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All Nippon Airways Economy Direct Return to Tokyo: Depart Sydney from $954 (Fly May-Oct) @ Beat That Flight


5-star airline, 3rd best in world, direct to Tokyo!

Sydney Direct to Tokyo (16 May - 31 Oct) from $954 Return
Sydney Direct to Tokyo (16 May - 31 Oct) in Business from $2790 Return

For cheaper non-direct flights, as well as from Melbourne, check out the 4-star China Southern prices.

I also have an article on the top 5 most popular hotels in Tokyo for under $120.

Sydney to Tokyo

Dates: 16 May 24 - 31 Oct 24

Sydney to Tokyo in Business

Dates: May 24 - Oct 24

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  • Do they run on time?

    • +40

      No they run on jet fuel.

      • Jet fuel is just a fancy name for kerosene.

        • +1

          Kerosene with its shit together.

      • +4

        Does it melt steel beams?

        • +5

          when mixed with thermite

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    Why ANA only offer deals from Sydney, not Perth? :(

    • +2

      Well, unfortunately for Perth brethrens the PER-NRT flight is suspended for the rest of the ANA summer schedule after 13/04/2024. We can only hope it comes back for the winter schedule (after 29/10/2024), but no telling whether that will happen.

      • Oh I didn't know this! What a shame, was looking forward to fly direct to Japan one day lol.

        • +1

          IMO there's a good chance it may resume in the winter schedule, since they didn't specifically say they are permanently stopping it, but, no way to know.

    • +4

      Is Perth part of Australia?

      • Maybe one day it will be as well as Tasmania.

    • Not direct and not ANA, Perth - Osaka and Tokyo - Perth for 2A1C end of December to mid Jan for under $3,800 via Cathay Pacific stopover in HKG. PER - HKG will be in A350-900.

      • That's a good price, we're looking at Singapore Airlines from end of November to mid Jan and it's almost $5.2k for 2A3C, but any dates after school holiday starts the prices start getting really expensive lol.

        • Yeah, SQ cost more than CX to Japan.

  • of course its always Sydney. nothing melbourne =/ bs

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      They don't fly to Melbourne :/

      • +4

        why is no one flying to melbourne makes no sense

        • +4

          It makes perfect sense to me.

        • JAL and Qantas do, although the former uses smaller capacity 787-8s (lacking the Premium Economy section of the 787-9s that fly the Sydney route).

        • -1

          Thanks the Andrew’s Government for that!

          • @BatmanAU: How so?

            • -7

              @soundboy5010: Google it

              • +5

                @BatmanAU: Yeah can't really find anything related to Daniel Andrews stopping ANA from flying to Melbourne.
                Or are you just a cooker saying Dan Andrews is the reason for anything?

              • @BatmanAU: I Google'd it, now what? https://www.google.com/search?q=Andrew%E2%80%99s+Government+…

                Does not seem to be any related results.

                • -2

                  @nigel deborah: Did I say ANA were being stopped by Dictator Dan Soundboy????????????? No, maybe try reading what I was commenting too again

                  Airbnb taxes, holiday taxes, International airlines tax increases, taxes, taxes, taxes! Throw in the discounts for QLD holidays over the past few years, same as WA (for memory) the mass exodus of families leaving VIC and VIC Gov doing nothing to incentivise families back or new ones in, so yeah, my above statement remains

                  • +2

                    @BatmanAU: This is an interesting argument as I actually thought the Vic Labor Government was doing too many cashbacks to incentivise families and spending. I wasn't a huge fan of Dan Andrews due how many handouts and cashbacks he was offering. I find it weird that you're arguing the opposite. Here's a few examples off the top of my head:

                    -Dining and Entertainment Program - March 2022
                    -Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme - March 2022 (I think there was a second Seniors one too)
                    -Dining and Entertainment Program - October 2022

                    • -2

                      @jeppetto367: Is interesting, never have I seen any of that, must have been within VIC advertising itself. The only add I ever saw about VIC was where the guy is checking in and asks if there is anything around to do, but nothing to say to the rest of Australia that “we have deals”.

                      I guess also seeing Melbourne drop out of the best cities in the world list, probably doesn’t help people’s choices to travel there as it did when it was on top.

  • Does anyone know from previous years if ANA or JAL do promotion deals for the Christmas/new year period with special flight fares ??

    Or am I dreaming ? Should I just bite the bullet and book the flight early ?!

    • +3

      About as often as you would work overtime on Christmas day and new years day and be willing to take half pay.

      • All the time, it’s thanks giving period.

        • Damn you are a nice guy then. Businesses aren't as nice =(

    • I would. Sales over Christmas new year are hard to come by as it’s peak period.

  • +1

    Always just outside of the typical school holidays window, which as my partner is a teacher is the only time we can go on holidays, dang it!

    • +1

      I’ve booked flights out to Tokyo a week before term 4 ends. The class just watches movies that week anyway. Get your partner to take a week off.

      • Yeah might have to have a chat and see what she can do. She's kindy and an assistant principal, so a bit more responsibility/difficult to work around but fingers crossed. Have been wanting to go to Japan for a LONG time now, originally booked March 2020 and haven't had the chance to re-book it till now and don't want to miss out on a good price again

  • +1

    I'm not seeing any flights at those prices for bookings in October. Am I missing something?

    • Spring school holidays are from 30 Sep until mid Oct. Maybe that’s why?

      • You could very well be right. I'm just basing this off the post with travel date ending 31 Oct.

        • Does that mean listing has an error? I prefer October just for cooler weather, hoping I don't have to compete with kids and families!

  • +3

    If you're flying ANA, make sure you ask for their specialty Kabosu juice drink! It's a special type of lemon/lime in Japan and tasty as heck. Very acidic/citrusy though.

  • want melbourne during may

  • Would this be worth considering for Melbournians? Booking Mel-Syd separately?
    On the way back may be bit hard with luggage allowance into Mel.

  • Can someone recommend an app or website to book all attractions and train tickets within Japan

    • If you want to go HAM on the trains then get the JR pass and use the NAVITIME and GOOGLE MAPS app. If you're just doing short rides then it's not worth it for the JR Pass.

      Context: I did 4300 kilometers on a 21 day JR Rail pass (Before the price rise) in September/October 2023. Total JR Rail pass cost 60450¥ ($612 AUD) total cost without pass 244820¥ ($2481 AUD).

      • Awesome, which cities did you visit in those 21 days?

        • +1

          Too many to list but the basic route was from Tokyo to Wakkanai then down to Kagoshima on the West coast through Kyoto and Osaka. From there back up to Shikoku and Kochi, then back to Tokyo. :)

  • Haneda airport is the superior option!

  • +2

    now I'm old and retired with more money than I need, I'm thinking this kind of discount airfare around $970 return SYD-HND (typically $1000-1200 previously, I'm now seeing $1300-1400 for next months) is not my major cost when we typically spend much more than that for a visit to Japan, e.g. at least $8K

    so I'm more about When do I want to go (not again last Aug-Sep heatwave - that was HORRIBLE), Where do I want to go, What would I like to do there, and Where would I like to stay, and What do I want to eat, because all that stuff will cost me much more than just the airfares.

  • Hmm what's the likelihood of ANA/JAL/etc deals popping up for October / November? Weather seems nicer then

  • Im seeing all around 4k prices instead ?

  • i think this deal has expired. Cant find any ANA flights cheaper than ~1.3k. How often do these deals come around? Worth buying now or waiting?

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