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Extra 30% off Watches Sitewide & Free Delivery @ The Watch Outlet


We are having a sitewide sale till Monday.

EXTRA 30% off sitewide on already reduced prices.

Men's Watches:

Ladies Watches:

Example: Citizen Auto NH8388-81E $147 Delivered — insufficient quantity, removed from title (Mod)

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The Watch Outlet

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    Hi Rep, I like watches. Please share your best bargains?

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    This one would be good for $251.30 after extra 30%
    ($329 on Amazon & Watchdirect).

    Note, Calibre 8203 (not the newer 8204 that hacks, but can't argue for the price)

    $116, not a bad colourway (and good basis for mods or fine as is)

    • So glad the GA2110 got sold out. I really didn't need another one…

      • Yeah one is usually enough in that style but no doubt people collect all different colours and get mod kits etc.

        • Uh…I currently have 7…

          • @Munki: Yeah nice probably didn't need another then.
            I just got one of those yellow ones with Solar and BT

            • @G-rig: I have the GMAS2100WT-7A1 in my cart now, actually…hahaha

      • The GA2110 looks great.

  • +1

    you need to increase your investment in stock

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    WOW! the Citizen Promaster bronzed BN4049-11E is dirt cheap at just $332.50, even has free shipping.

    I thought I got one at a great price a couple years ago when I paid $399.

    Can't resist a watch bargain so I'm going to buy another.

    • +1

      One for each wrist? 🤔

      Nah but serious, that's a crazy watch!

  • +5

    Thanks Op, I don't wear watches and I still bought one

    • +1

      now you can!

  • This looks nice. What is Hardlex Crystal like?

    • I've got a few with hardlex. It's fine for the price point.

  • They don't have the nicest range of watches..
    It's a good deal. But can't find anything I'd actually wear.. you really need to have more watches.

  • Thinking about a square g shock.. are those prices any good? Thx

    • +1

      The Casio watches look overpriced. Check Amazon 1st.

      Please link which one if you want more help?

      • Thanks, mate. Was thinking maybe DW5600WS-1D or similar priced for my small wrist

        • +1

          That's ok I guess ($103.60) but just be aware it's a negative display which some might find hard to read.

          I prefer the positive display G-Shock Classic $106. Casio specials happen pretty often on Amazon so maybe wait if you're not desperate.

          • @WatchNerd: Also I'd try and get the solar version of that for a bit more (G5600E-1) wouldn't need to worry about it for 10y plus.
            Love the Square G's great size even on smaller wrists like mine.

            Although for the price that DW5600WS-1D still looks pretty cool.

  • -2

    About the ugliest timepiece I've ever seen…

  • +2

    Refunds begun for anyone else?

    • +5

      Sorry due to high demand we ran out of stock for the watch you ordered, please feel free to reorder any other watch on the same deal and free express shipping on us. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.


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