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8 Weeks Free after 1 Month on Selected Hospital and Extras Cover @ HBF


Join HBF Health eligible Hospital & Extras cover between 21 March 2024 – 23 April 2024 and get 8 weeks free after staying for one month.

Offer is available on the following eligible hospital and extras covers when purchased together in one transaction:

  • Basic Hospital Plus
  • Basic Hospital Plus Elevate
  • Bronze Hospital Plus
  • Silver Hospital
  • Silver Hospital Plus
  • Gold Hospital Elevate
  • Basic Extras
  • Flex 50
  • Flex 60
  • Complete 60
  • Top 70

To be eligible to receive 8 weeks free cover:

  • You must join HBF and start between 21 March 2024 at 12.01am AWST and 23 April 2024 at 11.59pm AWST on eligible HBF hospital and extras cover purchased together in a single transaction,
  • Your eligible HBF hospital and extras cover must start between 21 March 2024 and 23 April 2024,
  • You must hold your eligible hospital and extras cover for at least 1 month from the start date of your policy,
  • At your 1-month anniversary date your policy must be paid up to date,
  • You must pay your premiums monthly or fortnightly by direct debit.
  • HBF members who only hold HBF Urgent Ambulance cover may take up this offer if they meet the above eligibility criteria.

The offer does not apply to:

  • Members who have held HBF hospital and/or extras cover in the previous 30 days,
  • Members who pay premiums quarterly, half yearly, or annually,
  • HBF employees and their immediate family members, who are eligible to receive HBF Staff discounts,
  • Members who purchase HBF Overseas Visitors Cover,
  • Any members who have already redeemed an HBF promotional offer or corporate discount during the last 12 months,
  • Any members who have cancelled their HBF hospital and/or extras cover and then re-joined with HBF hospital and extras without a gap in cover during the offer period.
  • This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount (such as corporate discounts) other than the direct debit discount.

When will the 8 weeks free cover be applied?

  • 8 weeks free cover will be applied to your policy after 1 month of continuous eligible HBF hospital and extras cover from the policy start date, provided HBF has received full payment for this period.
  • 8 weeks free cover will be applied to the eligible hospital and extras cover held at the 1-month anniversary from the policy start date.
  • If the last full payment coincides with the 1 month of continuous eligible HBF hospital and extras cover, the 8 weeks free cover will be applied once the last full payment is made.
  • Direct debits during this period will be suspended and your account will show your policy as paid until the end of the 8-week period.
  • Your direct debit payments will resume at the end of the 8-week period.

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  • +3

    This promo is a winner!

    I'll likely be cancelling my yet-to-commence Bupa policy to switch to this.

    In years of churning, I have never seen a pay for 1 month, get 8 weeks free promotion—they're usually 6 weeks free.

    This is perhaps the 2nd best promotion I have seen after the current Queensland Country Health promotion, which offers 6 weeks free immediately upon joining.

    • Yeah think this is a churn for me from Bupa

    • +4

      How is this better than BUPA with the $700 worth of Rewards points?

    • Can we sign up to QLD CH, and then sign up for this to kick in 6 weeks later ? 14 wks sorted, one month paid?

      • +3

        Can we sign up to QLD CH, and then sign up for this to kick in 6 weeks later ?

        To maximise the benefit, you would join QCHF now with your final day to be 22/04/2024. You would then commence your HBF cover on 23/04/2024 (being the last date eligible under the HBF promotion). That would look like:

        • 24/03/2024 to 22/04/2024 QCHF - Free (you would be cutting short your 6 weeks free to move to HBF).
        • 23/04/2024 to 22/05/2024 HBF - Pay one month
        • 23/05/2024 to 17/07/2024 HBF - 8 weeks free

        An alternative is to stay with QCHF for the maximum 6 weeks free, then see what offers are available just prior to the expiry of the 6 weeks free, eg, this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/836289

        Do the calcs to see which combination gives you the greatest percentage of free days over the relevant periods. Quick calc shows it is the QCHF + Bupa combo.

  • Do they offer 100% cover like bupa ultimate

  • 8 weeks free that's like $1k+ nice

    • $500 a month, you must be on the pregnancy family cover

  • Don't bother if you have kids, They charge extra

    • +1

      Don't bother if you have a partner and want couple cover, they charge extra?

  • Does changing providers also reset your limits as well? I.e. for orthodontics, if say I've maxed with MediBank, then does changing to HBF allow me to claim from scratch?

    • No it won't. Otherwise everyone will be switching providers as soon as they exhaust their extras limits.

      • Right. What about limit increases? I.e. if my current orthodontics caps at $1000 for lifetime, and I join another that has $2000 as the lifetime. Can I then claim the extra $1000?

        • +3

          yes, once you have served the waiting period on your new policy

          • @Love a bargain: Thanks for the reply.

            Just wondering how it would work with churns that people practice. I.e. if I've waited 1 year for $2000 limit, then I change to another provider who has the lower $1000. So I don't need to wait with that provider as I've waited the year with a higher limit.

            If I then move back to the $2000 limit provider, do I need to wait 1 year again?

            • @sh4hp: Yes, so stick to equal or higher limits for things that matter to you.

              • @CheapBrah: Right. Thanks for all the clarifications people

    • Does changing providers also reset your limits as well?

      See my answer below.

      If you are not referring to a lifetime limit, you can bring on the 'reset' early by switching to a fund that resets its limits on 01/07 or on Anniversary Date.

  • I am a current HBF member but I only has Extras cover, any chance they will agree to apply this offer to me if I take the hospital cover as well? Talked to their sales team seems they are not flexible/don't really care if you decide to join or not.

    • Unfortunately, the offer doesn't apply to existing HBF members who has held a hospital or extras cover in the past 30 days. The sales team may not have the power to override that.

    • +1

      Then switch to another fund. Simple.

  • Can I just confirm the point I read above?

    (1) Extras amounts - when moving from provider A to Provider B, the amount of your extras you have used with Provider A carries over to Provider B. Is this correct?

    (2) Extras rollover dates - what happens I used up my $1000 worth of extras with provider As and they are not due to reset until Jan. I switch to provider B where extras reset in July. I'm assuming my extras reset in July and that is the best way to get extra extras, as it were. Correct?

    (3) Lifetime limits - What if I've hit my Lifetime Limit with provider A. When I move to provider B, do I get still get coverage?

    Sorry for the questions but I've done very little PHI switching and the devil is in the details. Of course, I'll confirm all of this in the fine print but hoping this group can give me some inititial info to start with.

    • +1
      1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. Same logic as 1. B would look at the amount that you've claimed to date (under all previous policies) & compare to the lifetime limit on your current policy with them.
    • Re (1) and (3), my observation has been that the receiving fund often gets these transfers wrong.

      On occasion, you may need to contact the fund to have it correct the numbers.

  • Anyone know if they waive off 2 & 6 month waiting period for extras like Medibank etc?

    • -4

      The terms of the promotion are literally at the top of this page.

    • I’m also wondering. The poster below said it’s at the top of the page, but I couldn’t see any reference to it

      Edit: There’s no mention of it being waived, but if you already hold extras cover with another provider, you most likely won’t have to serve waiting periods again if you maintain a similar level of extras cover. Best to check with HBF on this though

  • Just my 2 cents… Partner had a really good experience as a public patient for pregnancy. Had own room etc. Had complications and had to have an emergency C section. All went smooth and recovered perfectly.

    My point here is in the past I would structure myself (as we are all taught) to pay less tax and medicare levy surcharge.

    But now I'm having a re think. Thinking I should give more in tax (instead of giving more to a bank) and pay some MLS instead of private health coffers.

    Seems like there should be a Commonwealth "private' health program.

    • -1

      You're more than welcome to voluntarily contribute in tax

      • Almost tough to do…
        leaving the house that I paid tax on (stamp duty) and pay tax on (rates, land tax, Emergency services Levu), getting into my car (GST, Stamp Duty and rego), putting in fuel (excise), to drive a road (toll) to visit the pub for a pint (GST and excise)…with money I paid tax on (Income tax).

        But at the same time I'm giving most of the rest to Bupa, CBA and SGIC…

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