaurant Choice $50-$500, limit of 5 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction.

Reward Points $30=600, $50=1000, $100=2000, Variable card $1 = 20x points. While stocks last. Card images shown may vary.

Gift Card Participating Retailers (Visa)
Ultimate Him 99 Bikes, adidas, Adrenaline, Anaconda, ASOS, Autobarn, Barbeques Galore, Binge, Bonds, Camping World, Champion, Compleat Angler, Cotton On, Dymocks, EB Games, Factorie, Foot Locker, General Pants Co., H&M, Home Hardware, Hoyts, INTERSPORT, Jaycar, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Kayo Sports, Kingpin, LSKD, lululemon, Mitre 10, My Muscle Chef, Natio, Nike, Oakley, Oxford, OZSALE, PlayStation Store, RedBalloon, Rip Curl, Roblox, Speedo, SportsPower, Star Car Wash, The Bavarian, The Iconic, Timezone, Total Tools, Toyworld, Uber, Uber Eats, Weber, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, yd, ZiNG Pop Culture, Zone Bowling. (Please look here for guidance on BCF, Drummond Golf, rebel, Supercheap Auto and UFC Fight Pass.)
Ultimate Her adidas, Anaconda, ASOS, Aveda, Blys, Bonds, Bras N Things, Champion, COSETTE, Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Dymocks, Ella Baché, Estée Lauder, Factorie, Forever New, Freedom, General Pants Co., H&M, Hoyts, INTERSPORT, JD Sports, Lorna Jane, LSKD, lululemon, MAC, Modibodi, Natio, Nike, Nine West, OZSALE, Pandora, Peter Alexander, RedBalloon, Rip Curl, Roblox, Seed, Sephora, SHEIN, SportsPower, Supré, Swarovski, T2, Temple & Webster, The Bavarian, The Body Shop, The Iconic, Wittner. (Please look here for guidance on Ella Baché.)
Restaurant Choice Redeemable at merchants around Australia categorised as Hotels, Caterers (MCC 5811), Eating Places and Restaurants (MCC 5812), Drinking Places (MCC 5813), Fast Food Restaurants (MCC 5814), Motels & Resorts, Central Merchant (MCC 7011) and Amusement Parks, Circuses, Carnivals, and Fortune Tellers (MCC 7996). Gift card subject to individual merchant acceptance. (Please refer to this table for more information.)

Basically 10% of the gift card’s value returned to you in the form of Everyday Rewards points.1

Any questions, check out the FAQs - Credits to WookieMonster

  1. The 10% calculation assumes you opt to redeem your Everyday Rewards points for Everyday Rewards Dollars (either through Money Off Shopping or Bank For Christmas). - Credits to WookieMonster 

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  • +3

    nice that includes the variable load restaurant choice ones this time. Getting the $100 ones is a bit of a pain…end up having small amounts left over that you have to try to use….and can be a hassle if the venue has a fee to use them as well, trying to work out how much it will debit on the small remainders. Wish restaurant choice still sold them direct, as they used to have 20% off deals sometimes

    • +2

      I have somewhat 20 Restaurant gift cards (TCN) with $1.00 or less. So pain in a….!!

      • Even more so when you can't use them at McDs anymore to buy a cheeseburger.

      • That's how they make money :D

    • I haven't seen the variable Restaurant Choice $50-$500 cards at Woolies, often it's just the $50 or the $100 card. It's hard to find.

      • I found them last time….there were HEAPS of those ones at the stores I go to….it was hard to find the $50 and $100 last time as they were the ones included in the special. I haven't seen the variable load ones in their specials before.

  • Is it easy enough to use these at Jb-hifi for something worth 3-4k? I’ve heard of difficulties

    • -4

      There's a limit to number of GCs you can use for one single order.

    • +6

      It depends on what kind of JB Hi-Fi store you are planning to purchase from.

      Instore transactions

      I am not aware of JB Hi-Fi coding into their instore checkouts any redemption restrictions for Visa cards (which is what Ultimate gift cards really are). The OzBargain redemption record for Ultimate and/or TCN gift cards in one transaction at JB Hi-Fi is 99.

      If you are going to make a purchase instore, remember to tell the staff member you want to redeem multiple Visa cards, because the Ultimate gift cards pictured in this deal operate on the Visa network. JB Hi-Fi handles the redemption of these Ultimate gift cards the same way as any other Visa card.

      However, you could have a staff member unilaterally refuse to do split payments across multiple Ultimate gift cards (or enforce an arbitrary limit, e.g. a maximum of 5 Ultimate gift cards redeemed in one transaction). It is unlikely to happen, but you never know.

      I will also note that you may not be able to use Ultimate gift cards at JB Hi-Fi’s stores in the international terminals at Sydney Airport or Gold Coast Airport, as those are located in the duty-free area.

      Online transactions at jbhifi.com.au

      As far as I am aware, JB Hi-Fi can only accept 1x Ultimate gift card in one online transaction, because they do not have the ability to split payment across multiple Visa cards on their online store.

      To get around this, you can go to the Ultimate gift card exchange portal (linked on the Ultimate gift card website) and exchange the partial or full balance of an Ultimate Him gift card for a JB Hi-Fi gift card. You should be able to redeem an unlimited number of JB Hi-Fi gift cards in one transaction on the JB Hi-Fi website, but someone mentioned a couple of days ago that if you ask for a price match and are sent a link to pay for the price match transaction online, you apparently can only redeem a maximum of ten JB Hi-Fi gift cards (and zero Ultimate gift cards).

      "Commercial" portals

      JB Hi-Fi offers "commercial" portals (JB Hi-Fi Business, JB Hi-Fi Solutions, JB Hi-Fi Commercial, respectively), where you can access a selected range of products at "commercial" prices.

      With JB Hi-Fi, their terms and conditions effectively state you cannot use Ultimate gift cards on their "commercial" portals. I also saw someone comment last year that they could not use an Ultimate gift card on a JB Hi-Fi "commercial" portal, but I am struggling to find that comment…

    • I have used these to buy Iphone. Used variable load card each with $500 ( Offer limited to 2 each day) and 2 * $50 ones.
      Looks like this time they have excluded the variable load.
      No issues using 6 Gift card in store ( Forest Hill, VIC). Just be respectful and pick off-peak time.

      Hope this helps.

  • +1

    How do you use "Restaurant Choice", does it work on any restaurant including any local store?

    • +10

      The Restaurant Choice gift card pictured in this deal is a prepaid Visa gift card that only works merchants using the following merchant category codes (MCCs):1

      • Hotels, Caterers (5811)
      • Eating Places and Restaurants (5812)
      • Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages), Bars, Taverns, Cocktail lounges, Nightclubs and Discotheques (5813)
      • Fast Food Restaurants (5814)
      • Motels & Resorts, Central Merchant (7011)
      • Amusement Parks, Circuses, Carnivals, and Fortune Tellers (7996)

      To redeem this gift card at a merchant, you will need to redeem it like you would redeem a regular Visa card. For example:

      • You can physically swipe the physical gift card on the EFTPOS terminal through the magstripe reader.
      • You can add the gift card to Apple Pay, Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet, then pay via contactless (or if you have a really old Samsung device, MST).
      • You can enter the gift card’s card number, expiry date and CVV2 into the online checkout .
      • You can provide the gift card’s card number, expiry date and CVV2 over the phone to complete your purchase at a merchant over the phone. (I doubt this is very common these days…)

      However, there are some limitations with Restaurant Choice gift cards:

      • There is no way to know the MCC that will be used for a transaction at a merchant until you attempt it. For example, a cafe I have been to in the past is categorised as Bakeries (5462), because their EFTPOS provider views the merchant’s primary business is being a bakery (not a cafe). 5462 is not permitted on a Restaurant Choice gift card, so a Restaurant Choice gift card should be declined there.

      • There is no guarantee a given merchant using the correct MCC will always accept a Restaurant Choice gift card. For example, I once tried to place an order at a restaurant table by scanning a QR code and completing payment for my meal online, but when I tried to use a prepaid Visa gift card on the checkout screen, I got an error message saying security check failed; this was due to my (and all) prepaid Visa gift cards not being able to support security checks commonly seen on debit and credit cards (e.g. 3-D Secure).

      1. If you were not aware, an MCC is a four-digit number assigned to the merchant that broadly describes the type of business conducted by that merchant. 

      • So this card would work everywhere the Ultimate Eats card works plus way more?

        • It is hard to tell whether this works everywhere the Ultimate Eats gift card works, because I do not know the merchant category codes for all locations of every single participating retailer of the Ultimate Eats gift card!

          For example, I do not know how Boost Juice would be classified. It could be classified as Fast Food Restaurants (5814) or Miscellaneous Food Stores: Convenience Stores, Markets, Specialty Stores (5499) (or something else!).

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Thanks, will just have to get one and work out the locations by trial and error.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: So pretty much any small local restaurant should works like Thai, Italian, Chinese, etc.

      • @WookieMonster Would appreciate your advice, thanks.

        The restaurants I frequent impose a surcharge for non-cash payments. With the Restaurant Choice gc, would it be the same surcharge using the physical card vs adding to Google Wallet?

        Looks like I would have to calculate the surcharge amount if I'm close to the limit on the card. Not that convenient to use for restaurants that have this surcharge.

        Can the ShopBack supermarket gc be used to buy this Restaurant Choice gc and is there a maximum amount eg $400 or $450 for the transaction to work at WW?


        • +1

          With the Restaurant Choice gc, would it be the same surcharge using the physical card vs adding to Google Wallet?

          Most likely.

          The Restaurant Choice gift cards pictured in this deal operate on the Visa network, and if you add that gift card to your mobile wallet, the one on your mobile wallet also operates on the Visa network. In other words, you should expect to pay any surcharges at restaurants that elect to surcharge payments made over the Visa network.

          Having said that, there was one instance I noticed where I swiped a Visa card on the EFTPOS terminal, selected CR on the EFTPOS terminal, and then had to pay the surcharge. However, when my friend tapped their a different Visa card saved to their mobile wallet a few seconds later, they did not have to pay a surcharge. I suspect there was a bug in how that restaurant’s EFTPOS terminal was set up.

          Additionally, when I go to the dentist (and yes, a dentist is not the same as a restaurant, but whatever), I nearly always tap a physical Mastercard/Visa credit card (or one saved to a mobile wallet) and the EFTPOS terminal never charges me a surcharge. However, during one visit, I swiped a Coles Mastercard gift card, and the EFTPOS terminal asked whether I wanted to pay a surcharge. I selected no, of course!

          Looks like I would have to calculate the surcharge amount if I'm close to the limit on the card. Not that convenient to use for restaurants that have this surcharge.

          Yep. That is one of the reasons I refuse to buy restaurant-related gift cards myself. (Another reason is this.)

          Can the ShopBack supermarket gc be used to buy this Restaurant Choice gc and is there a maximum amount eg $400 or $450 for the transaction to work at WW?

          Someone told me they used a Shopback Supermarket Visa gift card to purchase a Restaurant Choice gift card earlier today. No idea about the maximum amount, but it is safe to say it was $400 or below.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Thanks for the detailed response :)

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: I bought $500 restaurant choice gc today and paid with three different shopback supermarket gift cards. The transaction went through. I am not sure about the limit, but $500 in one transaction was OK.

    • Just use it like any other debit/credit card. I add it to Apple Pay and just touch and go. It’s supposed to be any restaurant but I find there are some restaurants where it’s declined - mainly the local bakery or cafe seems to be the ones where it gets declined

    • +2

      You’re Associated; you tell us

  • could we use the accor giftcard to pay the restaurant?

    • +1

      I think it is only if you are actually staying at the hotel. I remember I was looking into this a while ago. Prob check their website to be sure

  • +1

    Damn no IKEA, you'd think they'd cater for the gender non specific "everyone" crowd for Valentine's 😂

    • The commbank cashback for special gift card has ikea on it, however you can’t buy bigger value (and also my commbank card never works at special).

  • If 2,000 points is $10, effectively 10%?

    • Basically 10% of the gift card’s value returned to you in the form of Everyday Rewards points.

    • Yes

  • +1

    These airbnb gift cards are super hard to find in store in my experience.

    • Only found variable loads, and they are excluded!

      • Yeah this was my experience last time too after going to multiple woolies

    • Hi, does that mean it only works for the $100 gift card and not any other monetary amount? Thanks

      • +1

        Yea - at least none of the variable ones

  • I'm curious about Restaurant Choice. How does this work as a business? Is there an activation fee or something?

    I'm just trying to make sense of it being accepted at any restaurant for the full value I buy it for but someone is also paying for me to get bonus EDR points. Where is the profit selling this?

    • +3

      Most GC's profit from the fact that people forget to use them (if received as gift), and small balances left on card and most can't be stuffed trying to do part payments to draw down small amounts.

      • Ahhhhh, that must be it

        I knew I was missing something.

  • +3

    I was able to use the ShopBack Supermarket gift cards to purchase Airbnb gift cards at Coles last month. Not sure if it also works at Woolies too but extra 2.25% off if so. After purchasing you can add these gift cards to your digital visit and use like any other card in digital wallet

    • Yes does work at Woolworths just tried today.

      • Which gift card did you buy?

        • Restaurant Choice.

          • @johfac: That’s good! I wanted to buy RC too. Thanks!

  • great

  • Will pick up a few ALL cards for a few reservations

    • I stay at Accor hotels frequently but have never used these gift cards. Do all their hotels accept them?

    • Only available to use in Aus, NZ, and Fiji.

      Step 1 - Visit our participating hotels list and select the hotel you wish to stay at.
      Step 2 - Call the hotel and advise them that you wish to use your Gift Card.
      Step 3 - Confirm your rate and booking.

      Does not work for me personally as I am booking a trip to Thailand. Luckily I read the FAQ. Also I'd rather use it when i make a booking online. Forget this old school calling a hotel on the phone and booking at inflated prices.

      • I was looking at UAE hotels so won’t work for me either but may buy a couple for other local stays.

  • can any of these be used at goodguys ?

  • Accor gift card looks inviting but looking at their website it says you need to present the gift card at check-in. That is annoying, would rather it just be used on the website when booking a room. Oh well.

  • -1

    So why no points on AirBNB but yet advertise it?

    • +1

      excluding Airbnb variable $25-$500 card

      Only the variable Airbnb is excluded. Fixed amount (ie. $100) still included.

      • Thanks. Misread. Thanks

  • Does anyone know if "Restaurant Choice" gift cards are vulnerable to hacking?

  • Whats everyones favourite way to use up small balances on the restaurant GCs? I hate mcds but might it be my only option?

    Appreciate i can split the bill at any place but its hassle when its not self serve and there may be a queue behind you….

    • I always buy the entire amount in Uber Eats gift cards.

      • Is there a minimum purchase for uber eats vouchers? If that works then its my answer…

    • I have heard that you can use them to split the bill at Subway if that is any help? Other than that, I would like to know as well. I managed to use a $2 balance against a lunch at Italian Street Kitchen, I just had to work out how much in % charge for using a card to calculate it would be $1.88 they could put it through for….that's the other thing, when some bars and restaurants tack a charge onto the bill for using a visa card

      • Subway is most difficult place for a split payment. The cashier usually happy to do so but their system cannot charge any amount you want. Happy to be corrected if anyone have different experience.

        • My local subway told me if I wanted to make a partial payment using a gift card the balance owing would need to be paid in cash.

  • Can i use woolies gift card to buy these giftcard?

  • Webjet seems to be in the Ts&C's but not in the catalogue ad?

    • +2

      I spoke to Everyday Rewards about this and they assured me that Webjet gift cards are included in this offer but they do have a habit of getting these things wrong. If you want to buy one, I'd suggest that you confirm the points earned on the checkout screen before paying anything.

  • For the following, does it mean that the offer is only on the first transaction of the day, and I can get the offer again on the following day (first transaction of the day)?

    “For Restaurant Choice $50-$500, limit of 5 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction.”

    • Yep, day as per calendar day.

  • So if i have the qantas points choice selected on EDR where for every 2000 points you get 1000 qanata points, if I buy $1000 worth of cards will I get 20000 edr points converted to 10000 qantas points?

    • +1


      2000 EDR = 1000 QFF points or EDR $10 credit

      If you purchase $1000, you get 20000 EDR points, that is equivalent to 10000 QFF points or EDR $100 credit.

      Happy purchasing.

  • is the deal for only $100 ultimate gift card or any value?
    I want to buy $4000 worth of ultimate gift cards

    • +1

      is the deal for only $100 ultimate gift card or any value?

      See answer below.

      I want to buy $4000 worth of ultimate gift cards

      That is impossible through this deal if you only use one Everyday Rewards account.

      The deal's terms and conditions state you will only earn bonus points on a maximum of five Ultimate gift cards in one calendar day on an Everyday Rewards account. The highest denomination of Ultimate Him and Her gift cards sold at Woolworths is $100, which means you can only earn bonus points on a maximum of 5x $100 Ultimate gift cards each day, or 35x $100 Ultimate gift cards through this entire deal.

      The workaround is to use more than one Everyday Rewards account, but then the question is whether there are enough Ultimate Him or Her gift cards at the Woolworths store(s) in your area, as well as whether staff at these stores are happy to sell multiple gift cards to the same customer across multiple transactions (whether on the same day or different days).

  • Can someone clarify if 10% applies on HIM variable GC. Or $100 and $50 only?

    • +1

      If Woolworths sold Ultimate Him gift cards in a variable load denomination, it would be eligible for this deal, because the terms and conditions only lists the Airbnb variable load denomination as an exclusion.

      However, I have never seen Woolworths sell an Ultimate Him gift card in a variable load denomination. I have seen such a denomination sold at BIG W though.

  • Does this only apply to the $100 Ultimate rewards card? is there a variable load option?

    • +1

      This deal applies to all denominations of Ultimate rewards Him and Her gift cards sold at Woolworths. The only denominations I have seen for these gift cards at Woolworths in the past are $50 and $100.

  • Is it just a coincidence that I can't find any Woolies gift cards on Shopback? The site and app both…

  • They have 20x Everyday Reward points on Apple gift cards from the 14th.

  • Any giftcards as part of this deal that works at officeworks?

  • Do the terms mean bonus points will be given on only 10 x any combination of Accor, Airbnb and Event/Village gift cards or is it 10 of each type per day?

  • sorry for the dumb question but what does this mean "excluding Airbnb variable $25-$500 card"
    so which airbnb gift cards will get me 20x points??

    • +2

      excluding Airbnb variable $25-$500 card

      Only the variable Airbnb is excluded. Fixed amount (ie. $50 & $100) still included.

  • Plenty of Airbnb cards this morning!

  • +1

    i bought a Restaurant Choice Gift Card, and trying to buy a Ubereats gift card through shopback app but its declining. Also tried to buy Ubereast gift card directly through Uber but declined as well. I read of this forum that its possible to use the choice card. How are you guys doing it?

  • So if I buy a Restaurant Choice Gift Card for $500, Do I get the full 20x points applied to the $500? or does it only apply to $50 or $100 gift cards?

    • +2

      Yes, you will get 10,000 woolies points if you load the card with $500. I got one this morning and got the 10,000 points immediately.

      Now I want another but it looks like only one transaction per day for this variable load card. Looks like I’ll have to wait till tomorrow otherwise I won’t get the points.

      • I bought 5x$100 restaurant choice in one transaction. I can see this in my everyday account’s ereceipt but no points yet.

        • Did you scan your EDR member barcode before making the payment?

          • @Dark Zeus: I scanned my EDR barcode first then the cashier scanned 5x$100 restaurant choice GC, then I paid. It didn’t show points on cashier screen.

            I know my EDR code was registered against this purchase because it appears in my EDR app’s e-receipt.

            I bought the fixed $100 GC. Maybe it appears on screen only when you buy the variable GC?

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