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[Prime] Babish High-Carbon 1.4116 German Steel 6.5" Santoku Kitchen Knife $33.69 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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About this item:
Forged from a single piece of high-carbon 1.4116 German steel
Tempered, ground, and polished for maximum sharpness
Full-tang handle provides a balanced, comfortable grip
Granton edge reduces drag and food sticking to the blade

Good alternative to a Victorinox Santoku with a Fibrox handle, and half the price. This has a straight full-tang handle making it a hefty 340g, compared to the Victorinox which is at least 200g lighter with the ergonomic Fibrox handle. I like both, and don't particulary care about balance; just pick it up, adjust your grip, and away you go!

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  • The babish knives are great for anyone looking at this deal. I’ve picked up a couple over the years and they are all still going strong.

    • Much upkeep at all? Sharpening etc.

      • No sharpening and I only wash in the dishwasher.

        • +17

          This hurts every fibre in my body

          • +9

            @Fergy1987: I also smash it on a rock if I think it’s cutting too well.

            • +3

              @moltobenny: So to be clear, everything in this thread starting with "The babish knives are great" is sarcastic?

              • +5

                @pizzaguy: No, I legitimately think they are good. I wanted to just highlight that I haven’t treated them well and they have retained good sharpness.

  • Need another meat cleaver deal. Dont have a cleaver and happy with my Global set of normal knives

    • +5

      Then go look for a cleaver and post it

      • +3

        I'm no knife expert so thought I'd wait for the masters to recommend

    • +2

      There was a post like 4-5 deals down for a cleaver - there may be links in the comment for others.

      Also, like everything else, use the search to see what has been historically popular and at what price . You might even find a commenter who knows a thing or two about knives that you can PM.

      This advice applies to ANYTHING.

    • How about this one?
      I'm no expert though, but no doubt someone will point that out in about 2 seconds :)

    • If you are content with using a regular set of knives, then there is absolutely no need for a cleaver.

      • I want a cheap one that i can use to chop through bones and not worry about damaging my Global knives. Made the mistake of trying to chop a coconut with my Globals and took a chunk out of the blade.

        • If you're just looking for a solid, relatively sharp, robust cleaver then you don't need an expert. You want tempered steel and cheap. Those are the onlly 2 qualities to look for. In the US the recommdenation is to buy a $10 one from a chinese supermarket, but unluckily I haven't found that here.

  • +1

    me: hey babish - like that binging with babish!

    click link

    oh damn he has a set of knives now too!

    • +1

      and pots and many other kitchen accessories he's sold out on

      • +2

        admittedly i stopped watching many years ago after he went mainstream.
        i did enjoy the early years and watched the channel religiously.

        • +1

          i bought his first book. I really was enjoying his stuff and then in the space of 6 months he just sold out on everything and it wasnt the same. All the charm was gone

    • -1

      He probably wishes he had them in that mental health facility…

  • This is a prime deal so If you dont already have prime (like me) it brings the price up to $43.68

  • +1

    It's coming up as $48.29 to me.

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