[QLD] Solar Battery Rebate Scheme - $4000 Rebate if Highest Income <$66,667, $3000 Rebate if Combined Income <$180,000 @ QLD Gov


The Queensland government will give out rebates of between $3,000 and $4,000 for households to install solar battery storage systems.

The $10 million program will begin today with the government giving out about 2,000 means-tested rebates.

Was waiting for this after diligent reseach ruled out an EV as my new car, despite a similar large subsidy for them here in Queensland.

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      Do you park your Tesla on the street?

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        Then you can plug it into an outlet at your local park!

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          solar panel on roof, park under street light. smart.

        • While cooking risotto?

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        Solar is not just for Tesla, its to reduce your house power bills.

        • They didn't say it was?

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            @PainToad: OP clearly stated is for new EV car.

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              @RTX9090Ti: No they didn't. Show me where OP said that solar is just for an EV car?

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                @PainToad: Read the description.

                • @RTX9090Ti:

                  Was waiting for this after diligent reseach ruled out an EV as my new car, despite a similar large subsidy for them here in Queensland.

                  This? They are saying they're researched buying an EV because of similar rebates are offered, but decided not to because it didn't suit their needs.

                  But they're interested in this completely different solar rebate.

                  Nothing to do with using solar to charge an EV.

        • Didn't get the script?

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      i value my familys safety

      At the expense of saving money? This is not the Ozbargain way

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      Are the lithium fires in the room with us now?

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      "All these lithium fires"

      I'm a firefighter. Almost every lithium battery fire is from a YumCha Special cheap ebike/scooter, or a dodgy home-wired battery bank. I literally cannot see a single incident report from the last 3 years of a reputable brand domestic BESS battery catching fire unless it was from the house already being alight.

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        Any thoughts on the large scale battery bank in Bouldercombe, FNQ that went up?

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          “The fire has been blamed on a fault in the power interface with the grid, and not within the Megapack battery itself.”
          Just because it happens near a battery does not make it the battery’s fault

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            @pwnd: Sir this is a discussion about solar and lithium batteries. Facts have no place here.

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        There is an alert out for some sort of LG batteries used in solar setups, exploding in homes

        • yep 2 of my clients had to get them replaced with that recall. luckily it was easy and free but it made me feel uneasy about the tech so far.

          • @bob98: "The tech so far" ………… they're batteries. Batteries can explode, and batteries can be faulty - just like every other device in the world. There's nothing inherently unsafe about this type of battery since they're just the same as the batteries in everything else only bigger.

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        Same thing goes for caravan/4x4 setups with lithium installs, usually a install error.

        I recently downsized to a camper trailer and looked at a few and found quite a few that had bulging AGM's and the owners were like "it still powers the HPAP machine just fine" :D

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        i dont even own a tesla nor a house. jokes on you all.

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          you sure showed them libtards /sarcasm tag

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          Well that's one way to avoid a fire.. safety ensured!

        • Geez, you got everyone on here….

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        You can’t bring logic and legitimate facts into an ozbargain forum. Shame on you.

    • Here’s a tip - don’t put it in a (profanity) garbage truck

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      There are other battery techs aside from Lithium, Australia's Reflow Zinc flow batteries for example have no thermal runaway issues


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      Perhaps do some research into the different lithium chemistries available.

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      Not prepared for a lithium fire risk but owns a Tesla that has a lithium -ion battery in it …

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    Brilliant initiative, long overdue!

    South Australia next please…

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      SA is generally about 10-20 years behind the east coast, hope you're patient!

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        We're doing pretty good in the state for commercial scale battery storage, just not at the residential level yet. Fingers crossed we won't be too far behind!

      • true look at the train system they only went electric few years ago lol

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          You've never heard about economy of scale being a significant key to viability? Do you also say that the reason holden and ford stopped manufacturing in australia had nothing to do with economy of scale? If someone then enlightened you that toyota and nissan took the same path… would that cause you confusion?

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        SA had a 50% non means tested subsidy a few years ago they couldn't even give all of the subsidies out due to lack of interest. Then when Labor rolled in they killed it off. Powerwall 2's were $7k installed after subsidy.

        • South Australians smart

        • Nice they cost way more now

        • +1

          Probably because no one knew about it. I'd consider batteries if they brought it back. Otherwise, the maths just doesn't add up.

        • I told my father to get an inverter that had capacity to add more panels and a battery in future. He did not listen to me, then I found the battery subsidy and researched getting it, just to find out he had not listened to me and his system was not compatible with batteries. I don't bother with advice anymore!

      • you clearly know jack shit about SA's (lack of) fossil fuel depenency

          • @beltdrive: If by "couple of billionaires" you mean the tax payers via the state government…

          • +2

            @beltdrive: WTF are you talking about. You just went from your first throwaway stupid comment about SA being 10-20 years behind the east coast, to a really dumb comment. The hornsdale? battery was paid for on a commercial basis. The only unusual bit was that it was delivered a bit quicker.

            Any other random garbage spray you can put up? I mean, clearly you're right up there in fashion stakes knowledge, being able to advise : "(nike) 270s are for people who want to look a bit dodgy/bogan, but not so dodgy that they’d wear TNs" …. but you're painfully bad on this meaningful topic.

            Want to tell us how far in front your state of NSW is, in electricity production? NSW uses the highest amount of coal of all australia, as a % of their energy input sources.

            Time to fade away, or perhaps turn the subject to what sort of footwear I must use?

            • -7

              @rooster7777: Is this what happens to people who don't have access to drinkable tap water?

              • +2

                @beltdrive: I thought it most likely you'd go for a deflection… I should have kept quiet and waited for you to make a coal faux pas.

                I don't use mains water, so that one falls about as flat as you hitting a post on your belt drive pushy.

                • -2


                  I don't use mains water


                  • @beltdrive: Are you retarded or something lad? While the majority of australians live in the major coastal cities, there's still millions that don't. Of those that don't, a lot are not near the coast, and a lot don't live in a city with major infrasctructure like pipelines… so come up with something else.

                    My place has about 250M2 of rainfall catchment, and just under 200Kl of rainwater tank.

                    Did I miss something, or is your girly lol just another sign of your puerile inanity… ?

      • SA is generally about 10-20 years behind the east coast, hope you're patient!

        God help us in WA

        • It’s the water they drink in SA. Torrens river still looks the same, maybe not as many floating bodies though.

          • @mike001: Nobody drinks from the Torrens, Michael. But I know some blokes that could organise one for you.

            All the bloody rocket scientists are out and about today! Geeze.

      • +2

        With respect to?

        -First state to give women the vote in 1894.
        -First state to legalise abortion in 1969.
        -First state to introduce deposits for recycling bottles and cans in 1977.
        -First to remove single use plastic bags in shopping in 2008.
        -First state to reach net positive per generation from renewables
        -State with highest uptake of solar power per household.
        -First state to be nuked.

        Shamefully: the first to decriminalise possession marijuana in 1987 to only then re-criminalise later.

    • +8

      Any rebate you get will be added on the final price

      • +6

        Do you have a source or just cynical analysis?

        • +7

          Look at the last solar and battery rebate/interest free loan, I had a system installed and amazingly the price was exactly 100% of the amount the government was offering.

          • +1

            @playaz91: Except you can get a price online right now.. Then be a grown up and haggle if your electrician is trying to jib you.

            • @Trentgibbo3: You just tell the sparky to get (profanity) and find another.

            • +3

              @Trentgibbo3: Two words; Approved Installers.

              Maybe read the page and understand how these work before commenting. Have a great day.

          • -1

            @playaz91: You were expecting an interest free loan of twice the price of the system, so you could jet off somewhere on a cheap holiday? Boofhead.

            • -1

              @rooster7777: Sorry but you clearly don't have any idea what you're talking about; my point was that the battery/solar rebate was $4000 as rebate + $10,000 interest free, every company that was chosen to be a 'approved installer' charged the full amount to make as much profit from the government as possible.

    • Well, we specifically removed our battery rebates recently, so I wouldn't hold my breath…

    • SA had one already and it was better than this one. $6k and not income tested.

      • really ?? I only saw random junk on facebook thought that is a scam and all shit (afterall 90% of facebook ads are a Fkn scam)

    • the state where riding a private escooter in public is still a crime

  • +5

    Batteries around $10K or more, $4K is really better than nothing, only to those who really keen to take on. Normal people won't be bother by another $6K fork-out.

      • +3

        those are all baby battery systems. about half the size of a tesla powerwall

          • +8

            @Bii: 5kw here on a flat roof.

            Bad day is about 6kWh. Good day is 24+kWh. System is maybe 7 years old.

            • @WhyAmICommenting: Here is a quick calculation:

              over 6 years old 5kw solar: 800-1000kw per bill (~90 days) = ~10kw per day
              3-4 hours of 2kw heater/air-con during the day = 6-8kw per day
              5kw storage > 10kw - 6kw

              I should have mentioned "after usage" in the OP. Yes, it's "old" solar and "average" assumption.

              @WantToPayLess @Brandon142 @mckayver @Robot16 @brendanm

            • @WhyAmICommenting: VIC: 1000kW in Jan, 280kW in Jun last year. About the same 4:1 ratio.

            • @WhyAmICommenting:

              Bad day is about 6kWh

              Magic solar you have.

              Bad days are usually under 1kWh, that is cloudy and raining "bad" days. Lots of them lately. LOTS!

              • @LFO: @LFO @WantToPayLess June is the worst month in Perth, but still averaged almost 15kWh per day. My lowest ever yield was 5kWh on 5/6/23. Highest yield days in Dec, just over 48kWh. 5.5kW system on a flat roof installed Sept 2022. I guess we're blessed with a lot of clear skies, but somehow get more rain annually than Melbourne or Hobart.

                • @us3rnam3tak3n: Plausible.
                  Average is the magic key word.
                  You know the trick: 15 days of zero kWh and 15 days of 10kWh gives a monthly average of 5kWh.

                  Bad days are different. 0kWh for the above.

                  • @LFO: Maybe I wasn't clear. Total yield for June was 442.89kWh - an average of 14.76kWh and the lowest of any month.

                    The lowest daily yield recorded since installation was 4.96kWh on 5/6/23. Even on overcast days I'm not getting zeroes.

                    As you can see there are plenty of days where yield is far greater than consumption, hence my interest in battery rebate schemes. I just hope WA can offer something decent in the near future.

                    • @us3rnam3tak3n: If it works for you then is perfect.

                      Different households use different amounts of power.
                      A Powerwall (~13kWh) might last days for some but hours for others.

                      If it works for you then is perfect.

          • +3

            @Bii: Both your numbers and units are way off.

            A new 5kW PV produces on average 20kWh (not kW) per day. An old one (except possibly those near EoL) should still be capable of producing 15kWh per day on average. While the figures would vary a bit depending on where you are in Australia, shading, panel orientation etc, they should still be in the rough ballpark.

            BTW one should probably size the battery to cover their needs over the evening peak period, when electricity prices would be much higher if they are on a demand tariff. For a 4-person household doing all their cooking and with aircon on, it wouldn't be difficult to consume up to 10kWh over 5pm-9pm!

            • +1

              @WantToPayLess: It's all dependant on where you live. A brand new 5kW system in Perth or Brisbane will produce a lot more than a brand new system in Hobart.

            • @WantToPayLess: If you use up to 10kw during the day, 4 members, it's not worth getting a 10kw battery, because your old solar system doesn't seem to produce 20wk a day on average. Of course, it also depends on the system, area, and maintenance, etc. Mine in 5 years has never cleaned aha.

          • +3

            @Bii: my 8kw system does up to 50kw a day. my worst month last year was 27kw per day on average you are misinformed

            • @Brandon142: My 5.5kw system on a good day 38kw.

            • @Brandon142: If you don't mind. How long ago did you get it installed and did it set you back much?

            • @Brandon142: Have a look at other comments. 4 hours of good sunlight should be daily average from what I know.

          • @Bii: Tell me you have no knowledge of Solar generation without telling me…

          • @Bii: Someone got a gold star in math at school.

          • @Bii: I was getting 18-20kWh per day in June from 5.5kW system. 38-43kWh over the past couple of weeks. Newish system though.

            • @us3rnam3tak3n: Fair for a new system tho mine will need a clean I guess after 5 years or so.

          • @Bii: my 12 year old 3.04kw system still puts out up to 15.5kwh a day with a daily average of 11.919kwh

            • @marko62: Yours is like still >90% efficiency and 4 hours of good sunlight daily average at your area. Not bad.

      • Wow I didn't realise they could be had at that price! 10kwh is more than enough for me to cover night usage.

        • +1

          Yes, they can. Most people dont know this but many cheap battery systems under $6k with 10 year warranty from known solar panel and inverter manufacturers

          5 to 6kw battery is enough for night time off grid power. Mainly powering fridge, freezer, air con or fans and mining pc (if you have one)

  • +21

    Subsidy grifters… Ready! Set! Go!!!!!

    • +1

      100% correct. Governments again messing up a perfectly functional system. Will send good installers to wall who can't compete with the cricketer-sponsorship-sharks

  • +1

    Why did you rule out an EV? Would love to get your insights while I make my decision as well.

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