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$300 off iPhone 15/Plus/Pro/Max (Expired), $200 off Apple Watch Series 9 @ Telstra (Telstra ID Required for Online Purchase)


Starts tomorrow, $300 off all iPhone 15 Line up and $200 off on Apple watch series 9. There are other deals too , but those are the biggest ones. Enjoy, and sorry if I made any mistakes, I haven't done this in a long time and I'm on mobile.
Edit - Instore or online. You will need a Telstra ID to purchase online.

outright prices in-store and via app (credit/thanks to @Pinchy) (online add "?repayment=Outright" to url - credit/thanks to @Huhh)

alternatively, shop via business store - credit/thanks to @Trop

price-beat/match in-store @ Officeworks / JB Hi-Fi

Discount offer - iPhone 15 range and iPhone 14
Outright purchase conditions apply. Outright purchases available in store only.

iPhone offer ends Monday 18th March, Apple Watch ends Tuesday 2nd April

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    Do you need to be a Telstra customer to purchase in store?

    • no

    • I went in on the weekend and the Tesltra store I went to noted some changes to the offer and was only available to Telstra customers to purchase outright

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    Outright or on plan?

    • Just confirmed outright and unlocked.

      • and instore

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    For real?

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    last year rare sales for iphone 15 now its like every week i wonder if cost of living has had a factor

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      It’s not selling well, on sell everywhere outside au

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      People aren’t upgrading as much every year. I’d say that’s why.

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        Can confirm. Still using my 11Pro Max. Performance is still very good. Unlike when I was using the 8, where it was very laggy.

        • +6

          Nice. I found my mums old iPhone 7 the other day and checked it out. No longer has OS updates but still gets security patches and runs surprisingly good, considering.

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            @zubzub: Yep have a iphone7+ that's still going.
            Kids use it

        • +2

          Yeah 12 still going strong for me. I can’t justify buying the 15 until it becomes unbearably laggy.

    • To poor now for iPhones 🥲🥲

    • Almost certainly having an effect, also the phones are at such a good level now that even a 12 Pro or 13 Pro feel very current.

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    Hoping a deal for the aw ultra

    • I keep my Apple Watch for years (still rocking a Series 4), so I’m sad they don’t do 3 year plans for Apple Watch anymore.

      • I have a first gen se and it’s fine but would like something that will last a marathon and retire my se to sleep duties

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          Problem is I really want to upgrade but I know I'll regret it because I'm sure the Series 10 that will come out later this year will have a redesign.

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    JB will match it right?

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      telstra is a very yes/no depending on store.. if you require a telstra ID some jb stores can sell it to you through Telstras portal with their own stock, some stores will price match as a regular jbhifi sale, and some stores will just say no as it is a 'member exclusive' deal.

      TL;DR just try your luck in store if you are not a telstra customer

      • What about OW?

      • -1

        Sorry but wtheck is a "Telstra id"?

        • +2

          An account, basically. Register your email with them.

          • @awaiko: Without the need to be an actual customer tho?

            And thanks for the upvote, dunno why down voters for a simple question.

    • Yes they did but had to match it through the Telstra system which meant I couldn't use JB gift cards

  • Does Apple price match Telstra?

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      No, we do not!

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        Username does not check out!

    • Can't hurt to ask instore, I got a price match for an old ipad to my surprise, this was organised over the phone!

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      Apple retail stores and over the phone will price match up to 10% off their RRP, but you won't be able to reach the full $300 off.

      • That’s correct but the policy for stores we price match are very particular. Telstra is classed as a dealer and not an authorised reseller.

        • Hi. Can you please clarify:

          1. What's the Apple price matching policy on dealers?
          2. What's the policy on resellers?
          3. What is JB/Harvey/TGG classified as?
          4. What is Kogan classified as?

          Thank you.

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            @Jinster: I went to a apple store today asked for a price match. The girl said they would but you have to be a telstra customer and have a telstra account. She said she wanted to look it up and that telstra would say the same even if I purchased it outright.

            Seemed a bit too hard and the girl didn't seem to care when I said i'll go give money to someone else. Then went to a telstra shop down the road, was in and out in 5 minutes with a 15 plus, outright. No id/existing account etc needed.

            She also said they would only match up to 10%.

            Sh*tty apple service and why do you have to line up to go in the shop…

          • @Jinster: There isn’t any exact reasoning from what I’ve been told, but going through carrier’s are classed as dealers. Places like JB, Harvey Norman, Officeworks etc. are authorised resellers. My hunch is its probably got to do with the way stock is sold to these companies. Kogan is a dealer and we can’t price match with them.

            We can only price match up to 10%. Buying from authorised resellers is practically the same as getting directly from the Apple Store, benefit of the Apple Store is the return policy and setup service we offer. If you don’t need those avenues though, get it wherever it is cheaper.

    • No but Apple Stores are authorised Telstra dealers so it is possible to get one on Telstra plan / outright in the store. Will need to process thru Telstra system tho so no Apple GCs can be used.

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    Isn’t this just the Apple Watch cellular version? Also do you have to get a plan with them?

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    I do not think you can purchase just the phone without a Telstra plan

    • +3

      Rubbish. Why do they offer outright purchase then?
      You just need a Telstra ID

      • Telstra ID is ? Staff Telstra Id or current Telstra customer?

        • Not staff ID but a Telstra login. Not sure if you need a current active Telstra service or just a Telstra login.

          • +1

            @kipps: Ah I’ve only got boost mobile which thought has a Telstra ID but maybe not

          • @kipps: Surely you'd need an active service for any login to work?

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        I’ve bought in the past with just a Telstra ID and no plan.

      • I can't see how to buy outright via the link?
        It asks to choose a plan so you can purchase, there is no option for outright.

        • It looks In store only now.

    • +1

      strange as I'm getting an error: " Select a plan"
      Please select a plan to proceed with the order.

      and I can't proceed with OUTRIGHT purchase!

  • Maybe its time to put my iPhone pro 11 out of its misery.

    • My iPhone XS is in danger of an upgrade.

      • Mine is clinging on. It had some screen issues last week (registering phantom touches), but it’s back to normal now. I probably should do something about the battery though.

    • +1

      I normally wait until 7 years but yeah tempted to do that with iPhone 11 Pro phone lol
      What’s the best way to recoup $$ from our phone? Sell on eBay or soemthing?

      • +4

        We’ve used Mobile Monster in the past. Saves stuffing around with dodgy people on eBay.

      • I’ve gotten values for the 11 and it’s not much. Mine is in bad condition though so it will be recycled.

      • FB Marketplace. You’ll get a ghost or two in the messages but usually have someone pick it up from me within a day.

      • Reebelo sometimes have slightly higher buying price

    • +1

      I'm tempted too but mine still does everything well, which was helped by Apple kindly replacing battery for free a year ago.

      • What model ?

        Why did they replace the battery for free?

        • 11 Pro.

          I'm not sure. Perhaps my battery % was a bit lower than it should be, but the girl at the Apple Store was hell nice so maybe it was just her being generous. She had it done under warranty despite the 24mth warranty ending couple months earlier, was totally unexpected I came expecting to pay.

    • +1

      I had the standard 11 and it was a huge upgrade to the 15Pro. I’d say go for it.

    • I would have kept my 11 pro for another 2 years but the screen got cracked (first time I ever damaged a phone) and I'm going travelling.

      • yeah I want to keep mine but it has so many issues. Cracked back cover, battery 77%, faulty speaker - cant hear callers and bluetooth doesnt work with my car anymore.

      • +1

        Pink is not my thing - so i'd probably get a dbrand skin then get a case on top

        https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/355472745574 - $650 with ebay Plus 17% off

        • What’s “as new” condition mean

          • @prankster: brand new except open box, so should still come with full/standard Apple warranty? perhaps rep @Wireless1 might help?

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    I am unable to find any details in my telstra app. Can someone please suggest where to check? Looking for apple watch 9 gor my wife, for her birthday. Thanks in advance.

    • +4

      Starts tomorrow

      • +1

        Thanks @timmysbiscuits, I was actually wondering where OP found this information and if I can see the details. But thanks anyways for your response 🙂

  • noice

  • +2

    Ffs, just pulled the trigger today.

    • +16

      You should know you must always wait till tomorrow to buy.

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