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50% off Eligible Items + $8 Delivery ($0 with $120 Order) @ PUMA

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Not sure what items are excluded, however I was able to buy a lot of hoodies, jackets and pants etc that all came up at half price at checkout.

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    Spent 10 minutes on site, yet to find a product not excluded from promotion.

  • The one piece collab are excluded from promotion

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    it works on outlet items as well, thanks OP

  • one piece excluded

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      How am I going to become king of the pirates now :(

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    Thank you! My daughter had stolen my puma hoodie, so bought myself a nice new one from the outlet items and got an extra 50% off.

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    Thanks OP - grabbed some pants and a polo shirt from the outlet store at half price on top of existing markdowns :)

  • To the women who are reading this: are you supposed to not wear a bra under this https://au.puma.com/au/en/pd/puma-fit-womens-skimmer-trainin…? It’s very confusing. TBH, a lot of sports wear confuses me. I was just able to finally work out the whole idea about visible panty lines, but what is the deal with these tops that don’t seem to allow for bras? When the models obviously do not wear bras underneath, and no sizing charts in the listing, I start to question my life choices lol

    • Yeah training crops generally don't have to wear bras underneath. Your Lil nips stick out I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Don’t really care, it’s the gym, not really there to impress anyone but myself lol Just wanting to know the etiquette. Thanks I have less hang ups now 😊

        • I don't really mind either when I wear my crops but it's kinda uncomfy. I prefer just a straight sports bra tbh! Not as fashionable though. 🙄

          • @Gaoras: Ah yeah, that’s another question of mine. I just assumed people are happy to go bra-less when they exercise, despite the lack of support. Aldi crops were awesome especially when they are marked down lol I harvested a couple last season. When it calls for more support, Panache has been great for me, even with the wires taken out. It’s always hard to get the exact fit, the reddit bra thingy has been very helpful for me.

            • @frugalftw: I have yet to try Aldi crops, I usually go with cotton on body, or gymshark if there's a good sale. Adidas and Nike are okay too but are very pricey.

  • Been looking for a deal

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    $88(including cashback) for the Velocity NITRO 3 daily trainer is pretty epic - https://au.puma.com/au/en/pd/velocity-nitro%E2%84%A2-3-mens-…

    • Have you use the shoes before?

      • No but they have a pretty good rating for a non plated trainer… if you want a plate, the deviate nitros go alright too. I own the deviate nitro elites and they are fantastic for long runs

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          Nice! I just bought myself some Deviate Nitro Elites, been on the hunt for some nice plated trainers now that I've started to become used to them (currently on Asics Magic Speed 3).

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      Thanks, my budget for running shoes is $100 wherever possible, I'll give these a go!

      • Do you like the shoes?

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    Purchased several items. Cheers OP.

  • Last time I ordered some XS size women's sweatpants from the Puma outlet store, I tried them on and it was at least a Medium. The jackets, and tops don't seem to have this sizing issue

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    Thanks OP, new shoes for the kids sorted.

  • Thanks, @SupaSanz. Where did you find the code? :)

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      From a Puma employee who posted it on a local Facebook group.

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        Thanks for sharing it with us ;)

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    Guessing this is a 'family n friends' code so please don't smash it guys!

    Small bites a few days apart :)

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      Yes, it is that type of code :)

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      They have increased the prices of alot of stuff, so its likely there are multiple codes like this.
      They do it all the time.
      The net price is very similar to each previous sale on sale items

  • Isn't "Included" = "Non-Excluded"

    • Isn't "Included" = "Excluded"

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    Thanks OP! Ordered a few sweatshirts for me + my wife! Good deal. I'm guessing the CashRewards cashback won't work on top of this as it is already a discounted order

  • Non-excluded. Another way of saying 50% on eligible items.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Did cash back track for anyone?

    • I used top cash back.
      Clicked through about 5 times just to be sure.
      No tracking email yet.
      Let's see if it comes through. The extra 10% would be just awesome.

      • only one of my two orders tracked and the number was wrong.
        I'll see if they can fix it, I've had tracking issues with top before.

  • If anyone is into Formula 1, the Ferrari merchandise on here is an absolute steal at 50% off.

    • I got the nice bright red Ferrari jacket. For about $50,it looks frigging sick!

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    OP, you are
    @SupaSanz GOD!

    Thank you, great saving, got something for us.

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    Cheers! Got a handful of running merch for the missus.

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    Thanks OP, bought a sh*tload of Puma.

  • All their gym shirts suck atm

  • Use coupon code PUMA-7244

    • Same thing innit?

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    Cashrewards has 10% cashback with f+f code CASH50 which gives you the same 50% discount.
    Stack with their 10th birthday deal with $150 spend expiring tonight (potentially targeted)

    • Ah, well, that's a shame. I got in yesterday. Missed out on this. I use TCB for their 10% but it didn't track.
      That would have been a sweet chunk of money.
      I can't cancel my order now, too late to change it.

  • Looks like the website now shows the banner to the public too

  • Fair warning, their customer service and return policy is absolute trash. I made a 2 item order and got sent someone else order, nothing what I had ordered. They wont honour the original order either and don't make the return process easy. I just posted a review (Ty) and you can see by the recent reviews on here and productreview.com that the store is pretty bad. https://au.trustpilot.com/review/puma.com

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