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MSI Spatium M450 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD $139 Delivered + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Probably the best VALUE PCIe drive currently available. 5 year warranty. Great price for 2tb. Not the fastest or flashiest drive, but a great solution with good longevity for compact fast storage. Wouldn't recommend using this for an OS, but great for games and/or movies.

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.

Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.


COMPATIBILITY PCIe Gen4 / Gen3 / Gen2 / Gen1

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  • Wow…“Boss is away…sale"
    So boss might come back this afternoon and decide to not honoring this deal…

    • Lol, wouldn't this suggest that regular Centrecom sales are tight arse if the boss is around?

      • +8

        This is what would happen if boss comes back…

        • Yeah, sounds about right. I've had to endure some mind-mindbogglingly nonsensical warranty claims through them a few years back. So sub-par customer service is part of the CC experience.

        • +1

          A few years back I called CC to confirm a CPU price, no conditions stated. They said yes, come on in.

          I got to the store - "Oh no, that's a bundle price, you have to buy a motherboard." No sale. The store is ~500m from home. I'd rather drive to Scorptec.

    • +1

      Yeah I know there is bad blood with CC. Hopefully he stays away! I'll report back immediately if my order gets canned, or when it gets delivered.

    • I called earlier today, and they had like 20 in stock. I just picked up the very last unit @ Auburn store with no issues. Looks like a lot of people have placed orders for them.

      It makes sense though for an order to get cancelled if it was a pricing error. It's the same with any other company, unless you are the lucky one to receive the item before the pricing error is noticed.

      In my experience Centre Com has been great for me and my friends so far. Their Sydney store is huge and has a huge variety of products. You should give them a chance.

    • I just got confirmation from Auspost that it's on it's way with them, so that's promising. Hopefully the delivery doesn't get recalled like those poor sods in that GPU deal thread.

  • a few 4TB SKU's are also on "boss away sale" just make sure boss stays away!

  • Is this a good deal? Should I wait for another great deal? I just use for store photos/movies.

    • grab 4TB instead and store more movies and photos and skip next upgrade. same SSD 4TB is $279 I think

      • 2 TB is enough for me, I don't play games, just browse website. Is this deal good enough? I saw some crazy deal in last Nov, $100 2TB shipped from Japan.

    • +1

      educational movies?

      • Instructional videos..

  • +2

    Is this good enough for a Windows drive? I only have 1 NVMe slot.

    • +1

      More than enough if your just browsing and just general purposes.

      • +1

        General productivity, some gaming.

    • Plenty fast for most people. If you don't need the 2tb space, i'd recommend spending this same amount of money on a faster (and DRAM equipped) 1tb drive for overall responsiveness. I'm using a 980 Pro 1tb for my boot drive, and it's lightning fast.

  • Does this have a DRAM cache?

    • No

      • If it doesn't even have DRAM cache than the Verbatim 2TB from Amazon Japan vs AU is worth considering IMO. About $10 more and you do have to wait for it from Japan but fair amount faster on sequentials in a gen 4+ slot and probably better on the randoms too, and it has a heatsink. There is a slight risk you'd get the original YMTC 128L + IG5326 variant which I know is a controversial combo but I strongly suspect all 2TBs are also YMTC 232L + MAP1602 now just like the 4TB that someone ordered was since AFAIK most other vendors have also done that for their former YMTC 128L + IG5326 SSDs in 2TB. Only thing other than delivery timeframe which puts it into maybe rather than definitely better category is the crappy 2 year warranty.

        • +1

          That hurt my brain.

    • I don't believe so, but you may not need it. This is an ideal second (or third, in my case) nvme drive. Just remember that a good non-DRAM nvme drive is still way faster than anything with a SATA interface (even if it has DRAM).

  • Did SSD price increase? I seem to remember just few months ago lots of 2TB can be had for about $100.

    • Yep. Massive increases across the board, and it's predicted to get a lot worse. Chip demand is through the roof.

      • +4

        Those OzBargainers I won't name who were giving the Lexar rep shit when he said price increases are inbound look pretty stupid now 😜

        • Depends when they said it. Prices were expected to drop until producers decided to MASSIVELY cut back production. Demand is not up, supply is down.

          "Samsung Slashes NAND Output by 50%, Prices to Slowly Edge Higher"


        • -1

          Lexar rep was telling people the price increase would happen before the end of last year, while online articles indicated 2024. Lexar rep started the price rise before other brands. Also, after he indicated the price rise is inbound, a couple of weeks later, one of its retailers sold NM790 at the cost price (to clear its old Lexar NM790 stock), the rep wasn't happy about it. There were good deals at the end of the year. The thinking was there would be clearance deals after Christmas.

          Most OZBers bought NM790 4TB at $255. After the Lexar rep announced the SSD price rise coming last year, a retailer cleared its 4TB stock at $227.15 a couple of weeks later. At that time, Lexar rep has raised the RRP of the 4TB. However, it doesn't change the fact that while most people were happy with $255, there was still a profit margin of at least 10%.

          The point was: retailers did appear to clear their stocks still at the end of last year and we know YMTC did stockpile 2 years worth of NAND chips.

          It's unclear whether the Verbatim 2TB one is Maxio + YMTC 232L TLC NAND. If so, honestly, it is $151 with heatsink vs NM790 ($189) without heatsink at the moment. However, I thought many OZBers bought the first lot of NM790 SSDs. The prices at the time were good.

        • if it happens it will be artificially created just like with the car market
          govt 'should' step in with Anti-Trust Laws
          hopefully some lawsuits will occur like with DRAM over the last 25 years

    • For 2TB, there were cheap PCIe gen 3 x4 SSDs around $115 to $105. However, the $105 was a new revision with a component swap and it was a nasty swap (changing NAND from TLC to QLC).

      While it was known that NAND makers would cut back on productions in 2024, SSD makers still have sales at the end of the year.

  • the boss came back on this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/832353
    literally before 5pm yesterday when I was going leave office to get this card

    • -2

      what do you mean?
      It is still available. I would go AMD tho.

      • they raised the price at 5pm yesterday from 1059 to 1179

        • yes, RTX 4070 is still $829.
          I wouldn't spend more than $800 on GPU :-)

  • Is this better or this https://amzn.asia/d/aSMT3us

    • A few things not lining up. Description says this is:

      Brand Verbatim
      Special feature Portable (?)
      Hard disk form factor 2.5 Inches (?)

      Not really sure why that is. Also, it's an international amazon product so returns and/or warranty can be annoying. If you can get a legit 2tb Vi7000G for 150, excellent!

      • It clearly shows that it’s a M.2 and Amazon has been great in terms of returns of incorrectly advertised products. When compared to this deal, do you think the verbatim is better or the MSI. I heard that Verbatim has removed the DRAM chip in a phantom update. Is DRAM needed for games will it impact anything?
        Also, I won’t be using it as a boot drive

        • It is sold by Amazon Japan at least, so more likely to have luck than from a 3rd party seller. If it has DRAM, outstanding deal. If not, then it still looks a bit faster than the MSI, but with only 500 TBW and a 3 year warranty, i'd be concerned with longevity. MSI quote a TBW of 1200 and have a 5 year warranty.

          • @Jo Ko: Amazon says it has a 500TBW but other places say 700TBW.
            Only reason I got this is because it was sold by Amazon, if it was third party I would have gotten the MSI.
            Would games write much data to it or just read mostly? If it doesn’t write much data apart from installation I don’t think I’ll come anywhere close to 700TBW anytime soon

            • @jayboi: I don't see any reason to doubt you'll receive a VI7000g. That's the 2TB version of the 4TB deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/830833, both come from Amazon Japan and are a decent price in the current market. And at least one OzBargainer has bought and received a Vi7000g in the 4TB deal as per the discussion there.

              Be warned as I mentioned in a comment above and discussed in the 4TB thread, it's quite likely the Vi7000g you receive will be a DRAMless MAP1602+YMTC 232L. I don't think this combo is actually worse for most purposes, but still despite advertising DRAM cache, you probably won't receive a SSD with one if that matters to you.

              BTW, all info I've seen for the Vi7000g say it has a 2 year warranty. Where are people getting 3 year from?

    • For PS5 expansion, either drive is fine

      For general PC or backup usage, neither drive is ideal

      For the Vi7000, read the comments in the 4TB deal

      For MSI drives generally, there's a noticeable amount of reviews complaining about drives working and then dying within 6 months

      Whether that is an underlying design issue or user cooling error, MSI are still unproven for long term storage of valuable data

      • -1

        Verbatim SSD with component lottery has no proven track record either. Also, we are making the assumption YMTC fixed its slow old data read issue with its current gen NAND. We also know Maxio + 4TB YMTC 232L combo in NM790 has a linux problem (which hopefully the latest linux OS distributions put in a workaround for it) - neither Lexar nor YMTC nor Maxio has released a firmware to patch that issue. It is unclear whether that's isolated to NM790 4TB or all 4TB SSD with that combination.

        • If you look at the bug reports, it's not restricted to Lexar, reports on Fanxiang, Netac, Acer.


          Also seems to be a problem on Lexar 2TB.


          Since it's occurring with those fairly generic Chinese manufacturers almost definitely means it's on the standard firmware so anyone who uses that which I'm fairly sure must include Verbatim. Frankly fair chance the Lexar, Acer, and Verbatim are made by the same people just whatever custom stickers or heatsinks they want. Probably Fanxian and Netac too.

          I strongly suspect it affects all MAP1602+YMTC 232L unless they have some special firmware. But none of the manufacturers I've seen are likely to have that except maybe Hiksemi. (I doubt it, but they're big enough that they possibly could.)

    • -1

      That Verbatim has component lottery (due to component swaps). The current guess is Maxio with 232L YMTC NAND (but there is no guarantee). Don't expect it to have a DRAM controller at that price.

      If that's indeed what you ended up getting, it is essentially NM790 2TB with heat sink. At the current market, it is a good price.

      This MSI SSD, assuming no component swap, is likely E19T (old) with Micro NAND. E19T is a dated controller and is basically one of the slowest PCIe gen 4 x4 controller. Honestly, it performs like PCIe gen 3 x4. So, it comes down to price and whether you want to fork out $12 extra for a faster SSD with heatsink. That said, there is no confirmation on the actual components in the 2TB version of that Verbatim SSD so it could be worse than my guess.

      • What program can I use to test it and verify the components?

        • For the MSI, try these two utilities in order (if you need an app to extract rar file, download 7zip):

          Hopefully, the first one works. Normally, when you run it and it works, it will tell you the controller and the NAND flash type. However, sometimes, after running the utility, the SSD could be in an exclusive locked state so you may need to completely shutdown the PC and start it up again.

          For the Verbatim one, based on information from OZBers on the 4TB, it "seems" to be Maxio, so use:

          Source site for the utilities:

          • @netsurfer: Is there a general program that can read the chips of all SSDs? Would be a bonus if it does capacity testing too

            • @jayboi: No, it is proprietary and controller dependent. We generally cannot tell with Samsung and WD since they often use their own controllers and don't release these utilities. They do swap components too, so you can't easily tell the NAND type you get.

              Capacity testing, you generally don't need to worry about these ones from legit stores or sold by Amazon.

  • Do we know if this is TLC? Specifically this 2TB variant.

    • Need someone who bought one to run a Phison utility to find out. Assuming MSI hasn't swapped the components inside, the expectation is E19T controller with most likely TLC NAND.

      E19T is a dated a low end PCIe gen 4 x4 controller. It performs more like a PCIe gen 3 x4 controller. It is best to think of it as a PCIe gen 3 x4 SSD. It is capable of tricking PS5 to allow it to be used though.

  • +1

    Okay for a second games drive? I can only use PCIE3 due to AM4 board. It being 2tb and cheap are why Im considering it

    • I haven't looked at this one but most 4x4's advertise as "backwards compatible" - my NVME 4 is working fine on my x3-capable MB. For games question, see comments above, not the fastest, much better than HDD. Everything I've read says don't fill up the drive > 80%, to extend longevity

  • OOS for delivery

  • I ordered it 8-9 hours ago. Now the sale status said Cancelled. Bad. But I also change my mind. I will go for Verbatim Vi7000G

  • Price adjusted, $179 now

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