Kamiq Runout Small SUV from $32,990 Driveaway (Manufacturer's Recommended Driveaway Price) @ Skoda Dealers


The Kamiq Runout is a compact and small SUV that is perfect for navigating city streets.

  • Manufacturer's recommended driveaway price (MRDP) for new vehicles sold and delivered by 31/12/24. MRDP is an estimated price which includes the recommended retail price, 12 months private registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance (CTP), an estimated dealer delivery charge, stamp duty, options entered during the configuration process, and other applicable statutory charges that may apply such as Luxury Car Tax (LCT) for private use vehicles above a certain thresholds.
  • Driveaway price includes warranty extension to 7 years valued at between $1,150 and $1,670, model dependent. Actual prices and stock availability will vary between locations and dealers, and on-road costs will vary according to individual circumstances. Please contact your local Škoda Dealer to confirm your individual price and vehicle lead-time. While stocks last. Excludes other offers.
  • Škoda Australia reserves the right to extend, withdraw or change all offers.
  • Škoda Australia does not warrant the accuracy of any of this information as applicable to your particular circumstances and to the extent permitted by law is not liable for any claims or losses of any nature, including, but not limited to, damages, expenses, lost profits, punitive, special, indirect or consequential losses/damages caused by reliance on this information. Due to ongoing production disruptions caused by a global shortage of key vehicle components, delivery forecasts are highly volatile and subject to change. Contact your local Škoda Dealer to determine expected vehicle delivery timeframes.

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  • +1

    This is the standard price? This was the release price last year………..

    • +6

      But you know… it's 2024 so we could have increased the prices by $10k, but we didn't, so bargain!!

  • +5

    For a second I had thought it was a runout sale. It's just the model.

  • -6

    Not a holden

    • +2

      nothing is these days mate

      • +3

        I refuse to drive anyting else

        • Why?

        • +5

          Does that include rebadged Opel, Daewoo, Vauxhall and Chevy "Holdens".

  • +6

    Truly don't understand the glut of SUVs. Why is this necessary over a sedan/wagon, the same size, but at a "normal" height? CX3/CX5 in the same boat. Just stupid.

    • -1

      Aussies are addicted to suvs

      • +6

        Unfortunately, due to my physical disability, I needed to go from my previous car, a sedan, to an SUV because of my inability to get out of the sedan's low seating position. Ended up buying a Tucson, as anything smaller, wouldn't fit my wheelchair in it. cx3 etc Yet my 2011 VW Jetta had easily enough room in the boot for my wheelchair when folded. Trust me, I was getting 20% more mileage from a tank of petrol with 10% less fuel capacity. Kinda sucks.

      • So was the rest of the world

    • +5

      attenuate impacts from poor driving ability/confidence (higher driving position, mitigate kerb strikes).
      consider who controls household/discretionary spending

      people may also be convinced of the active urban lifestyle they can now lead, from the marketing for many SUVs

    • +2

      honestly this feels like a slightly lifted hatchback, really doesnt feel like an suv

      • +1

        Skoda says it is an SUV.

        • +3

          They also had emissions compliant diesel engines, or said they did.

      • +2

        We've had one for almost three years but the 1.5l Limited version, it's a brilliant car which is bigger on the inside than the outside suggests. It's higher than a hatchback, but not really an SUV and is most often described along with it's VW T-Cross sibling as a cross-over, so more than a hatch, but less than an SUV.

    • +3

      It's because every car with raised ground clearance is labeled as a SUV. Especially the smaller SUVs aren't considered SUVs to the original definition as they don't have off-road capabilities.

    • +2

      The Skoda Scala is the non SUV version, it's more fun to drive has better fuel economy and still a great size for a small car.
      I'm 187cm and fit in with room to spare and the boot is just under 470L.

    • +5

      because everyone has fat guts and cant get into normal cars anymore

    • Station wagons are a good alternative for the boot space but they're not that popular and mainly European cars

      • +1

        Subaru would like a word with you.

        • +2

          tbf I can’t imagine Subaru will be selling wagons in Australia for too much longer. The only one they still sell is the WRX Wagon/Levorg, and I have to imagine they’re selling far fewer of those than WRX sedans

          Surprised to see Mazda are still selling the 6 wagon, but it’s too bad Toyota don’t bring the Corolla wagon models here

  • -4

    Wouldn’t be going anywhere near a Skoda

    • +2


      • No resale value

        • +2

          It's a car… Useful resale value is a fantasy in most cases.

    • +18

      We had a 2020 Kamiq, it was a fantastic car, amazing legroom too. I am 195cm and had room in front of my knees with the front row seats pushed all the way back. It was punchy in the lower gears and turned on a dime. All the bells & whistles tech and feature wise. Great car but we outgrew it when the second bub came along and upgraded to a 2023 Tiguan Allspace.

        • +28

          Thanks mate! What car are you going to drive when you're all grown up? A red one?

      • +1

        How do you find the Allspace? I'll need to upgrade my Tucson soon to something with a larger boot. Any issues? pm if you like. Cheers

        • +2

          Love it! Ideally we wanted a 7 seat sized vehicle with 5 seats to accommodate a double pram + all of the other shit you need to bring for 2 under 2, so we have seats 6+7 folded down…with the bootliner you don't notice them. Wife is Dutch (therefore tall) as am I, we are both reasonably comfy in the front row with 2 rear facing baby seats. Even with a full load onboard it still rides nice and the 2L turbo pulls hard. IIRC we paid about $55k for the 2L petrol + luxury pack…there was a deal on. Any other Qs just PM me.

    • +4

      Had a second hand fabia I drove all over Europe and had for several years, 2 tyres and a new battery, usual filters and oil change was the only maintenance issues a I experienced. Bet you’ve never even driven one. My experience they’re great and when I was there all the taxi drivers had an Octavia, so everyone knew they were a solid reliable brand. Would certainly have one over a VW, they share many parts, but Skoda’s are way more reliable.

      • I have an Octavia RS Wagon fully optioned. It’s a fantastic car, COVID-tax made it ~$10k more than I wanted to spend.

        I was in the market looking at the WRX Sportswagon and VW Passat. I liked the Passat size but wanted something closer to the Audi RS fittings so it didn’t feel so old. The Octavia filled that void and storage space. Omg storage for days in that thing.

  • Reliability issues with Skoda as a whole.
    Different models but these are used car reviews


    • +10

      Oh damn, now just replace "Skoda" with any brand and you will find your favourtie re-driven mate explaining all the reliability issues with them. Hopefully this isn't the only research you have done.

      • small capacity, turbocharged direct injection VW engine with a DSG sounds like a recipe for long term reliability

        in this case however ppl online haven't seemed to had too many catastrophic issues

        • My biggest complaint of Skoda, is Skoda Australia not having the app functionality available. https://www.skoda-auto.com/connectivity/mobile-apps

          • +1

            @onlinepred: That was my only real gripe about owning one, the AV system would just randomly reset itself mid journey. Skoda techs couldn't explain and were not able to access a firmware update. Besides that happening (infrequently) it was great, the wireless Carplay and wireless charging were great.

          • @onlinepred: And speed sign recognition on the HUD :(

        • Had my 2011 Jetta for just under 10 years and only had 2 problems that were fixed quickly under warranty. It was an overly juddering gearbox, oh and it lost all power once in the middle of peak-hour traffic. that was a huge issue with VW. Once that was rectified absolutely brilliant 1.4 supercharged/turbo-charged engine. Averaged under 6 litres per 100kms and punchy off the line.

    • who cares when your the first or second owner with a 5 yr warranty? third fourth owners problem!

      • Pretty sure it’s a 7year on new cars now. Mine is

    • +2

      I mean - we have two Skoda's currently, that we've had for about a decade, one was subject to the DSG recall and was fixed under that with the required extension on warranty for the mechatronics. The other has just been going since we got it - the worst we've had was a spark-plug replacement.
      Had a Skoda for five years before that as well which we traded to upgrade.

      Probably the most reliable cars we've ever had fwiw. Neither of them the models they're referencing in those videos but then, as you point out, neither is the one in the OP here.

  • +7

    I purchased one of these used about 6 months ago, its a surprisingly good car. The 1l turbo engine has enough torque to feel zippy yet hybrid level of fuel economy currently averaging 6.8l/100km over 3000 kms.

    It also sounds pretty good with the three litre engine, I also test drove the 4 cylinder 1.5 and that sounded like nothing. The only thing that annoys me is that the base model has torson beam suspension which is ok, whereas the 1.5 engine ones get independent which does make the ride feel much nicer.

    Also annoying is the stop/start system feels like the engine is starting again not as smooth as my parents qashqai stop/start that you cant even notice it doing it.

    Other then that I feel like its a much cheaper alternate to like a hybrid corolla cross or hybrid kona which both sound gruff when pushed, whereas this car has torque and sounds pretty good. Also the fact that the speedo is digital on the base car is pretty cool, dials look outdated these days!

    • I also test drove the 4 cylinder 1.5 and that sounded like nothing.
      Is this 3-cylinder 1L turbo?

  • -5

    BYD is way better than this.

    • +6

      You would hope so being $15k more right?

    • +9

      Atto3 is $50k, Dolphin (0-100 in over 12 seconds) is $40k. Unless they’ve released a small suv for $32k I’ve no idea why you mention them?

    • +3

      I've got both a Skoda Kamiq (2020) and a BYD ATTO 3 (2022). Love both of them, haven't had any issues with either. Got the Kamiq because of the Audi engine and great fuel economy (5L/100km), also because I prefer SUVs. Still keeping it as the range is a lot higher than the BYD.

      • +2

        Got the Kamiq because of the Audi engine

        or do Audis use Skoda engines? 🤔

        • +2

          They're all VW - VW use a shared platform, so same engine on same platform sizes… A3/Golf/Octavia and the Seat model fwiw.

          EDIT: Yeah - should've probably picked the platform that was directly relevant, so what the other poster said :)

          • +1

            @nebakke: Haha, I know, it's just that the "Audi engine" selling point amused me

            • +1

              @beltdrive: Fair - could almost argue that it's a Porsche platform! ;)

        • The Kamiq is built on the Polo platform, it's literally a VW engine, gearbox & drivetrain with a Skoda cabin plonked on top.

        • Word

      • The old monkey gasser special.

    • Porsche Cayman is better than BYD

    • -1

      I assume you also like bonfires..

  • +1

    Turbo charged petrol engine any good? Heard some horror stories about hose bursting, manifold cracks, etc. Turbo charge system operates at higher pressure, not surprising if having durability issues if not properly engineered.

    I’m no engine designer, not sure why not hearing much on similar issues with diesel turbo charge system…

    • +1

      I havent had any issues with my kamiq, I quite like the engine and it runs really smoothly with the 7 spd dual clutch. Those issues probably start after 100,000kms and you have the 5 year warranty anyway. Its much better than like a naturally aspirated 2l that sound gruff when going up hills etc, plus this gets way better fuel economy.

      • -1

        Those issues probably start after 100,000kms…

        Yeah, these engines are not built to last.

    • +1

      The engine has been in use by VAG since 2015.

      • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I have a VW turbo with 167k and zero engine issue. Had to change the water pump twice though.

  • Believe this is made in EU

  • I'm looking at getting a small car around this price. In most areas I think I'd prefer to get a Cerato or i30, but the fuel economy of this is somewhat tempting

    • No such thing as a small car

  • +1

    How is this a deal?

    • +1

      The Run Out is $5k cheaper than the previous base model, with some features missing

      "This missing equipment includes adaptive cruise control, lane-centring assist, an electric tailgate, a digital instrument cluster, a wireless phone charger, and dual-zone climate control."


      Is that a bargain? Dunno, I guess it depends on who you ask

      • +3

        That's not a deal then, nor is it a bargain IMO.

        It's just a new level of poverty pack spec to attempt a challenge at incoming Chinese car makers.

        • Agree, this makes it 2014-level spec. Such a good name, as they literally "ran out" of parts.

          I know someone who bought the top level badge Kamiq, but with the missing features my base-level Subaru is larger, cheaper and better-spec'ed.

      • I had a rental with lane assist recently, drove me absolutely bananas and tried to yank the car into the curb on multiple occasions as some shiny asphalt repairs confused it into thinking I’d left the lane.

        Then I discovered I could only disable it before I started the car, and had to do it before I drove the car every. damn. time.

        IMO the loss of that feature isn’t a loss.

  • +2

    Excellent car, was given one as a loaner while mine was at service, really enjoyed the drive. Real sweet spot in terms of footprint vs internal space.

  • This or Havel Jolion?? Anyone have both by any chance?

  • +4

    For those planning to get one, service packs are great value

    • +1

      And transferrable to subsequent owners…it's what helped sell ours last year.

  • This or Renault Koleos?

    • +1

      None of the above.

      • +1

        Renault Koleos is a great car, had ours for 4 years and runs really smooth and I love the look as well.

        Bet you never driven one

        • +1

          A mate has one, he's had no issues but unless there's a deep discount available, the Nissan it's based on looks miles better, and the badge reduces your resale less.

  • Do we just post cars that have been out for months with their RRP?

    I don't understand how this is a bargain?

  • +1

    no thanks

  • -1

    3yr warranty, "tell'em they're dreaming"

    • +1

      7 years warranty is standard now with skodas

  • +3

    Huge Skoda fan now that we drive one. Value for money is hard to beat.

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