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American Express Explorer: 100,000 Bonus MR Points (after $4,000 Spend in 3 Month), $400 Annual Travel Credit, $395 Annual Fee


Just closed my Amex Explorer before my anniversary next month so shopping for a new credit card to churn… came across this on iSelect. Of course, I am not eligible for it but it may be useful to new applicants.

Last year I only got 85k bonus points see this. Anyway seems like they have increased their bonus.

Exclusive Offer

Receive 100,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® Points

when you apply online by 2 April 2024, are approved and spend $4,000 on your new Card on eligible purchases within the first 3 months. T&Cs apply. New Card Members only.
Please note that this offer may not be available or change if you return later or use a different device. Whilst this offer may disappear if you don't apply now, taking credit should be considered carefully. Please do not rush your decision.

P.S. If the link does not show the offer try going through iSelect.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (3)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points

Centurion Personal Charge Card: random (6)

Referee gets 200,000 MR points. Referrer gets 150,000 MR points.

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    Got rejected. Churners get rejected.

    • Is this official? What is their definition of a 'churner'?

    • +2

      Got approved. Churners get approved.

  • +3

    Amex have devalued their points so much for Singapore airlines redemptions that it is nothing like it used to be. Used to be 1:1 pre-2019, now they are down to 1:0.5

    That's of course if redeeming for Singapore Airlines is your jam.

  • 100k is the standard sign-up bonus at the moment.


  • +5

    Really wish they’d bring back 240,000 MR points deal back.

  • +5

    100k is peanut. Thats 50k airline miles, except KF, only 33333 miles.

    I thought Platinum Charge card is still offering 240k?

    Anyway, there isn't any credit card thats decent in Australia anymore since RBA's stupid decision. I've given up.

    • You may get a targeted 240k MR offer but the annual fee is $1450 and you only get about $450 of travel credit + Amazon annual fee + a bunch of other stuff which wouldn't be worth half as much. Typically redeeming points for statement credit is poor value vs. airline miles i.e. ¢0.5 vs. up to ¢1. Explorer has the second highest earn rate, a fee offset by travel credit and 2x lounge passes for Melbourne & Sydney which was good enough but YMMV.

  • -2

    Looks like they also dropped travel credit by $50

    • not sure what you mean… it was always $400?

      $400 to spend on travel each year

      Receive $400 to spend on eligible domestic and international flights, hotels or car hire with American Express Travel5

  • -2

    Just cancelled my AMEX Qantas Ultimate card, I said Qantas points don't really appeal to me any more, lady (very polite and nice lady) just went straight ahead and cancelled it, no attempt at retention at all. I don't mind, but surprising because banks normally put a bit of effort into retention.

    • Haha what is she suppose to do to try to retain you if what she would likely be able to offer you (more points) doesn't really appeal?

      Having said that qff points really do suck.

      • It is illegal now for banks to try to retain you. If you want to cancel, they'll have to cancel.

        • Well that explains it. Makes closing the account a lot easier.

      • Mate I was more than happy to close the AMEX account, but it just surprised me that they didn't even try. I would have thought she would offer to change me over to the AMEX awards card.

  • +1

    Seems like the best all rounder card, thanks

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