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AMD Ryzen 5 5600 6-Core 12 Thread CPU $169 Delivered ($0 VIC, SA, NSW C&C) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Pretty good budget CPU, especially if you’re already on AM4 with older CPU and DDR4 RAM. 5700x3d, 7600, 7800x3d ect are faster but more expensive. Just sharing as I think it’s pretty good price/CPU if you’re on a budget.

1440P gaming benchmarks charts (This is 5600, I use 7600 charts because you can compare to newer CPU)

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.
Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.

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  • I remeber the 5600x was $450 to $550 at launch

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      yeah got mine for like 389$ in a very up voted deal post. oh well served me good.
      really want the 7800x3D but itx mobo price is just T_T

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        Wait for 9800X3D :) Also A620I AM5 itx boards are around $200…. Your only really missing out on PCI-E 5.0 with A620I and at the moment its pointless in both GPU and Storage

        I like the ASROCK A620I LIGHTNING WiFi .. i think its $250 on Amazon
        Also lots of the B650I boards come with tini fans.. YUK.. apart from the ASRock B650I LIGHTNING WiFi

    • Based on official USD launch price, 5600x would have never been over $500 at official retailers. It would have been scalpers and price gouging.

      • 5600x was $550 .. i got one for a work PC and paid $460 .. checked a few months later and priced jumped to $550.. i think it was due to demand and stock drying up because of lock downs.. Everything went up in prices.. power supplied and GPU's webcams were insanely overpriced, but strangely motherboards were still cheap

        • US price was $299, so anything more than $500 here was a gouging. Aus RRP was $469 I believe.

          • @buffalo bill: Yep… i guess it was gouging.. as all the retailers lined up the price well above $500 :).. mind you even at that price the online listings for the 5600X were "Out of stock".. it didn't last too long as a month or so later prices started to come back down.. Global shipping and cargo plan flights were severely disrupted. The best deal going on at the time was the Ryzen 1600AF (ie 2600 re-badges) I guess no one really wanted them or know about them being an ok option.

    • I may have paid in that range 👀… However over a year or so ago I got this CPU for another rig for less than this I think… It seems to have stayed around this price for a while now …

    • I think I got a 5600 for $200 or so a year or more ago, which wasn't even a good deal shortly after that. Surprised this is getting votes…

  • Not for work…

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    same price on amazon and computer alliance
    also cheaper on ebay

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    Also available:

    • $169.15 (using code) with delivery - ebay, possibly cheaper with ebay plus (15% vs 22%)
    • $169 excluding delivery - Computer Alliance
    • $169 excluding delivery - PCCG
    • With ebay plus it's $155.22 (using code) with delivery, as indirectly alluded to bart2.

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    If you have a 1000,2000,3000 series processor and times are a bit tough, it's not a bad upgrade.

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      CPUs from the future are so bad you had to time travel back for a better upgrade.

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      2600 here. Still does everything I need. Good to know I can upgrade though.

      • I found the 2600 was unable to driver 4 RAM sticks at 3200MHz. The 5600 is flawless in that regard

  • Arguably some of the best low end gaming cpu you can get, remember with apus - sales being a lot more common at this price range, no matter if its the Cezanne or phenoix ones - have cut down L3 cache leading to overall much worse gaming performance and the power effiency part kinda goes out the windows with these all being 65w tdp chips unlike when they were in laptops.

    No iGPU is the downside, but pretty big fps difference compared to a 5500, 5600g and I doubt a 8600G or the likes would offer better performance - not that there is benchmarks for it as any benchmarks seem to measure iGPU performance only.

  • you will use 6 cores and you will be happy

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    ~169 for CPU
    ~120 for a Mobo (B550m)
    ~110 for Ram (32GB 3200 CL16 DDR4)
    ~ 300 for 6600

    Provided your current psu, case, ssd, monitor, keyboard, and mouse are decent enough. $700 to upgrade your system to entry 1440p 60-100. Not bad at all.

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      Intriguing idea. My Intel 4th gen build with 980ti is starting to crash and get slow. I don't really need a whole new build but have only really been looking at those desks until I thought about your comment. Would save over $1k to just reuse hardware

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        Oh dude the above components will definitely make you feel like you've got a huge jump and if you're running a 4th gen 980ti build in 2024, a 5600+6600 will be amazing to you for at least 5 years if not more.

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          Wow dude thanks. I've just got all that in my cart at centre on for under 700.

          Looking at the 6600 it's not super long so I'm guessing my case will be fine. I'll check it tonight.

          I'm adding an m.2 1tb drive also because I think my SSD might be causing some issues too.

          • @SgtBatten: Oh man super happy to hear that, it's gonna be a mad upgrade! Oh yeah Any Gen 4 M2 will do you well. I think they are far better priced then gen 5 drives, which aren't really needed. Let us know how it all goes! Would love to hear!

            • @Zylam Marex: I've been thinking about the GPU and considering not upgrading it just yet, but looking at second hand 4000 series stuff after the 5000 series drops. On paper there isn't a huge difference between my 980ti and the 6600. Am i missing out on anything specific tech wise?

            • @Zylam Marex: So i made a few quick buys today thanks to ebay sales

              Ebay plus 1 mo $4.99
              5600 CPU ~$155
              B550M mobo ~$108
              32GB 3600 CL18 RAM $113 (but could have got it for 105, made an error)
              RTX 4060 ~$420
              Also a couple m.2 drives.

              Will reuse my case, PSU and some HDDs /SSDs
              I've lost optical audio which means my original astro A40 mixamp won't work any more, but the left ear has had a crackle for months.

              Pretty excited.

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      Even better grab a 2nd hand GPU like the 5700 XT for $200~ which will outperform the 6600.

      • Yeah that's definitely a valid move, I didn't think of looking at a second hand gpu, could make it even better of a deal.

      • Would love a link to one at that price.

    • +1

      Techfast seems pretty comparable for a whole new pre-built PC though. Where every part has warranty.
      i5 12400F with an RTX 4060 seems way better than a 6600 to me.
      For $778 it seems like a no brainer, even though I love building my own PC.

      • Yeah it's not a bad deal. Tech fast look great on a lot of fronts but theres usually one or two components that just don't sit well, usually the mobo. When it comes to a pc, unless you really don't know or don't want to care about how to put it together, the 1-200 dollar saving on tech fast builds just don't seem worth it to me. You don't make a pc every day and over 5 years will you really notice the 200 savings? But being stuck with a bad mobo, you'll feel that across 5 years.

        • Whilst I agree that most of the extra components are on the lower end of the scale, I don't really know that a cheap motherboard has ever really presented me with an issue (provided it has 4 Ram slots, that's the only "higher end" feature I deem a requirement).
          And at this end of the PC world, $200 would make a massive difference. For a lot of people, that's a near insurmountable amount of money to add towards a computer.

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    Does this has built in graphic?

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      No it doesn't.

      • Is there any AM4 cpu comes with integrated graphics? I want to move my 3080 to another build.

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          yep definitely, the 5600G does that, not great for gaming due to L3 cache being half of the 5600 but great for say a media centre, office pc etc

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          If you want PCIe gen 4 support (for GPU or m.2/NVMe SSDs), you probably want to avoid AM4 APUs.

          With AM4 APUs, the PCIe x16 slot is PCIe gen 3 x8 maximum (basically the iGPU occupies the other PCIe gen 3 x8). If you do intend to pick up a cheap GPU later on, it may not be ideal. However, on the other hand, if your existing board is B450 or X470, then an APU makes sense (since AMD blocked those chipsets from using PCIe gen 4 anyway).

  • Got mine for 330 2 years ago.

  • wish i can still have the $99 msi b450 motor mobo…

  • Worth upgrading from Ryzen 5 2600 to pair with a 3060 ti?

    Can I just take the old CPU out and replace with this one or do I need to replace MOBO and reinstall Windows too?

    • +3

      Check your motherboard page and download/update the BIOS. If you bought the motherboard back when the 2600 came out then it definitely won't work without a BIOS update. Otherwise, yeah, it's a straight swap. Windows won't have any problem, it's only a problem when you change the motherboard. The 2600 is ancient now and performs poorly in gaming so you'll see a good boost.

      • +3

        Also worth noting… some bios updats "remove support" for the older Zen CPU's to make room for the 5600.. so if you want to change make sure you have the new CPU to make the switch after you update the BIOS that lists it supports the Ryzen 5600

    • +1

      Firstly, check your motherboard manufacturer to update your BIOS first, to accept the newer CPU (anything after April 2022 really) then swap them out.

      If your copy of Windows deactivates, just reactivate online / phone. Usually triggers with a motherboard swap, so you should be OK.

      Going from a Ryzen 5 2600 to a 5600x is a big step up with MINIMUM frame-rates and dips for a smoother gaming experience when things get hectic too. In actual fact, I'm picking this up to upgrade the media centre PC for some couch gaming with my RTX 3060. Enjoy!


  • Pity my mobo is a B350M :(

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      Go to the manufactures website and check the bios update page and check the supported CPU's page… you never know :)

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    Got the 5600X right now.. waiting for a good X3D deal on Marketplace.

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