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Samsung 9kg Front Load Smart Washer with Steam Wash Cycle $604.45 Delivered @ Samsung EDU


9kg Front Load Smart Washer with Steam Wash Cycle - WW90T604DAB

45% off RPP (Save $494.55)
Dropped to $769.30 3 months ago so this is a pretty neat deal.

Could potentially bring it down to $474.23 if you can stack Spend $500, Get $100 AmEx @ Samsung AU offer with Samsung Shop App 5% off first purchase discount.

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  • Neat! nice find…thnx OP!

    • I had an old Samsung washer for years.
      Incredible machine.
      The only thing that ended it was an odd shaped (like funnel) broken hose that ran from the drum to the pump.
      Couldnt find one anywhere to replace it.

  • I think this expired deal for the 8.5kg was much better. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/805918

    However I did order that and they cancelled my order. Plus a nightmare to get my money back.

    • That was an epic deal. Got a washer dryer for that same price as substitute.

    • got the replacement with the combo unit at the end and pretty happy with it
      $ 429.40 (after $50 coupon) is a steal!

    • Why would that deal be better? Genuinely curious

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    What do you have to do to be part of the EDU?

    • "To access the Samsung Education Store, you must be an eligible student or employee of an Australian educational institution and have a valid email address ending in .edu.au."

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        or get a mate with a .edu email to verify you

        • +1

          Did that yep thanks

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      can register for an alumni email which ends with .edu if you had been to one of the unis that have that

  • hell of a price

  • +2

    I have this one, it been 3 yrs and still no problem finger cross

    • +12

      How do you cross one finger?

    • +1

      Cross finger to you, too.

  • +1

    Any top load washers?

    • Can someone also have a look to see if there are any deals for the washer dryer combos?

      I've been waiting for delivery from JB Hifi for over 4 months now..

      • No top loaders that looks attractive from a price point

  • We bought this just a few days ago, delivery scheduled for next week. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price, and to our surprise it automatically applied an extra 5% off at checkout so it was $574.

    • It's still showing $604.45 at the checkout (order summary page).

      • It was a first time purchase discount, have you purchased anything before?

        • No. It's my first time. Do we need to include any promo code?

          • @Utsav23: No we didn't use any, maybe try downloading the app for the 5% off first app purchase

  • +3

    Smokin' deal.

  • Anyone check if available on epp?

    • Not avail on wspc portal

      • Just checked and available on my epp

    • Was on Westpac EPP. But no 5% extra off cos can't use via app

      • Found that after spending time on the chat to them

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    Samsung is having fire sales

    • Taking a leaf out of Heymix's book

  • Thanks got 1

  • +7

    Never buy Samsung washers. Known to have early failure on their bearings around the 5 year mark.

    • +2

      Not if they catch fire first.

    • Yep, like most of their appliances, they are total shite. Our last Samsung washer lasted 5 years before it, literally, fell apart.

    • Seems to be very widely reported that their appliances suck. Really must be cashing in on their brand very cynically.

    • +3

      Ours never made it to this point. We had problems from the first load with it not being able to balance correctly, something our Electrolux time manager did without issue. Just over 1 year in the door lock stopped functioning completely and you'd have to use the manual release cord down where the drain filter is - it would just keep clicking over and over, this also meant you couldn't reliably start a load.
      I replaced that with an OEM part and a few months later it just stopped functioning altogether - just clicked the lock and ran 30 seconds into a cycle before pausing without any error or anything on the screen and never resuming.
      We grabbed another Electrolux the following day and haven't looked back.

      I dismantled the thing with nothing but a hammer, purely for therapeutic reasons.

    • Had a Samsung french door fridge, it was never cool enough. After putting up with it for the good part of 5 years finally bit the bullet and replaced it with a Hisense side by side. So far, it's been great.

  • OOS

    • Back in stock - just purchased

  • +1

    Any reviews on this one? It looks to be a newer model so can't find much online.

    I know Samsung typically have a terrible reputation for its white goods though

    • +4

      I wouldn't recommend, spend more OzB dollars and Go a Bosch Serie 8 built in Germany.

      • Noting all Bosch Series 8 are made in Germany.

        But even if they weren't I'd still get one.

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    Samsung washers are landfill material. Stick with fisher and paykel

    • +1

      100% - f&p direct drive - 15 years+ and still running like a champ.

      • +1

        Haier owns F&P just so you know ….

        • Haier owns GE fridges (at least) & better/cheaper now :)

    • +3

      On my 12th year with my Samsung washing machine. Gets used every single day without a miss! It only started to leak a few months ago, so I changed the seal- as good as new again

    • This. Parents have had their F&P for over 20 years.

  • +2

    Yeah steer clear of this

    Franky all the samsung washers ARE SHIT

    samsung contracts out it's washer build to a 3rd party to build,then just wacks their badges for all the low range gear

    apparantly it might be HCS

  • +4

    Buy Samsung in haste, repent at leisure. Save your money and buy something that won't be going to landfill in three years after near constant problems.

  • Back in stock.
    Having a crack and hope it goes alright…at $500 for a front loader worth a shot right…right…?

  • How are you guys getting this on westpac portal for $604

    This is what i sew

    Original Price:$1,099.00 Save $384.65

  • Have a Samsung at the moment, loads of issues with it, not sure if this will be any better, same with the fridge

  • Does AmEx deal work on the Samsung shop app at all? It is being mentioned that the offer valids at Australian website only, I assume it is a web only deal?

  • Same price on government store.

  • +1

    I was all ready to pull the plug yesterday then with all the negative comments … I’ve decided it’s not worth the risk and I will just get another Bosch which has lasted us 12 years (although paid a guy $100+ x3) over 4 years to fix 2x blockages (maintenance) and the seal once

  • Why would anyone buy a black front loader?

  • +1

    Ive used all sorts of washing machines ranging from F+P to Samsung to bottom of the barrel ChiQ. Even ChiQ was fine and no issues. What are you guys putting in your washing machines for them to break??

  • Trying to purchase one now. Samsung website only says "Get stock alert" or "Where to Buy" and is $1099 instead of OPs price.

    Any ideas?

  • Back in stock.

    • Out of stock since then, but back for pre order this evening.
      Can't use app for additional 5% as app is at $899, but got on Web for 604 less 100 Amex.

  • Mine was supposed to be delivered yesterday but got a message saying it’s been delayed

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