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40% off All Flavours + Delivery ($0 with $75 Spend) @ SodaStream


Sodastream is running a 3-day promo over the Grand Prix weekend with 40% off all their flavoured syrups. Most of it seems to be in stock, from their Pepsico range, to the Soda Press Co, Lipton, Zeros, and Classics.

They've run this pricing before, so it might be time to top up your store cupboard with backstock again.

https://sodastream.com.au/products/classics-lemon-lime-bitte… and https://sodastream.com.au/products/classics-lemon-lime-bitte… are even cheaper, but short dated to July 2024.


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  • Are any of these any good ?

    • +1

      Yea I don't mind the Lipton Ice Tea one (Lemon) which reminds me, back when we used to go to Belgium for Holidays and the Lipton Ice Tea was still sparkling and not a flat drink.

      • I'll have to try that one. Thanks for the recommend

  • -6

    Buy Sodastream, support genocide.

    • +2

      How do you get to that conclusion?

      • -4

        Go on their wiki and click controversies, you will see

    • -1

      I did, thanks

  • +3

    Seems an odd tie-in.

    Top OzB tip for Sodastream users - look into refilling the cylinders from a large CO2 tank from your local brew supplier.

    • +2

      Refilling is an OK solution, but hooking up said CO2 tank directly to your machine is much better.

      Either way, cheaper than buying refills.

      • Yeah good point. My current kitchen layout doesn't suit that. But moving soon and it will be installed inthe butler's pantry scullery thing

  • +1

    Thank you, love my soda steam Pepsi Max flavour!! To all those boycotting, better thow away your mobile and PC as the chips were developed in Israel, social media too. Would pretty much have to live like the Amish to avoid products made/developed in that tiny country in the middle east

    • +1

      That's just extreme I understand you can't boycott everything but if you can't boycott fizzy drinks then we all have issues especially when there is a Australian company Sodaking that even tastes better. Looks like alot of people didn't learn their lesson during COVID on how these wealthy companies/governments were taken for a ride so big companies can make a mountain of money on the back of the everyday person.

      • That's just extreme I understand you can't boycott everything

        That's pathetic. You choose to boycott the things you don't really need, but … don't expect me to boycott things that are essential to me😡

        It's like all these posts about Chinese EV cars, yet the posters inevitably have a house full of other Chinese products.

        If you're going to take a stand, have the moral fortitude to boycott everything, not just the things you feel you can do without.

      • It tastes better in your head mate because of your world views. Sodaking flavours have nothing on pepsi ones. Full stop.

  • Meh, no Dr Pete!

  • The Pepsi Max flavours are cheaper at Coles and Woolies when they're on 50% sales. I'll get them there instead.

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