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100% Cashback on any $30 Oodie at the Oodie (Capped at $30 Cashback) + $9.99 Shipping @ TopCashBack AU (New Members Only)


⚠️Do not sign up via referral link. This offer does not stack with referral benefits. Please sign up via the deal link!

This is a great deal if you haven’t used TopCashback before and would like to sign up! For new TopCashback members who have no purchases/transactions yet, enjoy the following deal via this link: https://www.topcashback.com.au/oodie-new-member-deal/

Essentially you're just paying for shipping as you'll get the Oodie for free (valued at $109)!

Thanks to @nicholasv for this deal.

Purchase any $30 Oodie at the Oodie (excluding delivery) and get your money back

The following three are eligible:

DEAL: FREE Oodie (valued at up to $30) after cashback, from The Oodie, excluding delivery.


  • 100% cashback at the Oodie means that TopCashback will refund 100% cashback when new TopCashback members purchase any $30 Oodie at the Oodie (excluding delivery). All other purchases are ineligible for this new member deal.
    • E.g. Spend $30 on Otter Oodie at the Oodie and TopCashback will credit your TopCashback account with $30 cashback.
  • The 100% cashback on any $30 Oodie at the Oodie start date is the 09/02/2024 and the offer end date is 13/02/2024 23:59.
  • Purchases over $30 (excluding delivery) will receive a maximum of $30 cashback.
  • 100% cashback at the Oodie deal is only available for new members or those with no previous purchases or cashback through TopCashback (including sign-up bonuses).

What will stop me getting cashback?

  • This offer can only be redeemed once per household on a first come first served basis. If a member applies for the offer from the same household as an already successful purchase, it will be declined.
  • Using a promotional or discount code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
  • If the individual making the transaction is a new member, the individual must first register as a member of TopCashback, prior to redeeming the 100% cashback at the Oodie deal.

What else is essential?

  • This advertiser calculates cashback excluding tax, delivery and any other charges.
  • TopCashback reserves the right to end the 100% cashback at the Oodie deal at any time without notice. Purchases made after this time will not receive the cashback offer. This offer is limited to 5,000 redemptions on a first come first serve basis.
  • Cashback earned in the 100% cashback at the Oodie deal will not progress to payable status until approximately 14 working days after the promotion end date subject to a successfully tracked purchase.
  • Transactions may be made through desktops, tablets and mobile browsers.
  • Cashback earned in the 100% cashback at the Oodie deal will only be available for pay-out via BACS payment i.e. paid directly into the member’s bank account or via Paypal
  • Cashback redeemed from the 100% cashback at the Oodie, is excluded from Tell-a-Friend promotion thresholds. (Please see Tell-a-Friend page for more details).
  • This deal is wholly funded by TopCashback, not the Oodie.

What to do when?

  • Cashback earned in the 100% cashback at the Oodie deal may track at a lower rate initially and will uplift within 14 days of the promotion end date.
  • If the transaction for the 100% cashback at the Oodie deal does not appear in your account, you can submit a claim. Any claims for this cashback offer will only be open for submission 14 working days after the promotion has ended.

Referral Links

Referral: random (2957)

Referrer gets $30 and referee gets $10 after $10 of earned cashback.

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  • Are they one size fits all?

    • +1

      Yes correct, for adults. Original price is $109.

  • I signed up a couple of months ago but haven't done any transaction as yet, am I eligible for this cash back?

  • +1

    What's the shipping?

    • +1

      $9.99 for standard shipping, orders over $50 are free shipping

  • +3

    Bought two to get free shipping and tracked the $30 cashback immediately. $15 per unit sounds like a good deal.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • +1

      Same here 👌

    • +3

      So the choice is between 1 for $10 or 2 for $30? Or am I dumb?

      • correctamundo

      • Cheaper to make 2 accounts for this deal by the looks of it.

        • +1

          TCB applies much stricter rules on multiple accounts (than the other two) so that you may have all your family accounts suspended. I said it based on some comments in the previous deals.

          This user was created to complain about it.

  • +4

    No loyalty discount???

  • +4

    i have 2 at home, never worn them,its too warm in sydney 24/7

    • i brought one last year and wore it in the house in winter

      • +2

        Where did you bring it?

    • wear in winter that's how they are supposed to be used not in summer silly

      • haha ..yes i know i was commenting as someone said he brought 2 and has never worn them as it’s too hot 24/7 in sydney ..god lately it’s too hot to breathe let alone wear a oddie

  • +5

    Bought two but cashback is not tracking.

  • Can u pay with Oodie GC?

  • +7

    God bless plastic, eat plastic, drink plastic and breath in these fresh, healthy plastic clothing particles 🥰

    • For real though. I wouldn't import toxic plastic waste from China into my house even if you paid me. The government is looking to regulate against this mass import of plastic clothes from China as it goes straight to landfill.

    • +1

      I genuinely do try to buy cotton and linen clothes only. But some plastic does enter the mix from time to time.

      Elastine the make the pants a little Stretchy haha

  • too late….

  • F@k sakes i just bought earlier today :(

    • refund time

  • They look a bit too short, is there a long one?

    • +1

      Show off those sexay legs.

    • Only one length. I'm a tall gal but it doesn't worry me at all with mine; it's insanely warm so you might be glad got the ventilation.

  • -4

    I haven't made an purchases from Oodie but I get this message on TopCashBack… Unfortunately you're not eligible for this deal

    But see our Oodie - Existing Member Offers

    • +1

      New members only

    • This is a great deal if you haven’t used TopCashback before and would like to sign up! For new TopCashback members who have no purchases/transactions yet, enjoy the following deal via this link: https://www.topcashback.com.au/oodie-new-member-deal/

      If you utilised the same amount of time with reading this post as you did with writing your comment then you could have found the answer yourself…

  • +1

    I just bought two but I can't see anything in top cash back account about tracking. Hoping I didn't just waste some money

    Edit: $30 pending now. 5 minutes later

  • Do kids oodies of the same design/price count?

  • Made a TopCashBack account just before purchasing the Oodies. Still don't see anything pending on my top cash back account. It's been 5 hours. It says can take up to 7 days but did this happen to anyone else?

    • Me too

    • Yep same here, nothing pending. Purchased 12 hours ago.

    • Did yours appear? My click has even disappeared from the "My Visited Merchants" section when it was there previously.

  • New account just created but why I don't see any banner promoting this offer. Do I just need to click it from OP link, I'm worried that it wont tracked.

  • Both the bunny and otter adult oodies currently showing as sold out.

  • -2

    How many new accounts can i create?

    • Why risk it? SB and CR have methods in which to detect multiple-accounts under the same person and all accounts get banned as a result (and subsequent cashback invalided) so what makes you think TCB isn't the same?

      • SB and CR are too up tight with that. I get that people are trying to spam with lots of accounts but they rejected my referral bonus when I got my partner to sign up and it wasn’t worth the hassle to argue we were two different people

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got another spare oodie for when my other ones are festering in the wash basket

  • Does Adblock in safari stop the tracking of the purchase

    • +1

      The rule of thumb with cashback tracking (across every cashback site) is to turn off Adblock as it could interfere with cookies, which is one of the ways it tracks your purchase.

      More information (specifically pertaining to TCB, but it applies to cashback tracking in general) can be found here (It's from the TCB UK site but again it applies to cashback in general)

      • Thanks. Yeah I forgot to turn it off. I’ll just have to submit a claim

        • +1

          just wait a bit, sometimes takes upto a week to show up according to the website

          mine showed up after around 10h

    • +1

      Modern browsers often have tracking protection built in, and then there are AdBlockers and specialist privacy browser extensions like Privacy Badger. Because I sometimes use Cashback sites, I need to keep tracking enabled and just try to block other annoyances like advertisements, popups, sticky headers,…

  • How long does it takes to get tracked? It’s been almost 5hrs since the purchase.

  • +2

    Ah, this is why some of them are sold out. Free physical goods are extremely rare; it's only digital products like games, ebooks, applications and online courses that are sometimes given away for free. As always "I Smell Pennies", your deals are great. I cannot utilize this deal but I appreciate you sharing it with others.

    • +1

      Thank you for your kind comment and support :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • When will I be able to withdraw?

  • +2

    No more $30 Oodies, it seems.

  • +2

    Changed to $43.60

  • So did this end early or do you still get the 30 back?

    • +1

      ended early

  • +1

    Received oodie today and also can see it was tracked for cashback. Deal is looking great!

    From a product perspective though, the bunny rabbit one we receive smells really bad straight out of bag. Very strong chemical/manufacturing smell.

    Will see how it goes when we try clean it.

  • Hi gents, have you heard anything from the Oddie regarding the order? I did not see the tracking from the Top Cashback and hear nothing from the Oddie about the order.


    • +1

      Cashback tracked but nothing from Oodie regarding shipping, just says order confirmed.

      • Thanks for your update!

    • Was delivered Tuesday arvo in Melbourne

  • Received ours and it didn’t come with the storage pouch like the previous orders, bummer as the pouch makes storing them a lot easier

    Did anybody receive the storage pouch?

    • I got a pouch for the sloth and bunny but not for the otter one

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