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OMEN 25L Desktop: i7-14700F, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD + 1TB HDD, RTX 4070 12GB $1999.20 Delivered @ HP eBay


Been looking around intel desktop offers, came across this, seems to be quite similar to what I can build it for.

Windows 11 Home
Intel® Core™ i7-14700F (up to 5.4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 33 MB L3 cache, 16 cores, 28 threads)
System Coolers
92 mm 2-heatpipe non-RGB air cooler
16 GB DDR5-4800 MHz RAM (1 x 16 GB)
1 TB WD Black PCIe® Gen4 NVMe™ TLC M.2 SSD
1 TB 7200 rpm
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 (12 GB GDDR6X dedicated)
5.1 surround sound; Omen Audio Control Support DTS:
Realtek RTL8852BE Wi-Fi 6 (2x2) and Bluetooth®️ 5.3 wireless card (supporting gigabit data rate)

4070ti version here


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    This deal any good for an extra $100? i7-14700F | 16GB | 1TBSSD + 1TB HDD | RTX 4070 Ti 12GB


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      It will make you feel better….. with that Ti badge on it. :P 10% for $100

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        Benchmark shows it's 16% better whereas 4070ti vs 4080 is 23% better but much higher spend.

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          no brainer to spend $100 for 16% more.

  • DDR4 :(

    EDIT: maybe not - HP page specs diff to ebay

    single stick of DDR5-4800 and air cooling on CPU

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    Why are computers nowadays measured like microwaves?

    • +3

      because they get so hot you can cook in them

  • HP or Dell? I've used Dell, but once the warranty expired, it stopped working. How do you find HP's performance and durability?

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      Negged :D

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        PS you have no influence over my decision to buy or not so please stop spamming

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      Dude you post this on every HP deal. Do you work for a competitor? Need to chill mate it’s Friday have a good weekend :)

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        you know how ozbargain can block certain categories - can I block a specific user so I never have to see their comments?

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          Yeah. Go settings -> edit -> blocked.

          Very useful feature.

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            @Aureus: I can also finally block jv. Thank you thank you!

          • @Aureus: Yeah but what if they post a kick ass deal that you miss out on because you blocked them? ;)

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              @mitty: You can block them from comments and still see the deals they post.

    • Michael Rapaport in shambles.

    • -7

      what Gaza did to Israel was far bigger in relative numbers and brutality so stop spamming with your victim card on each HP deal.

    • -2

      Posts like this do more harm to the cause for Gaza than good because it makes the people concerned about the situation in Gaza look stupid.

    • People who want to boycott will appreciate this. I appreciate it. Who cares if you get 100 down votes. If you made even 1 person aware, that's 1 set less of money fuelling a genocide

      People always say "ah it's terrible but there's nothing I can do about it". Sure you can. This is what you can do.

    • Already wearing Hugo boss and driving a Volkswagen, let's just add another one to the list.

  • How is the cooling in this case?

    • +1

      FYI, if you click "About this Item" it will show the detailed specs.

      The Item description doesn't show much.

      OP: @Zwrld maybe it's best if you add it to the post description

      • Maybe someone on Ozbargain has a similar unit and knows…

        • Are you asking for specs or asking for feedbacks/reviews of the thermal of this PC?

          • @meong: feedbacks/reviews of the thermal

    • Raptor Lake CPU + hotbox case with 0 visible vents + power hungry 14th gen intel = convection oven in the making. Your components will cook in there like a roast chook

      • Thanks, I will pass then

      • power hungry 14th gen intel

        That was supposed to be 92mm air cooler, didn't mean to repeat CPU twice

  • +3

    A housefire Intel CPU in a prebuilt case and air cooler sounds like a terrible combination.

  • -5

    16gb ram should boot win11 and 8 chrome tabs

    Better builds from techfast on here.

  • I already have a gaming PC and the 4070ti deal for $2095 is still really tempting, it looks good enough for a workstation for work…with a bit of gaming on the side…lol

  • Good price and very compact. But as others have said. Cooling is questionable. Some of these have aios isn't it?

    • An AIO won't help you if the case is sealed tight and there's no airflow and the AIO that comes with these brand prebuilt aren't very good usually

    • What are the dimensions?

  • Is this endorsed by CBA??

  • +3

    This isn’t a good deal? There’s literally a RTX4070 TI 32Gb RAM etc build posted 2 posts down for $2099…

    • I got downvoted to oblivion for the same feedback.

      This isn't a great deal.

      • Nah, you got negged for the 16GB hyperbole.

    • This machine has a stronger CPU with QuickSync support, so it would make a better Video Editing workstation. But for just gaming I would agree that it would be a no brainer to choose: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/834051

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