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Samsung 8.5kg Addwash Front Load Smart Washer with Steam Wash Cycle $479.40 Delivered @ Samsung


Cheap washer delivered from Samsung. Shows as $629.40 on the deal page but goes down to $479.40 when adding promo to the cart.

Extra $50 off when getting a code from the newsletter page.

Should also be eligible for the climate smart rebate.

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  • Its still showing TOTAL $749 on checkout page?

    Ahh it cancels SECRET10 when I add the newsletter $50

    • Goes down to $479.40 with the promo for me.

      • when you say…

        . Shows as $629.40 on the deal page

        Where is thes deal page, because on the link is comes up as $799 for me

        • Here is the deal page

          Screenshot of newsletter and code

          • @Sausageman: It comes up as $799 in the cart even when using that deal page link, even though you are right in that is says 629 there..

            • @stumo: Maybe try incognito or on your mobile? I'm not sure it works for me.

        • +1

          Same but after applying the code it shows $479 for whatever reason.

          • @Schumi5: Yeah after applying the code it comes down to $479, which is what the title says now after the revision.
            I was trying to get it for $429 like the sausageman had put there originally. But it seems he got some kind of targeted extra discount?

            Even so $479 is damn good, but as a true professional ozbargainer, I wanted to get the full monty.

            • @stumo: Sign up for the newsletter and you will get a $50 promo code you can use.

              • +7

                @Schumi5: $50 promo code removes the SECRET10 for me.


                • @stumo: I did it the other way round it’s also working

            • @stumo: Make sure you are using the same email on your order as the newsletter sign-up, otherwise it goes back up to $479.
              Caught me out a couple of times.

  • +1

    Should also be eligible for the climate smart rebate.

    Only for the standard rebate, not for low income figure (if purchase under $550).

    • +1

      I believe that figure is the amount you can get as a rebate, not the purchase amount.

      • Pinz is correct.

        'The rebate amount cannot be higher than the total cost to purchase and install the eligible appliance'.

      • i think pinz is pointing out that the rebate can’t be more than the total cost of the appliance..

        so the max rebate on this one is $300..

  • +35

    Do yourself an favour and not buy any washing machine and refrigerator from Samsung their technology is a complete failure when it comes to washing machine and refrigerator , we have got out machine repaired 3 times and still having ongoing issue(note -our was a top model) with no further resolution from Samsung . Mate of mines house got burnt whilst he put clothes for laundry and machine caught fire and burnt the house and is having all sort of Hassle from the insurance now . Better look for Westinghouse or Bosch or LG .

    • +42

      While we're presenting anecdotal evidence, I just wanted to also chime in that my Samsung Fridge and Microwave has been going strong for 6+ years at this point.

      • +1

        Over 8 years for my fridge.

      • +3

        my samsung washer has lasted over 8yrs with no issues. that's with 3 house moves too.

      • +8

        Broadly speaking whitegoods and electronics often follow a bathtub curve when it comes to failures. If there's inherent underlying issues those will usually give you trouble early on. If you make it though that early stage then your rates of failure will generally be pretty low until the parts start wearing out from age.

      • +3

        It is a hit-or-miss.
        Our front loader had the same motherboard issue die three times. The first time was repaired under warranty by Samsung. Second time was extended warranty and the third was another extended warranty.
        The fourth time it died, Samsung would not replace the same faulty motherboard because the model was end-of-support.
        Each motherboard replacement lasted 22 to 26 months.
        So we ended buying a Bosch.

        • My parents just replaced their less than 10 year old fisher and paykel washing machine for what we suspect was the motherboard too. I would have expected longer personally.

    • No issues with my Samsung self dosing front loader after 4+ years. Hasn't' skipped a beat and only complaint is it's too water efficient that it doesn't clean school uniforms properly unless I trick it into thinking it's a heavy load to pipe more water in the tub

    • +10

      Heard from repairmen that Samsung are good for tech but piss poor for whitegoods and break down a lot

    • Interesting. My Samsung washer has been going strong for 10 years.. and was repaired under warranty once 4 years ago. The warranty on paper was 2 years.

    • +4

      Add to the list that my $1600 washing machine has had to be repaired 3 times since I bought it about 7 years ago. Each time it stopped working was outside of warranty but Samsung did still send someone to fix it free of charge. We still have an issue where it beeps a lot during a cycle, we'll probably just replace it next time it stops working.

    • +1

      Very similar to my experience

    • 10+ years Samsung front loader washer. Had to replace a few smaller parts here and there like the filter, but otherwise still going strong.

    • Have been using Samsung fridge and washing machine for nearly 8 years and both working well so far.

    • +2

      I thought I was a sucker to pay for Harvey Norman replacement warranty on Samsung front load washer.
      Turned out to be a great investment. It died 3 years in and we got a new one. Which developed a leak after 5 years, got the money for it, and now we will buy a Bosch.

    • +4

      Got to agree - two Samsung washing machines died in 2 years. Samsung microwave lasted 2 years.

      Samsung tv however, that's where the reliability is.

      • My mums Samsung microwave also only lasted a couple of years. I handed her my spare 13 year old Panasonic one that is still working perfectly. Everything else that we have that is Samsung are only tablets and phones which seem to have stood the test of time.

      • my Samsung microwave still going strong for 10 years. it's a hit-or-miss.

    • +1

      Adding my anecdote, had 2 faulty samsung fridges delivered with damage from transport. Been through hell to try and get it replaced with in a timely manner and samsung support is on par with some of the worst out there. Eventually got a refund for the fridge 9 months later and got to keep the damaged fridge so worked out ok.. but still would not recommend. I'd at least never buy samsung from samsung directly.

    • We have a Samsung fridge. So far so good, though the stories make me nervous. Recently got a Samsung dryer. Seems fine so far.

    • Have a Samsung washing machine similar to this. Only had to replace the seal on my washing machine door a couple of times on my Samsung Has been going strong for a family of 6 for a few years now.

    • Adding anecdotally that apparently samsung refrigerators with ice machines are incredibly problematic. Went with LG instead which are meant to be good and have not had issues.

      • +2

        Can confirm, have had my Samsung ice maker repaired 4 times and counting. Each repair fails quicker than the last. Samsung service has been good but definitely a significant design flaw. No problems with LG ice maker before this one.

    • +4

      We have this exact model, well in white - WW85T554DAW. Purchased 26/01/2022
      It's ok but I wouldn't recommend it. Seriously we can not get it to stop scumming up.
      We do not use fabric softener
      We wipe it to dry it our after every wash
      Always leave the door open
      Always run the drum clean cycle we we are told to.
      We give up.

      • +2

        Less detergent maybe?

        • Seconding the less detergent

      • I got the same one. Less detergent, or try another. We use omo sensitive powder for kids and cold power powder for adults. 1 scoop for full load. Occasionally chuck in a 1/2 to 1 scoop of napisan gold if badly soiled. Never gets scummy.

        • Thanks. Will discuss with wife. We use omo sensitive liquid and occasional napisan. Feel like it needs a new seal now cause I can’t get it clean, can’t remove the black stuff (mould?).
          She actually just said I should have bought one of these today if it was only $349. I thought she didn’t like it but apparently for that price it’s ok.

          • @rpb: Do you live in a humid area? In Canberra I've never had a problem with mould in a front loader as long as I leave the door open, but I've heard in humid climates it can be much more difficult to avoid.

            • @larndis: Nah, In Perth. And we wipe it out after every wash. Here's an example from today https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/257562/107426/2.png
              And here's how the seal has gone black with mould?

              • @rpb: Yeah that's not ideal - I don't think less detergent is going to make the difference. I wonder what that stuff is? I've definitely never had anything like that in 30+ years of front loaders. Will be keeping an eye on this one!

              • @rpb: Do you leave the door open after each wash to let it dry?

                • @abadacus: Yep
                  We wipe it to dry it our after every wash
                  Always leave the door open
                  Always run the drum clean cycle we we are told to.
                  I used to photos to query with Samsung and received an email with a subject “dirt build up” and:

                  “This email is in connection with your Samsung Washing Machine. We reviewed the photos that you sent us and based on our Tech Team's assessment this is considered
                  as not a manufacturing fault and cannot be covered under warranty.

                  Unfortunately, Samsung is not prepared to offer you a free of charge remedy at this time. We can refer you to a Service Representative who can assist you, however,
                  charges may apply.“

                  Quite dissapointing

    • +2

      Had a Samsung fridge for 10 years and it’s been fantastic. They hardly update them. However, I’ve heard nothing but nightmare stories about Samsung washing machines and driers - including from technicians. I used one for a week while on holidays and I wasn’t impressed with its functionality.

    • My Samsung fridge is 10 years old, absolutely fine.

    • I don't recall any recent Samsung washer fires for front loaders.
      There was a spate around 2010-2013 I believe, and more recently 2021-2022, but these were all TOP-load machines.

      Perhaps you can provide more context? Such as model number, type of machine, capacity? Samsung sell dozens of models, so an anecdotal example for one machine, that may not even be a front loading machine, is not extremely helpful in providing useful information to other consumers.

    • Yeah I avoid pretty much anything Samsung. Their QA seems almost non-existent across all their product categories and support has been terrible from my experience.

    • Samsung fridge owner here with ice and water - so even more prone to issues - or so I'm told. Just ticked over 12 years in our house and it was delivered the day we moved in… still going strong.

    • My Samsung front loader needed a new control board after 3 years, which they fixed for free. Apart from that, no complaints.

    • samsung fridge is solid

      washing machine= avoid

    • Anecdotes on reliability aside, what's not just "anecdote" at this point is the legions of tales of absolutely horrendous service by Samsung Australia across any/all categories of product you might be tempted to buy directly from them

      • +1

        all the better reason to learn how to fix some stuff. our washing machine is only still going after i dont even know how long because ive changed the water pump twice

        • I bought a similar priced Samsung 10 years ago. It's been thrashed, and died at the 5 year mark after I had it in a rental. I took it back and fixed the spider (bracket that holds the drum). The spare part was nearly triple the thickness and the PoS part than the cheap machine came with, so just beware about the cheap line of Samsungs, it's not a job most people want to do, as it's quite involved.

          It's also had a new door seal and 2 new hoses in that time more recently. The aprts aren't cheap, and you are forced to get them from 3rd parties which can be painful, but at least you cna get them.

    • Whats a high quality washer dryer brand/combo for a large household?

  • Purchase could not be completed at this time, any ideas? Tried credit card and paypal

    • Tried a different card, got it for $429. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Wow.. this deal is so attractive, but my 10 years old LG washing machine is still going strong… hm..

    • lol - same boat

    • +1 here too. Mine's about 15yrs old. Their direct drive motor technology is great!
      Forgot to mention my LG is the 2 in 1 washer/dryer combo.

      • still got one - not sure what to do with the old one :D

        • same boat LOL
          ordered and now thinking what to do with the old one haha

  • Just bought this the other day for $630 and thought I got a good deal then.

    • +2

      Haha same I bought it last week for $680 and bought this one again. Going to try and get the other one refunded.

  • +1

    is black washing machine the new black?

  • -1

    What is steam wash?

  • I don't even need this and I bought it, somebody help me!

    • Off load it on the market place.

  • Thanks, OP!! Got On. Now need to wait for a dryer deal

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Following the steps, it reduced it down to $429 but when I logged in, it removed the $50 discount even though it shows that the voucher is applied.
    I didn't buy, purely for this reason, and oh the fact that my 13 year old Samsung machine is going strong. But I know it will die on me within a week since I didn't buy it!

    • Yeah same here. I just couldn't get the extra $50 no matter what I tried dammit. So I just caved and bought it for $479.

      I still have a perfectly good LG machine thats 4 years old. But I'm going to decommission the LG and keep it as a spare. That way once the samsung craps out I have something to use while I search for another bargain. Theres nothing worse than having a machine crap out when there are no bargains around, and you end up paying $800 for one. The machine before the LG was from a a $400 odd samsung deal and that lasted me 7 years.

      • +1

        I also paid for $479 and only after successfully ordered, found that $50 was not applied
        then went to "Orders" in my account and cancel the order

        2nd time ordering, I have to first apply SECRET10
        and apply the $50 newsletter code
        make sure the payment screen is $429 then put the credit card details

        • I'm trying to cancel mine now. I've ordered via the app for $349 instead.

          Actually I'm going to keep both orders for now.
          The $479 order is "Awaiting Dispatch"
          but the $349 order is stuck on "Waiting for Approval"

          They might be on to us.

  • I would get it if it was white

  • +10

    You can actually get this for $350 if you also:

    I just cancelled my order and re-ordered via the app to get the extra discounts.

    • can you access the app on ios?

      • App wasn't available on my iphone. App worked on wife's Samsung $349 including delivery.

    • I am puchasing via app (guest checkout) but not getting extra 10% - is there a code I need to use to get $349?

      • you need to sign in

        • Yeah thanks, fixed. Got one now. For this price it is in offer I can't refuse.

  • +4

    I would avoid.

    I have an earlier model of this washing machine and chose it over a more expensive, smaller capacity but higher energy efficient Bosch model and had constant issues with the front rubber seal deteriorating within 6m-1year and requiring replacement. When it deteriorates water will leak out the front of the unit. This has had to be done on several occasions after warranty and I have never had this problem with any other washing machines.

    Reviews for this model shows that it is still an issue.


    • +1

      To be fair, I have a Bosch and the seal has leaked too. Haha.
      I did a DIY repair using Sugru and all good.

      Oh and the door handle has broken twice on me already, and both times I replaced it using a OEM part off ebay for $35.

      But in terms of the actual machine it's goes like a workhorse…YMMV :)

  • +3

    Got it for 349 using the app.

    • which app?

      • +1

        App wasn't available on my iphone. App worked on wife's Samsung $349 including delivery.

        • can we create another account in the app?

        • What is the delivery time line , I am shifting house next month don't know which address to give 🫣

      • No luck for iOS apps, only android I believe

    • Same, just purchased for $349.50 via the app. Thanks for the suggestion; I didn't need it but too good a price to pass …

    • Where do you enter code

      • Install the Samsung shop app to get 10% off on your first purchase. Put in the SECRET10 code and stack with the $50 newsletter subscription code

        • says the Samsung App is not available in your country or region? Australia/ Melbourne peeps anyone had luck with the app download?

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