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[VIC] $125 Electricity Credit on First Bill for RACV Members @ Arcline


Arcline by RACV is offering a $125 sign up credit for RACV members in Victoria. It stacks with referral bonus.

What makes this offer especially interesting is the cheap daily rate making it especially attractive to low energy users.

These are the time of use rates in the various network areas. Check the website for more details or other tariffs. Feed in is 6c/kWh.

Network AusNet Jemena United Energy Citipower Powercor
Daily charge $0.7671 $0.6116 $0.5390 $0.5256 $0.7535
Peak $0.4312 / kWh $0.3432 / kWh $0.3640 / kWh $0.3394 / kWh $0.3716 / kWh
Off-peak $0.2363 / kWh $0.2293 / kWh $0.2270 / kWh $0.2171 / kWh $0.2310 / kWh

Referral Links

Referral: random (44)

$50 for both referrer & referee. Input the referral code when answering "How did you hear about Arcline?" during signup.

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  • Off-peak rate is laughable tho.

  • The peak rates are laughable too. Although the daily supply charge looks attractive the peak rate is more than 10c/kWh higher than we're paying now which is 33.055c/kWh. Ausnet.

    • Ausnet too but my peak rate is higher (agl).

      Can you confirm if yours is cheaper than these and who you are with.
      Peak - 39c
      Off peak - 23c
      Daily - $1.05
      FiT - 5c


      • +1

        Hi, we're with Origin energy. Offer is still available.

        Peak - 33.055c/kWh (5 day TOU)
        Off Peak - 17.347c/kWh
        Daily - 100.837c/day
        FiT - 66c/kWh (we're still on PFiT)

        • Awesome, thanks for that.

          envy the 66c but good on ya… would be very helpful in this current situation.

  • Connecttion fee: $ 66.44
    Disconnection fee: $ 70.61

    • +2

      That's the fee to turn your power on or off, if you're just transferring your account from another company you pay nothing

  • Solar feed in makes this better off than AGL for me. I will churn once my free AGL credit is used up

  • Just signed up with a referal. Thanks.

  • +1

    Thanks just signed up. Note the referral bit requires you to select that you heard from a friend and then it asks for the friend's member or account number and mentions the $50 credit.

  • Does this mean that the referral system won’t work? I’m seeing a code when I select the “referral code” but of course don’t see name or account numbers. Going to sign up later this week , just wondering ,did it apply the $50 to others here?

    • Yes, the $50 credit is showing in my account. But the bonus $125 is not. Hopefully that also comes through without having to raise a complaint

  • Thanks please let me know if the $125 comes through. Maybe you can’t stack and only one promotion/ code works.

    • Yep will do. I'll Lodge a complaint if it doesnt

  • Thanks please keep us informed

  • So just re read the offer and it says $125 off first bill. So presume I have to wait for the actual bill to be issued. I did originally think it would come instantly like the $50 referral bonus but it hasn't. I will wait for the first bill to be issued

    • Thanks again

  • Signed up. Unsure if the Radom referral I put in from ozbargain will work as the only real choice I had was “friend” and then they wanted the account number. So I put in the referral code. Will see what happens. The other selections under “ how did you hear about us” did not give any options to put in a code, no other pop up box appears. Hopefully my random friend will get the $50

    • Looks like they didn't apply the $125 credit. Have lodged a support request as I just got my first bill

      • Just confirming I got my $125 credit in my first bill, hope the support will sort it out for you.

        • Support has now applied the credit. Great fast service!

  • +1

    Great. You can use this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/840995 with coupon code BA10_GO to become an RACV member for $10 for a year (and get Bike Assist Rescue Service).

    Then you qualify for $125 + $50 friend referral bonus credits which support confirmed remain on your account until they are 100% used up so $175 worth of free electricity + daily charge - and importantly, 100% Carbon Offset :)

  • Don't forget to churn to Momentum for their $250 credit of you signed up to this RACV deal previously. I've already used up my credit

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