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[iOS, Android] Hero of the Kingdom III - Free (Was $12.99) @ Apple App Store, Google Play Store


Freebie!! We previously got Hero of the Kingdom I, and II now we have the Hero of the Kingdom III.

Currently available on

Travel through the four valleys to save the kingdom from the ancient evil.

Your uncle Brent raised you as a skilled hunter. Fate, however, gave you a different path than a peaceful village life. An ancient evil awakened, shattering the whole kingdom. Dark monsters climbed out of holes and people died under the falling mountains. You are left alone to face the great evil. You must set out on a long journey through the four valleys and save the kingdom on the brink of destruction. Your courage and your skills will forge a new hero of the kingdom.

  • Explore the beautiful country of the four valleys.

  • Help people and fulfill many interesting quests.

  • Fight monsters and advance in many skills.

  • Find hundreds of useful hidden items.

  • Reach up to 57 achievements.

Immerse yourself in the third installment of the Hero of the Kingdom series, focusing on new features such as cooking, crafting, skill progression, and monster respawning. Enjoy a casual and lovely adventuring RPG that features classic story-driven Point&Click exploration in an old-school isometric style. Embark on a journey to explore a beautiful country, help people and complete many interesting quests. Learn skills, trade and collect items in your inventory. Earn nice rewards for your good deeds and achievements. Set off on a long journey across four valleys in a battle against unexpected enemies.

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  • +1

    Wow, they're just GIVING these away!

  • +12

    I collected all 3. I am the real hero of kingdom

    • +1

      Great. Now wait for iv

      • +3

        You mean wait for @jv ? No thanks

        • +3

          In soviet russia, @jv waits for you

  • +1

    Dayum…..i missed the 2nd one hope it comes back soon again

  • +1

    100 downloads and 11 reviews
    Is this good?

    • They might be trying to boost downloads so people buy the app.

  • +1

    Got it. Do I need to spend thousands on in game purchases?

    • In app purchases are always expected.

      • +5

        I can't see any in app purchases on the app.

    • +1

      If there are any, it will be shown in all details page for ios appstore. This shows none.

  • Thanks. Got the trilogy now.

  • +7

    Played for 5 min. Need magnifying glass to read in game text and tarsiers monkey fingers to select items.

    • +1

      Yeah installed no.1 and disliked the UI straight away so uninstalled. No need to try 2 or 3 as I presume they're the same.

      • +1

        On phone, not sure. But I got HOTK2 on GOG… it was one of the best games I'd ever played. I played HOTK1 next… it was fine, but you could see how the improved HOTK2. HOTK3 is absolutely awful, repetitive, farming items, really annoying… I still recommend it lol

    • Yeah its definitely not designed for phone screens I feel. I gave up after playing two for a little while.

    • Yeah also the icons have no descriptions but look very similar so it's difficult to see what tools or which characters are required to accomplish tasks.

      • +1

        Long press to see the info.

    • Yep, I have the same Issue on an Ultra.

      Very hard to read.

    • Pinch zoom would help no end!

  • Click on app check reviews 4.9 but no comments I wonder if it's cause it's free ppl give it high ratings lol

  • 100+ downloads.

    How many hours goes into developing a game like this to sell a few hundred copies. Got to be a labour of love.

    • That's only per store. Amazon, Apple, Google, etc all add up… But yeah, even at full price, it's still way less than the time poured into it.

    • Apparently it's also on steam since 2018, and this must be a more recent port to mobile. No idea how many downloads on Steam, but it has over 600 reviews for the 3rd game alone, and there's probably 100-1000x more downloads than reviews.

  • Always curious what quickest way to acquire these games is to allow install at later date. I usually hit install and cancel, but no idea if that adds to my library per-se.
    I did install this and play for 5 min but as others pointed out, UI is small, and tutorial is a little slow for text/animation, free is free! May revisit at a later date if it is kept free.

    • Answering my own question (Android):

      Payments and subscriptions > Budget History

      Looks like theres a few in my library which are showing $0 - few older ones have a crossed out list price (but can go ahead and install free).

      Hitting install, then cancel is the way to go!

  • I tried this game and it's not a great game.. good that it's free because it out me off ever buying this

    • It's really not good, when you compare it to HOTK2. It's just a heap of repetition and filler content to pad it out. HOTK2 was a fantastic adventure.
      I heard that the next game, HOTK: Lost Tales went back to the old roots and was better. HOTK3 not good, but worth a try for players imo.

  • My Uncle Brent you say?

  • $14.99 on my iPad?

  • Back to $14.99 on iOS AppStore.

    Still free on Android/Google Play Store.

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