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Carter Frog Urinal $6.50 + Delivery (Free with OnePass) @ Catch


I thought this device was taking the piss out of me only to realise it’s for real!

For those who’s little dudes learning to aim at the family lemon tree or for drunk adults looking for a fun game. I’m sure this is

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  • Apparently the low tech version is a ping pong ball.

  • Does peeing on the spinning part produce a croaking sound?

  • What if adult piss on it

    • It's quite small so I would expect some splash…

      • Kneel before thy amphibious overlord.

  • -1

    For parents with little boys. This is amazing! It encourages them to stand and aim. Also encouraged potty training. No messes on the floor. I’ve attached mine to the outside of my shower glass.

    • +5

      I attached mine to the inside of the shower glass just in case they misfired.

    • +1

      Don't forget the SHAKE.

      • In my experience the harder lesson is to get them to not shake it at every poorly-timed moment.

    • well i guess ours was gifted.

      Started with 'Bush Wees'.

      Then one day Stood on the small stool by the toilet and peed in no problem.
      didnt even lift the bottom toiket seat part.

  • I could be wrong, but splashback will be horrendous enough without the flingback off the wheel

  • +3

    I always wonder with these…will he want to pee on a real frog when he sees one?
    I get the characterisation is supposed to make it 'fun' to help them learn but surely there are better ways

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      No one realises but all this does is condition your child to pee on frogs. We used this for our son and at first it seemed amazing, he was really motivated to use it and toilet training was really easy.

      Now he's 8 and whenever he sees a frog he urgently needs to pee. We have to take this stupid thing everywhere because he won't pee in a regular toilet. We used to have heaps of frogs in the backyard but not anymore because he would sneak out in the evening to pee on them.

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        For the gullible, can you clarify which of that was for real vs facetious?

      • Mate you're 2 days late

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    learning to aim at the family lemon tree


  • I have a struggling citrus plan and never thought to ask the kids to pee on it. Thanks for the idea and will report back!

    • Why don't you do it?

  • +1

    After spending much longer than I'd like to admit jumping through hoops to get another One Pass trial going, I got it.

    Came through as $5.53 though, had an extra 15% off clearance items. Don't know if it's because I was a brand new member or what, but I'm not complaining.

    Cheers OP!

    • Yup, it's 15% off as well, also for long-time OnePass users.

  • Thanks

  • Just in time for Mother's Day….

  • +1

    - Dad, I need to go!
    - You can go when we're home


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    Bought. Thanks. $5.53 for Onepass users.

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    put this in the closet and you have an ensuite

    • +1

      Rent instantly goes up by 15%.

  • Not really my thing but my wife really wanted to get one. Great price!

    • Yea, sure! use your wife as an excuse… we know that you are the one that excited to get one to try….

      no judgement here…. :p

  • good stuff. paid $20 at amazon au last year

  • I read cartel frog urinal for some reason…

  • We had one. It gets gross after a while, the pee kind of get embedded in this cheap plastic. Expect to replace in about 6 months which should be enough for the little one to use the real toilet assuming he's tall enough.

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