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Silicon Power 1TB XS70 PCIe Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSD for PS5 with Heatsink $120 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


The Silicon Power 1TB XS70 is a cutting-edge PCIe Gen4 M.2 NVMe SSD designed specifically for the PlayStation 5. Offering impressive read and write speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s and 6,800 MB/s respectively, this SSD ensures lightning-fast load times and smooth performance for your gaming needs. It comes equipped with a heatsink to effectively manage heat, guaranteeing stable operation even during intense gaming sessions. Available at the unbeatable price of $120, it's the best deal you'll find across Australia for enhancing your PS5's storage capacity and speed. Deal ends soon. Act Fast!


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    For those who are wondering

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      Shame about this but

      Silicon Power

      • Besides their habit of switching out components, I've actually had a pretty solid experience (based on a sample of 1 gen3x4 nvme, going strong in my notebook since 2018).

        • Sample of 1 here also. P34A80 died after ~3.5 years and replaced under warranty. It actually died really slowly and the PC would freeze or apps would crash. Almost threw out the whole laptop in frustration before I figured out it was the ssd.
          Im just about to RMA my ADATA SX8200 pro after 3.5 years too. Can’t win, smh

          • @orza: I have the p34a80 1tb, still going from 2018. I say you likely got the revised version if you got it in 2020.

            My Amazon order says I ordered June 2019, not 2018, but it is the original version.

            • @reactor-au: Aug 2019 for me. 1tb as well. Glad to hear yours is still going

          • @orza: My P34A80 1TB just died. 5 years and 1 month. Same experience as yours. PC freeze, crashing. It was my games drive but it had my virtual memory on it. Replaced the drive and no more issues. Pity it was just out of warranty. Great up until that point.

            • @Fatboy74: Interesting about the freezing, sometimes my PC will freeze for several seconds then continue as normal. Not often though. I wonder if it's related, been like that for about a year.

              • @reactor-au: Oh no…
                I’d be backing up my data asap and prepare to RMA.

                Mine started like that and just got gradually worse. Should be enough to RMA if the PC is freezing, but if you start getting blue screens with “\CRITICAL PROCESS DIED\” then it’s done for.

              • @reactor-au: Mine was definitely the SP nvme drive at fault. When Steam would update games on the drive….. BSOD or drive would disappear. When I also had my virtual memory on it… crash. Moved VM to another drive it would just disappear from My PC. Installed new drive. No problems now for over a week. Put the old SP in to an external caddy and it works for about 5 minutes on other PCs then dies / disappears.

      • Eh, i bought the 2TB version.

        Micron NAND and Phison controller; nothing 'silicon power' to worry about.

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    So this is a straight up Plug-n-Play device?

  • what is the lowest price you can get for a 1tb nvme?

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      this seems to be the lowest non shit, ok brand name, not fast model

      looks like them cutting back nand production is really screwing prices

      like 1tb should not be this expensive in 2024

      notice how there's no ssd deals now

      • Thank you for replying - yes that is what I was struggling with after researching all the prior deals and seeing how low they were before. Sorry I am new to (well new again after long hiatus) to PC building.

        Lowest I found was $82 1TB but it was TEAMGROUP - which Im guessing falls under the shit category

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          that's pcie gen3

          the one i posted is gen4

          might not make a huge diff in your pc

          but it makes a HUGE difference in a ps5 (ie. the TEAM one will not work!)

          • @tonyjzx: thank you. still getting my head around this gen 3/4 all looks the same.
            Im only refurbishing old laptops so gen 3 will do for me

            • @ChatCPT: NV2 has component lottery, which is an even worse form of components swaps. The swap / lottery started early last year for NV2, if not earlier.

              At least 3 different controllers used and minimum 2 different NAND flash used in various NV2s. Tom's Hardware received 2 different versions and elected to review the QLC version of NV2 (to highlight this annoying component lottery issue), leaving the TLC version not reviewed. Tom's Hardware was one of the last mainstream review sites to review NV2.

              I personally own multiple NV2s and have 2 totally different versions (bought 5 days apart, albeit from different sellers). The cheaper one has an inferior controller. 3 years warranty (less than the standard 5 years) and lower than usual TBW (opens the door for QLC). Not to mention there is no mentioning of you get TLC.

              At best, Kingston crippled the slightly better version of NV2 to avoid people feeling too upset about getting the inferior version (and I am talking about TLC version, if you get one which uses QLC, you will be even more disappointed). The slightly better Phison E21 with TLC has to be the worst Phison E21 based SSD I've ever owned / tested.

      • NV2… Let me show you some fun results with it:

        The version with inferior controller's consistency test result
        Another chart showing that issue

        Now, the really fun stuff, if you happened to get one of the better version and you let that SSD cheat (i.e. that controller is known to cheat in zero fill test big time), you get this in Crystal DiskMark:

        One particular version of NV2's Zero Fill Test Results. This is the result why Sony patched their SSD test to stop some of the controllers cheat like crazy in zero fill test (it's a dumb test anyway).

        I have both the slow version and that other version which cheat big time in zero fill test (note: zero fill test is useless in day to day usage, with random data, even that version is subpar). If you really want to gamble on NV2, I strongly recommend you run the relevant flash utility to at least find out which controller and NAND you get. Be prepared to be on the receiving end of QLC. I certainly hope you get the better version and TLC.

        Let me assure you, if you get the more cost effective one with inferior controller, it does run like a DRAMless PCIe gen 3 x4 SSD.

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    Have SSDs gone up in price in general. Last time I looked was mid last year.

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      The SSD industry is 'resetting' itself after a period of very low profits (threatening bankruptcies) and over-supply — they are now making way less stock and the lack of supply is driving up the prices.

      The shortage due to artificial manufacturing cutbacks. We've seen this in DRAM time and time again. Companies go hard on producing until margins get thin, then they all retract in unison. Rinse repeat every 3-5 years.

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        thats collusion - the Bingo ceo got done for this

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        Sounds like the oil industry.

      • Yeah makes sense. Thanks.

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          well yes it is collusion but who is going to police multinationals?

          any industry where there's like less than half a dozen global players…

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    Heads up but this got silently revisioned with a innogrit controller and those like to just stop working and there's so many documented cases. This ssd, s70 blade and other innogrit ig5236 equipped drives are dying similar ways with little to no notice so it's a hard no from me from a reliability point.

    • Seems the brand has become synonymous with component swapping post initial launch reviews, it feels like they doing it on purpose.

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        I'm surprised the ACCC haven't caught wind of it, swapping in inferior components after reviews is a shitty practice and super scammy

        • Specs wise, InnoGrit IG5236 is on par with Phison E18, even when paired with YMTC 128L, it is able to achieve roughly the same performance.

          I don't have an SSD that uses InnoGrit IG5236 so I cannot comment on reliability. I did have the 2TB of this SSD for 2 days before returning it to Amazon JP through Amazon AU (because I was expecting Phison E18).

          Silicon Power XS70 2TB InnoGrit Version Performance

          You will most likely get inferior performance with the 1TB version. At this price point, I don't think it is worth the trouble.

      • SSD makers which have done component swaps (that I am aware of): Silicon Power, WD, Samsung, PNY, Kingston, Crucial. However, I would rather assume all of them have done component swaps.

        2023 was a big year for SSD component swaps. This SSD's component swap happened last year.

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