30,000 Bonus Velocity Points or 200 Status Credits with New Credit Card from Partners @ Velocity Freq Flyer


Choose from 30000 extra Velocity points of 200 status credits when you sign up for a points credit card with a fee until 31 March 2024.

How to unlock this offer:
First, choose your exclusive benefit (30,000 bonus Points OR 200 Status Credits) by 31 March 2024. Be sure to choose wisely because once your choice is made you will not be able to change it.
Then, apply for a Velocity Points earning credit card with an annual fee by 31 March 2024.
Be approved for your chosen card and meet the minimum spend criteria as specified by the provider.
Your chosen benefit will then be applied to your Velocity account after the minimum spend criteria as specified by the provider is met.

You will be able to receive this exclusive benefit if you are approved for the card and meet the minimum spend criteria of the bonus Points offer provided by the Issuer for that particular card.

The bonus Points offers currently available for each card with an annual fee are as follows:
American Express Velocity Platinum Card - 100,000 bonus Points
Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card – Up to 80,000 bonus Points
Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card – Up to 60,000 bonus Points
Westpac Altitude Black Card - Up to 120,000 bonus Points
Westpac Altitude Platinum Card – 70,000 bonus Points
American Express Velocity Business Card – 200,000 bonus Points
Bank of Queensland Specialist Signature Card – 20,000 bonus Points
Bank of Queensland Specialist Platinum Card – 10,000 bonus Points

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  • +2

    0k ? Typo?

  • +7

    With this offer, the American Express Velocity Business Card now gives you 230K Velocity points and 1 year of Velocity gold membership. Surely, one of the best signup offer.

    • Do you need a business/ ABN to apply for this one?

      • yes

      • Have a valid ABN registered for GST

        • +1

          Is that all? it's free to register for GST right? and just claim 0 revenue every quarter?

          • +6

            @xrailgun: Nobody is going to give a business with 0 revenue a credit card. The min turnover requirements for this one is 75k

            • @blushingelephant: ah so they have other checks…

            • @blushingelephant: American Express Velocity Business Card – 200,000 bonus Points
              is it possible to apply this card with abn but I am not working on ABN. working.

      • +2

        I believe you also need to be ASIC registered, and provide evidence of $75,000+ revenue.

        • Thanks for this - I was unsure as to whether my business was eligible

        • Not entirely correct. Sole traders and trusts are eligible too and they may not be registered with ASIC. GST registration is the first line of check as they assume if you are registered you are probably earning over $75k. Depending on circumstance, they sometimes then ask for 4 quarters of BAS to verify turnover.

    • If you had a Qantas business Amex card 12 months ago, but applied for a different business, would you still be eligible for the velocity offer?

      • From my reading of the T&C's, no — as you're the same holder of the card (even if it's a different business / ABN), within the previous 18 months. But, still, you might slip through! There's the T&Cs, and then there's what actually happens…

  • +5

    *200 status credits, not 250.

    It used to be 250…


    We are all being taken for a ride these days, eh. Prices going up, while deals are getting worse.

    • +1

      To be fair they've run this 3 times in the past year.

  • +5

    I'm new to card-churning, do you people just apply for a card, spend the minimum requirement for points and then cut the thing up until the next deal comes around?

    • +3

      Yes, sometimes can have 2 on the go at once. Usually won’t have to wait long for a deal

      • Cool, thanks. I got the bonus 90k points from the last velocity deal, so I guess I'll just pick a different card this time around lol.

        • Id suggest getting familiar with your credit score if you are not already. It takes a hit on application and cancellation so it may pay to monitor and space these accordingly.

          • +1

            @Darkheartz: I'm also new to this, so another dumb question. When churning between cards/providers, don't you have to pay the annual fee for each card when you sign up? Hence paying hundred in annual fees to get some velocity points? Or does the annual fee get cancelled after to cancel your card to churn to another one? Sorry, as I mentioned, dumb questions haha.

            • +1

              @dominator293: For most cards you’ll have to pay the fee. So most people cancel within 12 months to avoid the second fee.

              There might be an initial fee “discount” sometimes. Also some people have managed to get pro-rata fee refund after a few months but I wouldn’t count on it.

            • +4

              @dominator293: You choose the cards where the point value outweighs the annual fee. It's not absolutely free points but it's often very good value.

              The virgin money card is probably the best. If you fly, then they pay you for the card. It's 60,000 points for $64 fee. Plus, they also give you ~$120 virgin flight credit (which alone covers the annual fee)

              You can look at the point hacks website to see what points are worth.

            • +3

              @dominator293: Not a dumb question at all. Yes, you'll need to pay the annual fee. Sometimes you can manage to get them to pro rata refund it, but usually not. So you do need to assess if the points and other value from the card is worth it. Often these sign up offers come with a reduced annual fee for the first year, so that helps.

              A good example is the Virgin Money Velocity Flyer Card. It has a discounted annual fee of $64 for the first year and comes with a $129 Virgin Australia gift voucher. So with the extra points as well, you're coming out $65 better off, if you would have booked a paid ticket with VA at some point anyway.

              • +1

                @SeaWolf au: We must have been typing at the same time haha.

              • @SeaWolf au: Thanks all, appreciate the responses and makes perfect sense now. We don't fly all that often, but will look into them to see if they are worth signing up to for the odd trip up to QLD to visit the family.

                • @dominator293: Perhaps you should also consider credit cards that give points that can be redeemed for woolworths / coles etc gift cards. Perhaps these are more useful to you.

                  • @JohnSy: Yeah I used to have a points card before getting a home loan, Bunnings vouchers were great from that. But do plan on going for a family trip to Bali in a couple of years, so velocity points could be worth while for that.

    • +13

      Yep. I've even got a little spreadsheet where I keep track of which cards I've had and the dates I canceled them so I know when I've completed the "timeout" period for that bank and can apply for another promo.

      • 100% this. Have also automated it so it comes up with dollar values of how much I put paid in annual fees + taxes, and how much I would have paid in equivalent business and first class cash costs lol

        • Is this something you'd like to share? (scrubbed of your personal data, of course)

          • @caperite: No sorry cos I made mine from scratch, as templates I'd found online didn't meet my needs aye

      • Does the Virgin Money cards have an exclusion period? Their T&C is confusing.

    • Thank you for asking this question, for those of us also starting the card churning journey!

  • Perfect timing. About to hit a boatload of spend.

  • +4

    Just activated.. let's see if it will still work for my Amex which I opened last month but bonus points have not yet been received.

    • Also on the same boat as you! Would be great if we get this extra bonus.

      • +1

        Same here. If this works, I'll be close to 190,000.

    • Trying this as well. I did this with the equivalent Qantas bonus and it worked since it didn't trigger as "owning the card" until the first lot of points were transferred to the QFF account.

    • +1

      Worked for me!

  • +6

    Note the Virgin Money cards didn't have any time limit between bonuses last i checked so I've done this 30k bonus + 60k Flyer card twice in the last 10 months.

    • But it does say "Offer is not available to existing Virgin Money Credit Card holders", so does this just mean you have to have cancelled the card?

      EDIT: just saw comment below and this is indeed true. wow.

      • +4

        Yep, spend done within the first two months (2 x 30k points), all the points + bonus 30k land and then cancel. Apply again next time deal is up. Easy points.

        • Amazing. Thank you!

        • Do I need to create a new account to apply for a new card or can I use my existing account? I cancelled my existing card last week.

          • +1

            @Pancake Lover: When you canceled your existing card last week it canceled your existing credit card account. You would need to apply for a new credit card to get a new offer. I myself have never tried applying for Virgin Money without a 12-month wait period.

            • @JohnSy: Cheers John, must have lucked out as I cancelled and reapplied with a gap of a few days and got approved. Card arrived today.

    • +2

      Confirming I cancelled my last Virgin Flyer card in October last year, just applied today and got approved again within a few hours.

      • +1

        It' not the approval that you should be worried about. It's whether you get the bonus point or not, given the potential exclusion period!

        • +1

          I've literally cancelled and reapplied on the same phone call more than once with Virgin Money to earn the points (after asking if they could just skip the hassle and give me the points). It's insane.

  • +2

    Just to confirm, the waiting dates for churning cards are as follows?

    AMEX - 18 months
    Virgin Money - 12 months
    Westpac - 12 months
    BoQ - 12 months

    Is the above correct still?

    • +12

      Virgin Money don't have waiting dates. You can close it and for example open the same card a month later and qualify for the bonus points.

      • For real? Can anyone else confirm this?

        • +4

          You can call them to confirm and they'll straight up tell you the same. I'm currently doing it again and got the bonus points again

        • +5

          It’s true but only if you get approved.

      • This is super helpful, thank you! Does it take a month to officially close the card or can you do it straight away if it has no outstanding balance?

        • +1

          I cancelled my virgin card in Jan-24 after collecting 90k points and flight voucher. Applied again on the weekend and got auto rejection. So probably need to wait at least 3 months to go again I imagine

          • +2

            @Crowing: Lol that was too quick, I am giving it 6 months at least before applying again

            • +1

              @ujwols: @ujwols I was too keen for the bonus points - lesson learnt lol

          • +1

            @Crowing: Good to know. Thanks!

    • +11

      AMEX reject churners now, regardless of waiting period. Just look at the comments on the recent AMEX offers.

      • Depending on the card it seems.

        • +1

          Well they're certainly not giving away bonus points like candy anymore.

      • +1

        Honestly, I'm surprised more of them aren't doing this and I think in the near future some of them probably will.

        From their perspective the purpose of the offer is to get you as a customer that'll stick around, not for you to grab the points and run. It's great while it lasts but already we're starting to see banks tweak the offers (part of the promo points now, the rest after another 12 months) to encourage retention.

        As more and more people go down the churn route the banks will look for ways to weed them out because they aren't the type of customer the bank is looking for.

      • Depends on how much of a churner you are. I probs go through 4 a year and was fine.

    • +1

      @Its Bill Murray - NAB is 18m months now too.

      "This bonus points offer is not available to existing customers who have received or are entitled to receive NAB Qantas Rewards Bonus Points for a new personal NAB Qantas Rewards credit card in the 18 months prior to the opening of a NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card" - https://www.nab.com.au/personal/credit-cards/qantas-rewards/…

  • -1

    Does it definitely have to be one of the cards with an annual fee? On my screen Im seeing the American Express Velocity Escape Card which has $0 annual Card fee as one of the options that work with the deal. I cant see anything saying it needs to be one of the annual fee cards. Seems weird that they would offer this card as you click through if it wouldnt actually award the points?

    • Read the first sentence OP wrote.

      • Yes but my question is relating to the fact that the information on the Virgin website is contradicting the post written by OP so I'm wondering which is correct. I generally would say that the Virgin website is accurate?

        • You can test it out for yourself but this offer have been around multiple times in the past and well documented in the T&Cs if you care to read it.

        • +2

          You're looking at the wrong screen. The Escape card is not listed on the offer page. Indeed, it is explicitly excluded from the offer:

          'Who are the Eligible Velocity Points earning credit card partners (Issuers)?
          Virgin Money
          American Express (Excluding Escape Card)
          Bank of Queensland

    • +1

      On the Velocity page under 'How to unlock this offer' it stats at pt 2:

      'Then, apply for a Velocity Points earning credit card with an annual fee by 31 March 2024.'

  • -1

    Will we get the bonus if we apply for this card?


    • Probably not, only 4 partners included - AMEX, Westpac, Virgin Money and BOQ

      • Ok thanks for the clarification

  • +1

    I have an in progress Amex application, what should I do? Cancel and reapply?

  • +1

    Status creds are worth way more than the points imo.

    • Why is that exactly?

      • It's much harder to get status credits without actually flying than it is to get points.

        (Only if status matters to you, of course)

        • +3

          Yeah that makes sense. But for someone that doesnt fly very much, the benefits of the status credits dont really look that great to me compared to just 'heavily discounted flights' which is what the points represent. I understand that this would be valued differently by each person, but if you are only flying around 1-4 times a year I think youd struggle to get much value from being bumped up into Silver status.

          • +1

            @Nolanb134: Now that I've clawed my way up to gold, this deal means helps me keep it at my current number of credits without having to fly a bunch more or wait for a double status promo which might not even happen.

            So yeah for me it's well worth it to keep gold as I've found myself using its benefits quite a bit since being on it. But yes agree a jump up to silver isn't worth it as much.

            • +1

              @rith: What benefits do you get with gold? Hypothetically, if you only had to pay an annual fee to retain gold status, what would you be willing to pay?

              • @endolphin: That's a good question, I'm not sure.

                For me personally, fly ahead and lounge access are the most useful benefits.

    • +2

      Only if you care about VA status. I only redeem VA points for long-haul J (where status doesn't matter) or short-haul Y (where I don't care about status).

    • Unless you're going for a card with complimentary gold status (like the Amex Velocity Business card). I figure a year of gold status + 230k points is probably the best deal for me

    • +1

      I did last year for 250 status points, now this should take me to Gold easily and last through to June 2025 - worth way more than the points (which I already have 200K of anyways)

      • So what's gold worth? Lounge visits are not worth anything close to what they cost if buying one off. I'd put it at around $15 per visit.

        • The ability to fly ahead is good, you don't have to wait a long time for your flight if you get there early. However, that might mean you lose your aisle seat and you get a middle seat. Just depends.

          Lounge access and priority baggage is pretty useful too..the former YMMV but also good for international partners for international flights, while with the latter, it's nice to see luggage come out of the conveyor belt earlier rather than later.

        • I live regionally and take a shuttle bus to the airport, being able to go through an express lane, priority baggage and upgrades can mean the difference between me waiting another 1-2 hours for the next bus or taking an earlier one.

          Lounge access also means I can comfortably relax and work much more easily. Recently flying internationally my status gave my wife and two kids lounge access, which made the trip much more bearable with connecting flights - having access to somewhere quieter, with showers and food, etc.

          It all depends on your circumstances.

          • @Oneguyinmelb: Your wife was able to access the lounge even though you weren't flying?

            • +1

              @caperite: No, I was flying with them. I have a complimentary Qantas Club status through Points Club Plus.

              That allows one adult and two children to accompany into One World International Business Lounges.

  • +1

    for the virgin, can anyone confirm if they ask for 2 or 3 months of payslip? and if they do accept IT returns?

    • +1

      They asked for 2 months of payslips on the Virgin Flyer card when I applied and got approved last week

    • I used the business card and no questions… odd

  • Has anyone paid their BAS using the American Express Velocity Business Card? Wondering if that is included as the $5k spend. Couldn’t find anything saying that it isn’t included in their t&c’s for the offer so it’s looking hopeful

    • +3

      I purchase the Coles prepaid digital MasterCard and use it to pay to ATO.

      • So you can buy a whole bunch of those Coles digital Mastercards with a credit card?

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