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Vodafone Pocket Wi-Fi 3 4G Black $29 (Was $99) + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ $30 Spend) @ Australia Post


Details in title and at link

Product overview
Create your own personal WiFi hotspot with this Vodafone Pocket WiFi 3 4G. Compatible with WiFi-enabled devices. Comes bundled with a Vodafone $50 Starter Pack. Locked to Vodafone.

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Australia Post

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  • Can this be un-locked for a small amount of fee ?

    • +1

      Check eBay, there's plenty of cheaper unlocked devices for sale, but they don't come with a SIM or voucher.

      • Same brand?

        • Nah but same functionality except they're not network locked.

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    To note - Charger: microUSB

    • +5

      Finally, a use for all my old MicroUSB cables!!

      • I use mine for charging usb fans to keep external hard drives cool, plus some security cameras still have microusb for power (totally dumb but hey its a good use for all those crappy old power adapters too)

    • +3

      Retro cool

      • +3

        I must be ultra-cool with all the USB Type B connected devices I have around my desk. Hell, quite a few have D-Sub.

    • is there any cheap one with USB-C?

    • +1

      Nah nah nah… Even my soap dispenser uses USB C

  • +1

    these things havent changed since i was in uni - i remember having one eons ago

    • I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • They want $5 for delivery to the post office?

    So I'm paying $5 for click and collect? TF.

    I thought AusPost had moved from their shady ways since Cartier-gate with Christine Holgate..

    • Couldn't you just walk in store and buy it?

      • Closest AusPost with stock was about 10min up the road.

        I'm not willing to ride up in 33Β° Melbourne weather to grab one right now.. πŸ˜…

        • +9

          Nobody said being a tight arse was easy.

          • +2

            @WatchNerd: OzB holds a pretty good fake perception.. πŸ˜…

            Until.. it's hot enough to cook an egg on the driveway and you have to fight off other OzB chubby buddies for the last shelf item. πŸ˜‚

            • +4

              @WasBargain: Can you really call yourself and ozbargainer if not will to step over your grandmother for a bargain?

            • @WasBargain: How do you buy your eggs on a hot day? Haha

              • +1

                @robyoung82: We buy them in bulk, normally 30 at a time but we hardly ever eat eggs. We can normally plan around it. I only go to that area (in a car) when I need to pick up chopchop for my old man.. πŸ˜…

        • Is there a way to check stock nearby without ringing?

          • @Geekomatic: In checkout it says where you can grab them from locally, but still charges $5 as a "delivery" to that store.. I couldn't even get it delivered to an even closer AusPost to me.. Ain't that some BS.

    • -1

      Is that you, Scomo?

  • Free standard delivery Australia-wide on orders $30+.

  • +2

    I got a standalone Tenda AC1200 4+ router from eBay a few years ago, completely unlocked and never had any issues using standard Sim cards in it, never flagged by telcos.

    I used Felix for about 2yrs, near 1TB per month, no warnings.

    • Interested in this option. Can you post a link? (Tenda seems to have numerous options)

      • +2

        I believe it was the Tenda 4G07 AC1200, I would have paid around $100 after coupons.

    • +1

      Is it still working with Felix? I read on OzB that they started cracking down in that kinda thing last year

      • +1

        I stopped using Felix before that, my experience is up until 2yrs ago.

        However, I gave it to my father who has been using it with Felix unlimited since and last time I checked as of a couple months ago, he had no warnings either.

  • OOS online.

  • +1

    I bought the unlocked version a while ago at ebay at $5x

    Not as cheap but unlocked.

  • +1

    Can someone who buys this put a Telstra or Optus sim in & see if it's actually locked please?

    • Most likely unlocked.

  • +1

    Back on stock. Bough one and a $1 pen to qualify for delivery. Total cost $30. THank YOu OP.

  • +1

    OOS again.

  • Can anyone please help me understand why are people buying this when there are plenty of unlocked options like this in AliExpress (for example)


    • It comes with a $50 Prepaid plus starter pack which cost $30 from Vodafone website currently. So with a dollar less you are getting the starter pack and you are getting the modem for free.

      • Sorry if being dumb. Just trying to understand.

        Can we buy the other unlocked pocket wifi and use with boost Sim ? Which gives free data and unlocked router as well.

        • You are correct. I swap between Boost and (sometimes) Vodafone, so for me I am getting the $50 starter pack (85GB and 1500 international minutes to Zone 1 which are my use case) for $29 only plus the modem. Vodafone is selling the $50 starter pack for $30 currently without the modem.

          • @io: So can we use the boost Sim in this modem as well ?

            • +1

              @Yogi555: No. Only Vodafone. Because I use vodafone between Boost Mobile, this is good price for me. Also I assume that the quality of Vodafone router is better than the non branded one which are sold elsewhere.

              • +1

                @io: Understand. Thanks a lot !!

  • Is the starter pack 365 days? Can't find any reference

    • +1

      $50 SP that can used for 28 days (heavy usage) or 365 days (long expiry). Last year I scored one for $19 and one for $10 (final clearance) as mentioned here.

      The lastest model is WIFI 4.

      • Thanks for that! Hopefully use the random included sim in a car tracker I randomly bought last week.

  • +3

    Remeber this deal and the mobile router version from 10 odd years ago.

    I think they were $19 each and you got like 100gb back then. Ive got about 6 of these floating around.

    • +3

      Can I have one - vic

  • OOS :(

  • Juat wondering if anyone got confirmation of purchase? My payment went through on Paypal but I never received any email to confirn purchase..

  • +2

    I remember pocket wifis being popular a decade ago but curious why are people still buying these when your mobile can do hotspot and most likely 5G aswell…

  • How do these work? They take a sim card obviously? How do I get it to use the same data that I get with my Vodafone plan?

    • 1) This is a portable router
      2) to use the same data you get with your current vodafone plan, please remove your SIM from your phone, then insert it into the pocket wifi.

      • What if I have an e-sim? Can I get a SIM card from Vodafone that’ll use the data from my phone plan?

  • I don't know how they can sell these and they are not 5G compatible

  • +2

    Just received the Pocket wifi and can confirm it's unlocked as it's working with Boost sim without any issues.

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