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Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent 207ml $12 (45% off) + $12 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Repco


$23 at Supercheap $21 at Autobarn

  • Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort
  • Helps easily remove mud, bugs, frost & ice

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  • Thanks. Just ordered 2

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      Not sure why I got a downvote @SahitDagani
      Did you want proof or something?

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        Sahit pozzed you, why are you calling them out?

        • maybe they changed it after

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    So 473 ml for $29. That includes the spray bottle .
    Or 207ml for $12.


    Might be worth considering the bigger one with spray. I also use it in on shower glass and mirror in bathroom to prevent fogging

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      “.. use it in on shower glass and mirror in bathroom to prevent fogging”

      Anyone like to try this on next door neighbour ? It’s too foggy!

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        You shouldn’t spray it on people

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          Pardon my bad English. I meant to spray on their bathroom window, etc.

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      Amazon has the spray version cheaper $20 if you want to go this way.


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        Have to order a minimum of 3 though

        • Hmmm so you do. Yeah hard pass then!

        • Damn…can't even buy 10 then

      • Also ships to limited locations

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      I have both but feel the spray bottle is diluted but dont know for sure if it is.

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    Amazon sells the spray for 20.

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      Even better! Thanks 🙏

      Edit: damn it - min 3 qty

    • Link please?

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      worth diluting and covering 10kW of solar panels (after rinsing) say 2x per year?

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        This is for glass only

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          the outer layer of a solar panel is glass..

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            @Jaspa7: you can't dilute this due to it's water repelling properties

      • Really good idea!

      • Don't dilute. Use as is, as per instructions.

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    Rain X was recently reviewed and still came in close to the top. And the only other products that beat it were double in price and much harder to apply

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        I used Glaco recently and it's been great. However, it's much more expensive than this. It's advertised to last 3-12 months though, as opposed to the Rain-X 3 month.

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          I find Rain-X lasts at least six months.

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            @aargee: Good to know. I'll be buying it next time for sure then

    • I've tried this RainX stuff and it's not been useful for city driving. Water doesn't really bead and run off by itself unless I'm doing at least 70kph.

      • Possibly one, or a combination of:
        1 Inadequate windscreen cleaning before application
        2 Not enough RainX applied after cleaning, and/or not buffed off properly
        3 Environmental factors have slowly reduced its effectiveness

        Some commenters agreed with you on this test though; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8MVvmLke_g&ab_channel=1ROAD

        • Beats me- I have prepped the windscreen with a specialist mild abrasive sold for cleaning grime off windscreens, applied as per instructions and buffed… twice over.

          The one difference with that video is that I am not tossing an entire bucket of of water at the glass all at once. I suspect that with all the kinetic energy of the huge mass of water, that gives a much more force for the water to blast off the glass (just like driving fast). Instead, my windscreen is dealing with a tiny light drops of water, which don't have the energy to run off. Instead, I get discrete beading, which is better than smeared raindrops, but still needs wipers. You can see this in the bucket video. Once I go past 70, the water beads do get pushed off by wind.

          From my experience, the Rain-X stuff is better than nothing, but it's not a huge game changer. What I was hoping for was to just not use wipers most the time. What I am getting is slightly better visibility with a wet windscreen, but still having to use the wipers (maybe just not as fast). With the video, the comments which say the stuff is great are from people driving on American interstate highways, or freight trains- i.e. blasting along at highway speeds where it's definitely very good.

          Are you getting much better results in rain at low driving speeds?

          • @rumblytangara: Later in the video he simulates rain with a sprayer. Also gets wiper chatter some people experience, or maybe that was another video. Never had that after applying Rainx myself.

            Light misty rain still has to be swept off but generally I don't need to use the wipers. Maybe Sydney air pollution makes it less effective?

            • @Igaf: Yeah, I don't get anything like the sprayer part in the video- the beads just sit there. I might try scrubbing down with abrasive and reapplying next time there is rainy weather.

              I did get wiper chatter as well, but couldn't tell if that was the RainX or the new Bosch wiper blades.

  • Do these work well on glass pool fence and glass shower screen?

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      Pretty sure it would but obviously I wouldn't expect it to last that long.

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      I haven't used these on shower screens, I have used Enduroshield, amazing products. Once a month I just clean my shower screens and tiles using a microfibre cloth which is enough.

      • really works huh, looks like you can only buy thru their website. Wonder if it can be used on old glass that's been cleaned back or best to use on new shower screens.

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          Aldi sometimes has sales. I ordered from the Enduroshield website 2 years ago. I applied for a new shower screen. Last month I applied again. I used a Ryobi scrubber and cleaned the glass and tiles before reapplying again. In the box, there are two bottles one is a cleaner the other is the water repellent.

      • I applied many coats of that and it works, but 6 months on I’m back to still cleaning weekly - it’s easier to clean and does bead still just not what I was hoping!

    • Doesn't do much for a shower screen.

  • Thanks OP, bought 3.

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    thanks op bought 2000 bottles find it on my ebay next week.

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    Have a look at the contents of this product: see if it contains chlorotrimethylsilane
    If it does, it might be worth researching:
    One website says it is not a chemical of concern, another gives the following:
    Some silanes used to treat textiles such as chlorotrimethylsilane are persistent, mobile, and toxic.

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      goes on your windscreen not in your coffee mate.

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        When applying any toxic chemical it could be inhaled or absorbed. When it wears off its not ceasing to exist its dispersing into the air/water which we live in and piling up with everything else toxic we think is magically disappearing just because we cant see it. We live in a closed system and we're continuously harming ourselves by polluting it more.

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        But what about the window-lickers?

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        Ya think of people applying this on shower screens and what the hot vapurs that you inhale would do.

    • MSDS says:
      ETHANOL 30 - 60%
      ACETONE 10 - 30
      Isopropanol 10 - 30

      They also have a shower screen water repellant, exactly the same ingredients

      • So is Rain-X just silicone with carrier solvents that evaporate after application?

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          No silicone in this product.

          I'm not a chemist but the theory is that the above chemicals bond with the silica in the glass at molecular level and form a thin film which is hydrophobic (so water beads rather than spreads across the surface). Just a guess but the haze left when you first apply RainX is possibly a result of partial acetone evaporation.

          • @Igaf: Oh thanks. I wasn’t aware of that. Much appreciated.

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    Im pretty sure this stuff works. autoglym glass polish is best for me. Bowdens own naked glass is absolute rubbish

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      Naked glass is just a glass cleaner.
      Can't compare a cleaner to a water repellent coating

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        Just dont want people to make the same mistake i did. It didnt clean my windows either

        • Bowden's Naked glass I use on my car and works a treat for me…however keep in mind it's only a cleaner and not a sealant, meaning it will not be hydrophobic after use… Even with Rain-X you should always ensure the glass is clean before application so you need a cleaner of some kind first then apply something like Rain-X after it's cleaned for best results else it won't last long nor work very well.. good luck!

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    just got price beat at SCA for $19 bucks for the 473ml version

    • price matched with maybe 2.1% cash back with cash reward

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        and use discounted gift card

    • Legend!
      I got the price match as well and paid for it with a discounted $20 gift card on the Macquarie banking app (5% cashback)

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        i use the 10 percent from reward gateway since i use a lot of gift cards and it offsets the monthly fee well enough

  • Used this a few times, great to start, but after a few weeks smears and worse than without it, tossed the rest in the bin

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      I have been using this for over 20 years and have never had that issue. I apply it at the start of every winter.

  • How does this compare to using Turtle Wax hybrid ceramic spray?
    Some guy on Reddit claims using this on his shower screen lasted 12 months

    "Right aisle. Wrong product.
    Turtle Wax hybrid ceramic spray. Extremely easy to apply as well as safe for every surface in a shower.
    A single application over 12 months ago, is still in effect here." - 52 upvotes

  • Thanks op ordered 1

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    These type of solutions eventually damage tint.

    • Source?

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      You do realise that tint is applied on the inside of the windows? Rain repellant works best when applied to the outside, where rain usually is.

      • Sunroof tint is applied to the outside. But yeah, I don’t think that’s what diver18 meant.

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          Maybe it's to prevent the steamy sessions from I side the car

        • +1

          You sure it’s applied to outside? Sounds like a window tinter is having you on there.

    • +2

      My bad!
      Was talking about rain-x anti fog. It caused bubbles at my tint.

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    I find rain x causes wiper chatter when applied to car windscreen. Also seem to haze a lot. Looking for an alternative product. Have people used Aquapel? It’d be great to know which one is better!

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      Use better wipers. Bosch Aero Twins are the go.
      I have being using Rain-X for 20 odd years, I don't get chatter on any of the cars in that time. I currently have one car with the Bosch's, and the other with Wiper Tech wipers, bit are working great.

      As for haze, that should only occur when you apply it. It's part of the instructions, ("Allow to dry until a slight haze appears") you wipe it off. If you are getting haze on the inside of your windscreen, well that is a seperate story. You need to clean the inside of your windscreen.

      • +1

        Have never had either of those problems. Possibly environmental, or caused by direct application to the glass, although apart from the amount applied I can't see why spraying it should make a difference.

        Apparently the anti-fog inside product gave variable results. It contains DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL MONOMETHYL ETHER, a solvent, which you would not want near window tints.

    • same issue, also tried Bosch wipers. It skipped a lot at the start, then it get ok, then may be a month later the skipping get worst.

      Normal windows washing product can't strip away the rain-x either.

    • for the chatter wipe the blades clean. I use wife's facial cotton pads. use either water or WD-40 for better effect. chatter will go away. BTW never use the rain-x additive, spray from nozzles will be uneven and will make a sticky haze which is pretty hard to take off. is the haze when you apply it or when you use the wipers?

      • After I apply it. Rear windscreen is the worst (no wiper there). My product is clean & apply spray version.

  • Thanks op price match with SCA and ordered one

    • +1

      Did you price match in store or is there a way do price match online?

      • +1

        Just clicked on their website and there was a link for online chat and they generated an online code for me

  • +3

    I hate this product. Totally ruins the glass and doesn’t comes off. Water just sticks to the window now. I tried vinegar to wash off but no luck. Total regret.

    • Exactly how does it ruin the glass for you? You know this is a hydrophobic coating, so it makes water no stock to the glass.

      If you want to strip clean a windscreen, use Isopropyl Alcohol.

      • Already in the product, along with ethanol and acetone

    • Can’t say I’ve had it make water stick but I do agree that it’s not the be all and end all product.a fair few downsides like haze and it’s hard to take off, and some issues with different types of blades. When it works though, it’s awesome

    • Im not sure why you have an issue there, it shoudlnt ruin your glass at all. You might want to clay bar your windscreen and then give it a polish

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