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Bonus 24,000 Rewards Points (Worth $120) with Purchase of a New Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy @ Everyday Insurance


From an Everyday Rewards email:

Pocket 18,000 points when you switch to a Woolworths Comprehensive Car Insurance policy online. Use promo code CAR18K when you get a quote online.

You also get 1 x 10% off monthly shopping at Woolies

Credit to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/843451#comment-15213993, you can get 24,000 points using the code CAR24K.

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      These type of offers by Woolies have been running for years!
      I always got my points & monthly 10% grocery discount.
      eg 15,000 Rewards Points

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        Have got points when you are existing customer and taken out new quote rather than going with the renewal?

        • +1

          Cancelled old policy, set up new on different Rewards card.

      • I couldn’t find a code in late March 24 including on here. First time in years I took out a new policy with them without a promo code. I know I could cancel the current policy, get a refund of balance and start a new policy but won’t bother.

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      Yeah I'd suspect you got negged because you suggested its a scam with no explanation as to why? As Infidel mentioned below, these offers have been running for years and I too always got the points promised along with the monthly 10% discount.

      So not really sure why its a scam?

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    tried getting a quote, waaay more expensive than my auspost car insurance

    • +3

      With Auspost, insurance renewal up next week. Auspost have been good but premium jumped from $870 last year to $1430 for renewal. No changes or claims. WW insurance hasn't been competitive before, but they're throwing up $1070 for this one…

      • +2

        They have all gone up. RACV last year about $1k, this year they want close to $1600.

        • +7

          One of highest category of inflation is currently… Insurance

    • +1

      Did you get a recent quote from auspost. I just did one and auspost is significantly more expensive than this one for me.

      I'll be switching from AAMI next month

      Auspost was the cheapest for my Mrs car 6 months ago though.

  • Just bought with 15000 points :(

  • 18000 points paid over monthly increments, starting 45 days after you take out the policy

    • +6

      Thats to stop us from cancelling the policy for pro rata refund as soon as the points hit.
      I've been with Woolies insurance a couple years now and the price was competitive, bonus points and 10% discount make it a solid deal for me.

      • +2

        Was a common practice for Ozbargainers with cheap Woolies (pet) Insurance - grab the points, then cancel.
        But if the quote is competitive, why would we cancel our car insurance just to get the points?

        • +10

          Yeah those were the good old days. Had 7-8 cats at my house during those promos 😂

          • +1

            @nightelves: 🤣 this is why we can't have nice things lol

            • @cook99: But I did have 7-8 cats did come to my house. They just happened to leave after the promo finished 😂

      • Yeah but they used to pay it all up front. No issues for me either way.

      • Totally agree. I recently had to insure another car - Woolies was a little more expensive than the cheapest option, but went with them anyway because the 10% off each month is worth at least $300 extra each year. The bonus points is just gravy.

        • +1

          You can sign up to their everyday extra program for $70/year or $35/year when on sale

          • +4

            @TEER3X: Everyday Extra is great for the 10% discount. The 10% from insurance is a 2nd discount, meaning 2 per month.

            • @cook99: So you can get 2 discounts per month on the same card?

              • +2

                @TEER3X: Yup. The insurance I believe is in store only, and extras is online or in store

              • +1

                @TEER3X: @TEER3X I've got car insurance, mobile plan and everyday extra all on one card and so get 3 per month on the same card.

    • How many points do they pay out each month?

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Does anyone have experiences on the claim process? Can you select repairers?

    • +1

      I made not at fault claim 4 years ago (got rear ended). It was a smooth process.

      Do people opt for the car hire and excess free windscreen repair option and pay extra?

    • +2

      I had a claim 3 years ago, had to contact them to select my repairer, he had to do a few things on his end to get the car.

    • +2

      Just wrapped up a claim last week. No issues, but the process was a bit slow due to lots of flooding claims around the same time. Mine was a write-off so can't comment on selecting a repairer.

    • +2

      My friend is going through the process now. Her parked car was hit by a Domino's driver, and her insurance is with Everyday. They haven't been very helpful at all - couldn't tell her anything about the proces or if she was entitled to get a hire car since her's isn't drivable.

  • +2

    CAR24K should still work for 24,000 points.

    • Why aim so low?

    • +2

      Updated the listing to reflect this

    • This just worked for me

      • Worth How much?

        • +1

          1000 Everyday Rewards points is worth $5 when redeemed as a direct discount at Woolworths stores. So 24k points is worth $120.

          • @klaw81: They could've just read the title.

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    Can alternatively potentially get $110 cashback through topcashback via "compare the market". Was the same price as direct through woolworths

    • Thanks for sharing. Super useful.

    • Do you also get the 24,000 points or is it just the cashback instead?

      • +2

        It's one or the other. Can't stack them.
        If you go through Topcashback's Compare The Market, the form doesn't have the option to enter this promo code.
        So in the end I went back to the normal Everyday Insurance's site and could enter this promo code on their form.

  • Is it legal to have 2 different car policies for the same car?

    • +1

      wouldnt both insurers say "use the other insurer" thus putting you in a loop

      • +7

        Same issue with having 2 wives.

      • How would the other insurer know you have another policy with someone else? Just don’t tell them

        • I am certain youd have to disclose that - which means that if you didn't disclose it and they find out. theyd just refuse to insure you

          • @theguyrules: That’s not a standard question insurers ask so you’ll have to deliberately go out of your way to let them know. If it was a mandatory requirement not to already been insured why isn’t it in their PDS or application form? You can’t claim twice but nothing illegal about having double or even triple insurance so long as you only make one claim

  • Thanks op! I work for woolies and just about to re do insurance. With discounts and rewards points this is easily the best option for me.

  • Is pay as you drive option considered comprehensive,asking as thinking about future renewals,and want to continue with that same level of cover

    • Yes. Been doing it for years. The only change this year is the monthly incremental payment of points

      • How many points do they pay each month? Is it spread over 12 months?

        • +1

          Total points are divided by 12

      • Is that for yearly and monthly policies?
        Or just monthly?

        • I've always had yearly policies. I used to get all the points upon starting a new policy, now the ration them out each month.

  • +2

    $270 more expensive than AAMI for me for the same coverage. No thanks.

  • +1

    What's the minimum time to hold to get the points?

    Also, you still reference the 18k code in the heading. Maybe put both to be safe.

  • Anyone know if there are any exclusions if you opened a policy in your partner's name (and close your existing policy) if you're currently a customer?

    (From memory there's no issue with a policy insuring a car that's not registered in your name, or so I understood)

  • Great

  • Mine came to $900 after getting points with an agreed value of $29,500 and with both excess free window replacement and 14 days car hire.

    Suncorp was offering above benefits for $1376 and all other insurers were dearer.

  • +1

    Quote wasn't even close to competitive. Bingle and Budget came in at the 1k mark, woolworths was nearly 2k.

    Went with Bingle in the end having Suncorp behind it, even though its slightly more expensive. But it also had the new car replacement guarantee which was nice.

  • $117 vs $87 what I'm paying now with RAC, not worth it.

  • Unfortunately can't cover my Tesla.

    • They will insure my non-Tesla EV (refused last year), but the premium is more than double the RAC ($2400 vs 1100).

  • It says i can get 24k points for Third party, https://ibb.co/wLx5x2d

    • Just a FYI incase others may get confused like I did. Third Party Property, Fire & Theft Insurance is not the same as Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury Insurance (CTP). Confusing because they both have "third party" in the name but they're different. First one is optional and the latter is compulsory.

  • If I have Woolworths Mobile which gives me my 10% off my shop each month if I get the car insurance does that give me an additional 10% off each month? Or two lots of 10% off shops instore at Woolies each month?

    • from what I read it is 2 slots of 10%

      • Nice!!!

    • you will only get 10% off once a month, only everyday extra give you additional one. Recommend to use a different reward number.

      • +1

        Someone commented earlier that they get 10% off thrice a month, so your comment seems incorrect

  • I am still in my cooling off period and the rep confirmed I shouldn't have any issue cancelling the current one and signing up again with the promo code. Just wanted to confirm if this isn't targeted? Not mapped to the email/rewards member receiving the email? I am not on ED Extra if this makes any difference.

  • Thanks OP, perfect timing as insurance is due early next month.
    Trying to sign up but can’t see a promo code box to add the code? On which page does it pop up? I’ve gone as far as payment page but can’t seem to locate it

  • These guys came up cheapest for me on one of the comparison sites then when followed the link the quote was literally double😡.

    Anyone recommend a budget comprehensive plan, don’t need any bells and whistles? Thx

  • -1

    So when do we get our 24k rewards points?

  • My quote is $1400 here or $970 with current renewal.
    The $120 wont do much.
    Wonder if they cranked it up for this deal.

    • +1

      Mine is opposite, much cheaper to sign up again. Have to do this every year

  • Anyone know how you redeem the 10% off shop and when you get the 24k points? Thx

  • Is there a way to confirm if the code was applied to your policy? There is no mention of the points in any of the emails or in the profile.

  • +1

    FYI - Generally when the promo is reward points, you will receive them in equal installments within the policy period of 12 months. As example, 24000 reward points will be divided by 12 months and each month you should receive 2000 points and the first installment is normally transferred to your reward card 30 days after start date.
    Stay informed by registering /accessing your My Insurance Portal (MIP) ,Update and view your policy details, review payments , and link your EDR Card to enjoy a 10% discount in-store once every month!

  • +1

    LOL costs $800 more than my Budget Direct Insurance just to save $120 in rewards points. Pretty easy decision.

    • What sort of car do you have? I have a Focus ST and mine ended up being slightly cheaper than my current budget direct policy

  • Where do I enter the promo codes during sign up

  • Good timing for me, ended up being slightly cheaper than my current insurer's renewal offer (budgetdirect) and all other comparisons - the 10% off per month + $120 rewards points made it a no brainer

  • Do you still get the 10% shopping discount on third party car insurance policies or does it have to be a comprehensive one?

  • When I tried this it looks like it inflates the price when you put in the code by $300 does anyone know if this can be avoided? if not then its actually worse value to put in the code. going to neg for now since I think woolworths is being a little bit sneaky.

    • Use compare the market via topcashback. Gives $110 back and no price inflation.

      • Only on topcashback?

  • Where did you find this expiration date from? Is there anywhere we can see the T&Cs?

  • Works for third party insurances too with the same code and same 24k points fyi, plz update the title and description OP Cheers

  • -3

    Please read reviews about Everyday insurance before doing this. Woolworths just outsources to another provider and gets a cut when you sign up. If you make a claim you’re likely to be in for a bad experience. They have an overseas call centre with people that don’t know what they’re doing and you’ll wait forever trying to get through to a person.

    There’s always a reason why something is cheaper. Just go with a local insurer with local support

    • +1

      I don't think this is unique to Woolworths. Who are these "local" insurers we should be using?

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