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FREE Round CBD Bus for Sydney (Every 10 Min Everyday)


In the news today, Free Sydney CBD buses start today and are here to stay.

Thanks Shue for posting further details and a map to the bus route


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  • I wished people would put bit more effort in providing more info - http://www.131500.com.au/servicechanges/service_change_detai... (routes, bus in pdf)

    • Thanks Shue, I gave up on terrible NSW public transport a year ago and never looked back :P

      • U think Sydney's is bad? Try Brisbane's.

        Although we have had a free city loop for years.

        • Brisbane's CBD is so small that you'll be faster by foot…

  • Good Find :)

  • One for Wollongong too! + vote from me!

  • public transport FTL, but free is free… gonna be crowded tho

  • Why is the NSW Gov offering this? Arent they in debt?


    • Tightening up fiscal policy might not be the best way to resolve the debt problem I guess. Sydney CBD traffic needs serious fixing — and hopefully it will make Sydney a more attractive place, thus helping the economy, and then get the state government debt issue fixed. Hopefully…

      • -deleted

  • Saw one on the road yesterday at 12:40pm!

  • I saw a guy in the city today dressed up and giving out little cards or what not for free bus service, and another one to be done down Wollongong way later on…

  • Just curious - I know that this bus route is free etc, but should it really be considered a "bargain", "freebie" or "deal"?

    Considering that this route is being run indefinitely for Sydneysiders there's no real "saving" to anybody from now on by posting this deal. The only opportunity cost from now on is a reduction walking or a cab fare, but not necessarily time - due to traffic - from a limited selection of locations to another. Besides, I saw it myself after just five minutes in the CBD as I mentioned earlier in the thread so its not like its something hidden from many or hard to find at all. It is merely a bus route being funded by the government.

    I suppose it may be popular with tourists or those not so acquainted with the CBD who now know that it exists, but neither of these points actually contribute to it being more of a "bargain" or a "freebie" or "deal"

    I just thought I'd mention this because it's currently the top deal of the last 7 days.

    • +1

      Popular only to the tourists? No way. Told my wife about it yesterday, and now she wants me to pick up things from China Town after work because "it's now free"…

    • Rail fares if you buy from North Shore to Wynyard, or from South to Central is much cheaper if buy one going to "city". So I think it is a decent savings if you don't mind a less direct route. These buses also carry you right to the heart of China Town as Scotty mentioned which is a 10 min walk from either Central or Town Hall station.

      Imagine one day you want to shop at the Rocks and back to China Town for food :P, you'd rather pay to travel than walk, and its now free.

  • Well there is a saving, considering you would need to pay to use the underground rail or alternative bus services.

    I'd consider it a freebie… Most major cities around the world have one. About time i say!

  • Even Perth has had free city bus/transit for years :)

    • Perth is so good, haha

      • true - Perth is very relaxing :)

  • Parents went into the city today and said those buses were packed.

    They said it was great and did a loop around the city, and had a laugh with the bus driver, because when they caught it (number 555), they said why was it blue when they thought it was meant to be a special bright green, and the bus driver said, they had run out of green paint. He said it was hugely popular

    They still enjoyed it.

  • Anyone notice the huge number of tickets the machines print, I was sitting at the front of the bus and when someone came on it started to print lots of tickets…
    Does this mean the taxpayer loses each time we go on..

  • great!

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