$5 Subway Footlong Delivered + Service Fee (New Users Only) @ DoorDash


an epic deal buy a footloog for $5 only!, use code 5FOOT. no idea if targeted
stacked with 0$ delivery fees for new users is great!

1 per customer only.

Referral Links

Referral: random (826)

Referee gets $5-15 off first 1 or 2 orders over $15/$20. Referrer gets $5-$45 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining as there are multiple sign up offers.


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • +2

    Copped it on a new account, thanks OP

  • -3

    $5 Subway Footlong Delivered + Service Fee

    They need servicing?

  • Free delivery as well, sweet. Thanks OP.

    • -7


      I think they are all savoury.

      • +2

        With the amount of sugar in their dough?
        They're legally cakes in Ireland

        • +3

          a sweet potato is a cake in Ireland.

        • +2

          Different formulas here but don’t let that get in the way of a good story.

          • @BLB1984: Still a lot of sugar, it exceeds 10% of the flour weight (which is the definition Ireland uses)

            • +4

              @smalltime0: Can you show that it's also the same with the Subway bread in Australia, even with the different formula mentioned in @BLB1984 's post?

              • @NitrousOxide: No they can’t because it’s simply not true here. It’s 2.6-3g sugar per 6” stick bread in Australia depending which bread you have. That’s in a 70-80g serving size so about 3.5% sugar by weight.

                • @BLB1984: How much sugar is in their saucy balls? (And I don't approve of them asking people if they want to toss in some salad. NO!)

  • +1

    New users as in never ordered before or never ordered from subway?

    • +1

      well it says new doordash users only so i would assume when you never ordered before.

    • +2

      time to make account number 400

      • +1

        How do they not get flagged? I tried that and its insta ban even with new mobile number.

        • New mobile, email, ip address and card (you can use virtual cards like revolut or wise)

          • +1

            @umoddbro: I tried all that with nord and still they flagged me last time. Must be perma banned on address or something.

            • +1

              @Bargaphile: I wouldn't use nord/vpns just mobile hotspot your phone (your ip resets everytime you restart your phone).

              • @umoddbro: so hotpot on one mobile to another to order from?

                • @Bargaphile: Yeh but i wouldn't use mobile as they flag your imei, just use desktop/laptop on incognito mode.

                  • @umoddbro: Thanks bro. Will try it

                  • @umoddbro: Wait they have access to the devices imei?
                    I thought all identification properties were hidden for privacy reasons.

                  • @umoddbro: Really does incognito on chrome do the trick for you? as many people have asked does any one know how to get many virtual or new mobile numbers easily? I think this is the hardest bit.

                  • @umoddbro: Yup, I'd made about 10 accounts before they IP banned me.

          • @umoddbro: i thougth all the delivery services deny virtual cards?

            • @Bigredkeg: They did for some time, but they work now. Haven't had any issues with revolut/wise.

              • @umoddbro: They defo dont work for me - just tried. "You cant use a disposable card with this merchant"

          • +3

            @umoddbro: That's a lot of effort for a 5 dollar sandwich

          • @umoddbro: How do you get new mobile for the verification ?

        • I realised that after many accounts getting insta blocked. Doordash support advised me that it was my phone that is banned from using Doordash and not my accounts. Also, I somewhat figured that out when I noticed I'm able to log in and order via PC.

      • What do you do with your payment info? Pay by gift card?

        • +1

          You can use a disposable card from Revolut

        • +2

          @caustic birch @donman92 Sorry for the misinformation. I tested it just now, and got a message that you cannot use a disposable card with this merchant. I think using gift cards should be the way.

          • +2

            @ahmedaman: Revolut disposable didn't work for me but virtual did.

          • +1

            @ahmedaman: Revolut sucks at the moment. The single use disposable cards are basically redundant. They hardly work anywhere.
            They’re multiuse virtual card works everywhere, but you’re only allowed to delete and create a new card four times a month. I have flagged this with them a few months but nothings changed.

            With Wise you’re allowed to do this three times a day. Much better and seems to work everywhere.

            Zip is another good alternative for single use disposable cards but don’t work everywhere.

            • @kdmeir: Just wondering with Wise there are more fees right?
              Does Zip work for doordash and do they do credit check?

      • What’s the best way to get cheap new numbers with eSIM for deals like these? I’ve got the $17 boost mobile sim on the way, I know it could be eSIM but then no cashback.

        Anything that’s fast/free?

    • I think it needs new phone number. I tried with new email and same phone number, no go.

  • +9

    The pain of carefully choosing your sub to test this deal and not being able to order it because your account is too old 😢

    • make a new account

      • Do you need a new phone number to make a new account? Went to make one but it's asking for my mobile number

  • -1

    This deal saves a few dollars but I wouldn't be calling this "EPIC" lol

  • Any way to avoid service fee? Dashpass free trial?

    • +1

      I don't think DashPass would help. However, if the branch allows pickups, then there will be no service fees.

      • how much is the service fee?

        • +1

          Around 2 bucks, give or take. Which is not bad at all, considering you won’t move a foot to get your footlong 😂

    • Do a pickup order.

      • +1

        Very few accept pickup orders on DoorDash

  • I keep getting an error "To use this promotion, make sure your cart contains the required items" even though I have a footlong sub in my cart

    • Update: Incase anyone else has the same issue. I changed to a different store and it would let me order.

  • account got deactivated twice

  • What an epic deal, middleman wins again!

  • $7.07 delivered, inner Melbourne.

  • Thanks OP!! $7.03 delivered, Adelaide SA :)

  • would just take advantage of 50% off first order instead rather

    • the 50%off still exists?

  • Does any one know how to get virtual numbers to get verification code?

    • +1

      Would instead get a boost sim with 100% CB.

  • Thanks, Op. $7.22 delivered.

  • No local delivery….and subway don't offer a ovim up fromy local store less than a km away

  • Thanks OP

  • Not working any more ? I added a foot long and when I went to apply the code got this "To use this promotion, make sure your cart contains the required items.".

  • Thanks OP
    Lunch sorted!

  • +1

    much appreciated- created new account and ordered - came up to 7 bucks with service fees so still big saving

  • It looks like DoorDash how now gone back to only giving new users coupons once again… What a shame.
    DoorDash was killing it with those so called "Smash" deals. Was hoping they would of made a new campaign to continue it.

    • What was this?

      • It was throughout march. DoorDash kept releasing these deals they called "Smash". They were supposed to be released daily but I swear they only released a code every 2-5 days. Most of it was Targeted (Typical DoorDash). The best deal out of the lot was 12 pieces of chicken from Red Rooster… I think it was $15? or $20 from it's normal price of close to $40.

        Just go through the expired deals and you'll see them (If they are still there).

        • Oh yeah, the march month of deals. I got some but missed the chicken deal as it sold out!

  • Was able to just keep making new accounts with the same phone number, but now when the $5 foot long promo is gone with the new accounts?
    Anyone else experiencing this? RIP, at least i ordered 4 or 5 foot longs while it lasted lol

    • Still working. Can you use the same payment method?

      • Can make new accounts with the same phone number but promo is missing "Only available to new users"

  • The promo appears, but at checkout it fails to apply?

    • It only applies to certain subs. I tried on chicken and pepperoni and it did not apply. Did you try diiferent subs?

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