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[iOS] Disney+ Premium Monthly TRY₺134.99 (~A$6.38), Yearly TRY₺1349.99 (~A$63.73) @ Disney+ App via Turgame Gift Card


Hi OzBargainers!

Are you looking to enjoy premium content on Disney+ at an unbeatable price? Look no further! With this incredible deal, you can access Disney+ Premium at a fraction of the cost, whether you prefer the monthly or yearly subscription option. Here's what you get:

Monthly Subscription:

  • Enjoy Disney+ Premium for only TRY 134.99 per month, which is approximately $6.38 AUD (previously $13.99 AUD).
  • Access a vast library of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more, all in stunning high definition.
  • Stream your favorite shows and movies on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.
  • Experience exclusive content, including original series and movies available only on Disney+ Premium.

Yearly Subscription:

  • Get even more savings with the yearly subscription option for only TRY 1,349.99, equivalent to approximately $63.73 AUD (previously $139 AUD).
  • Enjoy all the benefits of Disney+ Premium for an entire year, ensuring non-stop entertainment for you and your family.
  • Say goodbye to monthly payments and lock in this incredible price for a full year of premium content.

How to Redeem:

  1. Create a Turkey Apple ID: When creating your Apple ID, ensure that your region is set to Turkey to ensure compatibility with this deal. For the smoothest experience, use an Apple device with Safari as your browser. If the creation process encounters errors, try again on another device. Problems may occur on other browsers for reasons unknown. Create your Turkey Apple ID at appleid.apple.com.

  2. Purchase Apple Gift Cards: Visit turgame.com to purchase Apple gift cards in Turkey. Please note that it may take up to 20 minutes for your gift card to appear after purchase. Additionally, you might not need to complete the verification process. Simply view your order, and if no action is required, check your banking app to confirm if you've been charged. If you have been charged, your card is on its way. If not, or if you encounter any issues, contact their support at support.turgame.com.

Important Notes:

  • No VPN is needed to access this deal. Simply create a Turkey Apple ID and purchase Apple gift cards from turgame.com to take advantage of these incredible savings.
  • When redeeming the gift card in the App Store, ensure that you have an address handy. You'll only need to log out of the iTunes and App Store Apple ID, not your main one. This allows you to switch between accounts without interrupting subscriptions or payments.

Known Issues and Tips:

When accessing Disney Plus, I recommend creating a new account, although using an existing one should also work (note: this has not been tested).

Issue: After logging in and clicking "complete subscription," you may encounter an error message stating "sorry something went wrong, please try again later" when trying to sign up. This is a known issue. When I encountered this issue, two workarounds proved effective:

  1. Restart Device and App: Although not always successful, restarting both the device and the app may resolve the issue.

  2. Alternative Method: Visit the URL https://help.disneyplus.com/en-GB/article/disneyplus-en-us-change-email-password and click on any of the links to change password, email, or forgot password. It doesn't matter which link you click, as long as it opens the Disney Plus app. Strangely, this method sometimes tricks the app and brings up a payment screen for monthly or yearly subscriptions. Choose your preferred subscription option, complete the payment process, and if an error appears indicating insufficient funds, don't worry. Cancel the payment and repeat the process, selecting account funds as the payment method. This should trick the app into completing the purchase successfully, showing that your purchase was successful.

Once these steps are completed, you should be all set to enjoy your Disney+ subscription hassle-free!

Original Reddit Post: Reddit Post

This offer is valid for a limited time only, so don't miss out on the chance to enjoy premium Disney+ content at an unbeatable price. the prices may change in the future please be aware of that.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Upgrade to Disney+ Premium today and start enjoying your favorite movies and shows like never before.

Enjoy your subscription, and happy streaming!

Disclaimer: Please note that the effectiveness of the workaround methods may vary, and it's always a good idea to ensure you have sufficient funds in your account before attempting the subscription purchase. Prices mentioned are subject to change and may vary based on currency conversion rates. Please verify current prices before making a purchase.

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  • +12

    this has to be chatgpt

      • at least you are not lazy enough to do that

      • What a complete and utter load of BS. Did ChatGPT add the markdown formatting too? And the embedded links? 🤦🏻‍♂️

        • Honestly I think OP is just making fun of what a stupid accusation it was.

  • Poopoo that they raised it a few months back.

    I'm on NAB, not sure if there's a conversion fee or something but mine was $6.48 a couple weeks back.

    • To let you know I'm with Bendio Bank, on turgame when you get the gift cards selected the top method to pay you won't be charged an international transaction fee as I am aware of.

      • Oh, I would rather pay 10 cents and do it directly than deal with that.

        I'll be real, I saw this on the toilet earlier and thought it was a copy paste of ISP's usual posts, so I didn't clock anything new in there.

        • It may as well be a copy paste. ISP, BG, Scrooge, Pricebeat… the OP has ripped most of the above from those posts and then made some tweaks so it was "different".

  • +11

    What happened to @I Smell Pennies??

    • -4


    • +2

      He's got competition now :D

    • +38

      thanks for remembering me ☺️

      those who still want to use my outdated but working guide: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/13885475/redir

      all the best and take care ❤️

      • +7


      • +3

        You are the g.o.a.t!

      • +4

        Never forget ISP <3

      • +2

        To be honest I think @I Smell Pennies did a better job then me.

        • +1

          That was not my intention of bringing his name up. For some reason he became the expert on these geo pricing discrimination deals, and I was wondering why he went quiet (he responded above)

          I think it’s great that someone would continue to post these deals and sharing the knowledge, which is what the ozb community is about.

    • +1

      Plot twist : ISP got ChatGPT to help choose a new username and create a new account. 😂

  • Other than Shogun, anything good on Disney+ ?

    • +3

      The best show currently on TV: The Bear

      • Thanks, that is all?

        • +1

          Bear is fine, but crazy overrated, if I didn't love Jeremy Allen White, I wouldn't have bothered. Everyone on the show is great, but it feels like such an Arron Sorkin-lite type show, thinks it's so much better than it is though.

          Simpsons is pretty good, check that show out, 35/36 odd seasons and a movie on there.

          • +3

            @TheDukeOfNukem: this is the main thing my Disney subscription is for - falling asleep to the simpsons :)

            • +1

              @JKat2: Deadset, love it. When I put the baby down for naps, we watch an ep or two and he conks out. The yellow people must be just fun enough for him, but the actual dialogue must be just boring enough, works perfect. Finally getting through the last couple years (dropped off again around 30/31, bit dodge) and some of the newer ones are genuinely funny again. Makes my (profanity) day watching Simpsons with the kiddos. 6PM Simpsons on Channel 10 is an institution and it will only die when I let it go!

              What do you mean it's been on Channel 7 for a few years now?

              • @TheDukeOfNukem: That's the spirit, making future fans!!

                I have no kids, but i have 3 money, so its ok :)

                wait what, really ch7? thats so weird haha, its on ch10, but having said that, i havent watched it on the tv for the longest time, before i got disney i just watched it from my HDD [stepping up from the simpsons videos i recorded off the tv when i was young]

    • +1

      yeah. all the princesses.

  • +4
  • +12

    Go my account banned and not refunded (I bought a year subscription and used about 5 months on it) a while ago using a Turkey subscription.

    • Mine lasted over a year. I decided to cancel after the pricing update.

      • +1

        Mine auto renewed on google. So far so good. Hope I didn't jinx it.

    • +2

      Mine got cancelled and fully refunded after 8 months. I resubscribed using the exact same method and it's still working a few months later. I figure even if they cancel again and don't refund, I'm still well ahead. However, if that happens I'll be a bit hesitant at taking another crack at it though… I've got a pretty streamlined Sonarr/Radarr/Jellyfin server going on my OxB Dell Optiplex, so I might just return to the high seas if there's no way around the price hikes and account bans. I've already killed Netflix for that reason. Or I'll just sub to one streamer each month and rotate across them (but honestly that sounds like too much effort for my lazy, disorganised self).

  • -8

    It's literally just a repost of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/780728 iOS method

    • Not a repost as the price has essentially doubled.

      • -1

        Doubled in TRY, but about only 50% higher in AUD…
        Still worse though

        • Doubled in TRY, but about only 50% higher in AUD…

          Kind of…
          If you compare it to a few months ago, it certainly has doubled. I've gone from around $3.30 to $6.60p/m
          But if you're talking about this time last year, then yeah, the TRY has dropped.
          It was around $5.10p/m in May '23, but dropped significantly over the next couple of months.

  • +9

    Waaaayyyy too much hassle

  • +2

    Price has doubled. :(

    • Indeed. Was 649 TRY in October 2023… and 349 TRY in October 2022!

      • Doubled in TRY, but actually only went from $50ish to $60ish AUD for me.

    • What do you mean? Has the deal expired?

      • He means it's only been 64.99 TRY per month for a long time… now it's 134.99 TRY.
        Only good thing is TRY devaluation since this time last year.

  • +3

    I cancelled as AU price went up way too high for it to be value for money. I might give this a go, but if banned after 5 months on a q2 month subscription as another mentioned then it's almosr like paying full price in AUD.

    • +4

      Another option is to pay monthly. Therefore if you get banned, you only lose a month's worth.

      • Yes agree… but the hassle haha… first world problems.

        • It's no hassle… It just gets debited monthly.
          I've just been paying it monthly ever since Google cancelled and refunded the accounts a long time ago.

  • Does this method work for Spotify?

    • Unfortunately no, Spotify had removed in app purchases a while ago from the App Store you will need to use a VPN to do that, I’d recommend Surfshark for a 7 free day trial if you to get it

      • I think the issue is there are no Turkish credit cards left. With the demise of oldubil.

    • +1

      Only if you have an android device with VPN to Turkey (or are willing to mess around with bluestacks, but even then it's iffy).
      1. On your Android device, delete Spotify if it's installed and restart the device
      2. Create a Google Play account—make sure you set your region to Turkey (Google a random address in Ankara, also make sure you save that address somewhere)
      2. Link you preferred payment method to your Turkish Google Play account
      3. On your Android Device, switch over to your Turkish Google Play account
      4. Download Spotify with the Turkish Google Play account
      5. Turn your VPN on (Turkey), open the app and create a new Spotify account, choose your Turkish Google Play account as your payment method
      6. Make sure you see prices in TLR, otherwise it didn't work
      7. If you signed up to Duo or Family, you will need to create new accounts for them as well (remember the Turkish address you saved earlier? Make sure you use the exact same one). Then you can use the link from the main account to register your family.
      8. Profit
      After you finished sign-up, you won't need to run the VPN to use Spotify

      • Nice! I'd give you more than 1 vote if I could. Can we pay for 12 months in one hit?

  • +8

    "Put a chick in it and make it lame and gay!"


  • +1

    Disney really is dreadful these days, but Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 is just about to drop.

  • +1

    I'm sharing Disney Plus and if they stop password sharing I'll cancel it. It's a shame because it's nice having a few services and not have to pirate everything.

    • Disney has confirmed this is coming , will start being rolled out June to Sept this year.

  • OP, so only for IOS , no Android method?

    • +1

      I did not have to do any of these steps. My Google Wallet has had its Turkish profile for a few years now and then a couple of months ago, I tried signing up for Disney subscription and Disney charged me the Turkiye rate. I do not know if the same steps will work now.

  • What about Netflix???

    • Only way is VPN to turkey

      • Is the turkey one still working??

        • Yes but have to connect to turkey vpn to watch on Netflix

          • @WwDesi: My Turkish Netflix still works without a VPN,

            • @Lankyd: So far, so good, except now i have to send an access code once a month to my family members :)

            • @Lankyd: How long you have been using netflix turkey without VPN mate? Is your payment method with GC?

              • @kingkhan1990: Mine is the same. Using the same account for almost 3 years now. Since they closed Odubil, wise, and Revolut, i have been buying GC that worth for 6 months. It has been working smoothly until now.

    • I just got Netflix Kenya by using Coles CC.
      There were few hickups in payment but eventually got the sub in 2nd try. Now watching netflix without VPN.

      • Alot of people are being kicked from other countries netflix from the comments. I think its getting kick is bound to happen soon.

  • Wow!!! Price has gone up by more than double..
    My yearly Subscription still hasn't expired and I paid 649TRY for annual sub. Not worth it as it got more of Old DC's and Marvel's blockbluster movies.

    • It's doubled in price if you are just looking at the TRY price. However it looks like the lira has devalues quite substantially over the last year so I'm not sure that it has actually gone up that much when you convert to AUD. I think it worked out to be about $63AUD when I renewed last week.

  • What about a Youtube member? Any resolation?

    • Same. Looking for a family deal as I have family coming in another month.

  • -2

    Thanks for sharing. Man this was one of the only “secret” deals I’ve ever been privy to, and now it’s common knowledge. Oh well, was good while it lasted.

    • +3

      It's literally been on ozbargain for over a year?

      • Oh really. dern I thought I was in some special club of deal hoarders. Well I guess that reduces the likelihood of it getting nuked coz of excess exposure. Shouldn't it have a [repost] tag then?

  • Anyone tried different countries to see if it's cheaper?

  • Do you have to keep paying every month/year with Apple gift cards from Turkey, or can you do that just for set up then change to your normal Aussie bank card details? And anyone else got cancelled doing this way?

  • Can we purchase the TRY 1000 cards or only 25 and 50's?

  • -3

    Why would anyone pay to watch woke dog💩? 😂

    • You're thinking of Pluto. Mickey is a mouse.

  • Only show I was interested is greys anatomy, which I cast from mobile chrome streaming free from YTS.

  • I have a Turkish Apple ID with 1350 TRY balance if anyone is interested. Unfortunately can’t transfer balance so will have to change email address or pass on this email but would prefer someone to make Turkish Apple ID & I can change email on mine to theirs. Even if Disney cancels balance should get refunded & can be used for other services like iCloud etc.

  • +1

    Credit to ISP, BG, Scrooge and the other OG's that have already posted these deals in the past.



  • -2

    I'd be happy to send someome say, $5 a month for login deets. PM me if your keen.

    Hope they take their time in rolling out password sharing restrictions.

  • +2

    Stremio is about the same amount of effort but better and longer term solution for same cost fyi, check the netflix bulk cancellation thread on here

    • Can't find searching netflex bulk

    • Been phasing out all my subscriptions for Stremio. So much better

  • guys…. so how do you do the ACTUAL Subscription?? When i try to subscribe online it only have "Credit Card" as method of payment?? The instruction didnt say how to make the subscription.. only the steps prior to that? Am I missing something?

  • Cant create turkey appleid t.t

    • Issues may occur as mentioned in the known issues, you need to use an apple device with safari. I tried with the Duck Duck Go browser and it will show an error safari is less likely to do so

      • I tried with the only apple device in the family it was still error..

  • -6

    Please people, boycott Disney. Do not give them any money. Their content is political and woke to the max. They have a 60 year old Pakistani woman running the Star Wars franchise who is insisting on being more interested in injecting her own woke, third world, left wing political messages into the script than actually staying true to the legacy of the franchise and telling a good story. Elon Musk and many other wise men have seconded this argument. Disney has worked in conjunction with others to ruin the tv and movie business - I can't think of one thing worth seeing in the past 5 years or so. It is pure vanity that these people make content that absolutely bombs and then blame the audience for not accepting it, with various slurs used to describe the general viewing public. They can't accept that they failed because no-one wants to watch their Marxist inspired nonsense, and they don't give a second thought to the shareholders. Also some of the stuff they are pushing to young and impressionable kids is criminal. Their portrayal of historical events is also absolute fiction to service their agenda.

    • boycott Disney

      You'd think,if your 'non woke' take was accurate, then you wouldn't need to rant about boycotting them?

      I thought only woke lefties supported cancel culture?

      • +1

        You should go do some research on the activist woman they got to do the new star wars features, she even came out and said some god awful stuff plus her only experience is doing a documentary. ….

    • Disney content is garbage.
      FX content is pretty good.

      I would rate Disney as one of the lesser quality streaming services even with FX.

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