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[NSW, VIC, QLD, WA] Free Four’N Twenty Traveller Beef Pie 160g When Charging an EV at Any AmpCharge EV Charging Site @ Ampol


Available for the whole of May, get a FREE Four’N Twenty Traveller Beef Pie 160g when you charge your EV at any AmpCharge EV charging site*.

It’s simple. Charge your EV, grab a Four’N Twenty Traveller Beef Pie 160g and claim in-store at Ampol Foodary. Simply show your EV charging session in the Ampol app to one of our store team members at the counter, and you’re on your way.

*Offer available from 01/05/2024 until 31/5/2024 during Ampol Foodary store opening hours. Free pie applies with an EV charging session via the Ampol app or AmpCharge app. Available for redemption exclusively at Ampol AmpCharge EV charging sites at Ampol Foodary only. Limited to 1 (one) Four’N Twenty Beef Traveller 160g per EV driver, per EV charging session, per day. Minimum of a 5 minute charging session. While stocks last.

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  • I just wish they had longer parking bays for when I'm towing my boat.

    Still free pie yes please.

    • -6

      Your electric boat?

      • +4

        Nah. Waiting on that boxy Tesla CyberBoat.

  • +6

    0.69c/kWh. I really feel for those who can't charge at home. It's like 25c in peak, or a delicious 16c off peak, as low as 0-8c if you elect an EV option or middle of day free energy option (which often comes at the cost of higher peak energy, but then you just run all energy intensive shit in that window).

    Great for road trips though, but then, just give me the Tesla supercharger which enforces penalties for people idling in the bays, are more abundant, are faster and I can see their availability remotely along with peak use patterns, as well as variable energy pricing.

    This is a good try though by the boomers running corporate Australia. Missed the mark on what people actually want/need, but have a free meat pie!

    • IMO power companies should get into the car park business, pay for parking and get free charging between 10am-2pm. Way to increase demand when power prices would be negative, decrease demand from everyone charging after work (which is the worst time).

      I pay $18 a day for parking at work, but so long as I get a charging spot it generally pays for itself, it’s a bit daft how it’s all setup at the moment.

      • I think it's a good idea but I haven't seen too many car parks that are struggling with demand.

  • +1

    $0.69 per kWh @ upto 150kWh

    • -8

      At these prices its pretty much cheaper to pay for petrol.

      • +4

        You are wrong.

        • +1

          Once you take into consideration the price premium for EV's it would be darn close.

      • +8

        My EV averages 15kWh per 100km. So $0.69 x 15 = $10.35. A petrol car would cost the same if it could average ~5L per 100km.

        • +2

          to be fair, some cars aren't that far off if that's the case.

          • +3

            @TexasVujicic: Well these numbers are based on this specific public charger. 99% of the time I charge at home at only $0.08 per kWh so costs a whole lot less.

            • @mrcosmo: yeah, i figured as such. That price just seems crazy to me considering that option exist, but i guess that's targeted more to longer drives away from home rather than the city run-around.

            • +1

              @mrcosmo: Somehow the pie needs to be paid for.

      • I charge at home off solar or grid at 16c. So having to charge for 5 minutes means I can't break even with the pie.

      • Hur dur I'm the guy comparing ICE to EVs in a past about meat pies for EV drivers.

        Not the right spot for it

    • -2

      If you're having to use public charging exclusively it has been been proven time and time again that it is cheaper to run an ICE vehicle.
      And faaaaar less time wasted sitting around parking lots waiting for the EV to charge.
      If you can charge at home via the grid, yeah the EV is cheaper (for now).
      If you have solar then yeah much cheaper to run an EV.
      The initial up front cost of buying an EV vs ICE vehicle however means you have to drive multiple tens of thousands of kilometers before you "save" any money running an EV vs ICE.

      • Getting downvoted for accuracy. More peak OzB.

    • Same like supercharge but slower….

  • -5

    Beef Pie When You Charge Your EV

    Wait until the Vegans get a hold of this promotion… 😲

  • +20

    Turn charging down to 1 kW, charge for 5 minutes, pay 6¢ (ideally pay with cash to round down to 5¢), get a free pie!

    • +5

      This is peak ozbargain imo

    • +3

      Cant adjust DC charging speed

      • u have to run inside while charge is initiating, grab the pie and end the charge as soon as you got the free pie!

        • +3

          min 5 min charge

        • Bring a passenger but then you can only have half the pie.

      • +2

        You can adjust it by having your battery 99% full.

  • +1

    Restart session, do it again. Infinite pie hack basically.

    • +1

      1 per person per day. So come back tomorrow.

  • Should have done with soya latte instead. This promo is more suited for the raptor crowd.

  • +4

    Perfect timing!

    Was feeling hungry, but didn't want to pay the excessive prices of Uber eats delivery. Went out and bought a Tesla, so now lunch is sorted!

    Thanks OP!

  • +3

    I dont have an EV, can i charge my phone and get a free pie

    • Might have to put some wheels on it

  • +1

    with 5 minutes of minimum charging this will cost more than the pie

    no deal

    • What if it is fully charged?

      • +1

        then it won't qualify as you haven't charged 5 minutes

  • An "EV"?

    Does that include a mobility scooter?

    Its electric, and its a vehicle for the purposes of the road laws, like drunk driving laws.

    And the same could be said for an electric bike.

    • +4

      if you can charge it using Type 2 or CHAdeMO sure

  • +2

    Now I know how Elon maintains his magnificent physique

  • Aren't EV owners generally skim latte sipping vegans? Pie won't be a draw card for them, but maybe it'll at least rile up the tradies in their fully kitted out competition 4x4 rock crawling hiluxes though (fully tax deducted because it's clearly a work-only car)

  • Bribe'M EV Pie

  • Ampol Altona Vic has been broken for weeks. Not like it means anything.

  • Perfect, Traveller Beef Pie to go with Microwave on wheels:)

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