Poco X6 Pro 8GB 256GB Global Version US$279 (~A$421.71 + ~A$44.95 GST) Delivered @ POCO Phone Store AliExpress


POCO X6 Pro at a pretty decent price. Has all the bands needed for Australian networks. Should get 3 Android version updates and 4 years of security updates.
Mediatek Dimensity 8300 Ultra
6.67" 1220x2712 AMOLED 120HZ Display
8GB + 256GB
5000mAh, 67W Charger included

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

Specs: https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_poco_x6_pro-12717.php
Processor: https://www.mediatek.com/products/smartphones-2/mediatek-dim…. The Ultra Variant seems to be specifically for Xiaomi phones. Apparently comparable to a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Credit to CHUNITHM Luminous

This vs the Pixel 8a for $550 + $200 gift card?
No warranty vs 24 months warranty?
Better specs vs better software?

Your thoughts on this phone? If anyone has this phone or a Poco in general, let me know. I'm somewhat interested in purchasing this phone.

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  • +1

    I have Poco X3 NFC and my daughter got Poco M4 4G.
    X3 is pretty heavy, no issues with it so far, very solid phone. Last security update was 1/6/23, not sure if it's getting any more.

    I did get an email from Coles Mobile saying it won't work when 3G is turned off.
    Was hoping I can make it to the end of the year with it.

    I would buy a Poco again.

    • How's the software going? Any issues with apps or features not working? Any issues or problems to look out for or be worried about? How about warranty on AliExpress if you did purchase there?

      • +1

        Bought from Amazon in 2020 during some sale. I've never bought anything over $100 from AliExpress.

        Absolutely no issues with apps/features, love the phone.

      • Poco X3 NFC user here, not happy with this phone at all. Reception issues and terrible call quality (activated VoLTE as mentioned), camera is very very average in anything other than bright outdoors conditions. Memory is now seems to be corrupt and apps crash and just don't load, I'm at the stage I have to reboot to get it back to normal.

        I have owned Xiaomi mobiles in the past and have been excellent. Very disappointed in this Poco and father had an identical model with same issues

    • +7

      If you are on MIUI and dont have the option to enable VoLTE try dropping this into your dialer:


      Then go to Settings> SIM & cellular. Select your SIM Card and scroll down and see if the option is available.

      You can also use *#*#869434*#*# for VoWiFi.

      VoLTE may actually already be active, but if your signal has dropped back to 3G at any time I think you'll still get the txt.

      (I have a Poco X3 Pro on a custom rom with VoLTE already enabled and as far as I can tell its not dropping back to 3G for calls. I've still been getting the warning txts.)

      • +1

        Thanks, mine does have the option for VoLTE.
        Hopefully it's ok.

        Will move back to Boost after my prepaid Coles Mobile is finished, which has been an absolute nightmare since late last year.

        • +1

          Sure it will be fine then.

          Catch has seized the opportunity though. On top of getting the txts, they then sent out an email trying to flog refurbished 4G phones :D

        • Whatever you do, don't move back to Boost. The Poco X3 NFC does not work on Telstra network no matter how many times you enter the dialer codes or ims registration. Believe me, I've been trying for years. I have to stay on Telstra network cause it's the only network I can get at work. I'm happy with the phone, but the 3g shutdown forcing me to upgrade.

          The Poco X3 Pro works on Telstra, but not the NFC variant. The NFC variant did work back in the day (on Boost), but since Android 11 upgrade no one's been able to get it to work on Telstra (volte and vowifi).

      • +4

        Do you have a link to more information about the number to call and how it's supposed to work? I am with Boost, received a text telling me my phone isn't going to work come August. X3 Pro from Amazon UK.

        OK, I had tried similar steps before, but tried again just then and had the options come up.

        I did the following, just so it's recorded.

        Boost mobile, X3 Pro from Amazon UK.

        Hold onto "Phone" app icon, select "App Info". Down the bottom select uninstall updates.

        Open up "Phone" app. select the keypad down the bottom. Type in the number as shown in above comment. Do not press the dial button.

        A small notification pops up at the bottom telling you that "VoLTE carrier disabled" or something like that.
        Do the same thing for the other number shown in above comment regarding VoWifi. Similar notification will appear.

        Open up settings, go to "Sim Cards & Mobile Networks", select SIM, there will now be an option "Use VoLTE".

        Thanks for having the numbers. No idea why this kind of stuff is so hidden away.

        • *Bump

          Me, three.

          Just got the text from Boost, yet my phone setting shows preferred network> LTE ?

          • +1

            @Geekomatic: updated my comment with steps, might help you out. Good luck

          • @Geekomatic: It can be the preferred network for data but still drop back to 3G when a call is made if VoLTE isn't enabled.

          • @Geekomatic: SOLVED (for me, for most)

            I finally found the issue. Even though my mobile states "LTE", my mobile does not have RF B28/700mhz on 4G.

            You're welcome.


            • @Geekomatic: What phone do you have?

              • @bamzero: Mi Max 2 Ultra. On Android 7.1.1.

                All works like a dream, and I'm mad that people are being forced to pollute our world ever more for no reason.

                Telstra COULD support an alternative. Maybe stop them selling phones. Divestiture.

        • +2

          Not really. It doesn't call anything, I believe it disables the carrier check for VoLTE, enabling the setting whether the carrier reports it is supported or not (the numbers actually just spell out volte/vowifi on the keypad)

          • @bamzero: "SOLVED (for me, for most)…"

            Telstra is supporting voice via 4g/700mhz/B28 only.

            If you find a workaround, I'm all ears. Doubt it though.

        • This worked :-)


    • FYI Coles email are not necessarily accurate.

  • +5

    No Snapdragon means no custom ROMS which means you are stuck with Xiaomi security updates or the lack of. Have I got that right? They keep moving the goalposts.

    • Is Xiaomi security updates really that bad? That truly does suck.

      Also it seems like Poco isn't one of Xiaomi's series of phones. It is a separate company now so security updates might be worse or better, more common or less. Poco does use Xiaomi's HyperOS based off Android 14 so it might be using Xiaomi's security updates or not. Who knows?

      • +1

        Well most POCO phones are still just rebranded Xiaomi phones. iirc this one is based off the Redmi K70E

        • +1

          After checking the Redmi, you appear to be right. However, the Redmi is significantly harder to purchase with it also being a Chinese version. The Poco is more easily available however Poco does look a little shady with its AliExpress store.

      • +1

        They have improved the duration. Up to 5 years for the most expensive models. 3 years for some of the cheaper ones. But the frequency can be up to 90 days. I get weekly updates on LineageOS.

      • Is Xiaomi security updates really that bad? That truly does suck.

        They are pretty bad, bought my POCO X3 Pro end of 2021 and my last Android security update was July 2022. On MIUI Global 13.0.5.

        As per your second point, for all intents and purposes, Xiaomi and POCO are pretty much the same as to how they treat their lower-end and mid-range devices in terms of support/security updates.

        • X3 was released mid 2020 so 2 years of updates at that time was very reasonable for a mid range phone.
          from memory it was around $300 AUD

          • @costas60: Yeah I do have the X3 Pro though, slightly different model released March 2021. I don't know if it's just because I had the global ROM variant but 1 year of security updates was pretty poor

  • i have the original pocophone. was decent then but wouldnt recommend now that the price has crept up, especially if you can get a good deal on a phone locally. id consider pixel 8a with the current pre order deals

    • +1

      i have the original pocophone. was decent then but wouldnt recommend now

      Isn't this a given for any phone released August 2018 🙄

      Been very happy with my POCO X3 Pro released 2021 which has been going strong for 2 and a half years now.

      • +3

        the old pocos have (had?) pixel experience rom available, which means unlimited cloud storage for photos. they were also aggressively cheaper and had legacy features such as headphone jacks, IR blasters, sd card storage (huge one), etc. these days, xiaomi prices rival that of phones we can purchase locally (meaning local warranty) or even cost more compared to deals that we can get here. dont get me wrong - i love xiaomi products and i still visit xiaomi stores when overseas but the prices just kill them.

      • Would say it's slowed down now. And battery life aint so good anymore.

        • And battery life aint so good anymore.

          I can average betweeen 5 to 7hrs of SoT, I think a key reason for that is that I never fast-charged, so my battery health is still decent (AccuBattery predicts 4400mAh)

  • I got the exact same model last week from aliexpress for $406

    • ooh nice. How is the phone treating you? Is it doing well? Any issues or anything?

    • hi, i have also see that deal of this phone for $406 on Aliexpress, just from a different seller, it's my first time purchasing an item thru Aliexpress though, so im just a bit worry about their store's credibility. Please let me know how's the phone when you receive it, thanks.

  • POCO M4 Pro 5G bought 2 years ago, latest security update installed 01/02/2024 and the OS has recently been transitioned to Xiaomi HyperOS/Android 13.

  • +1

    This has been far cheaper during the previous Aliexpress sales. I would wait until the next coupon sale or get the superior Redmi Turbo 3 or Iqoo Z9 Turbo instead.

  • I have this phone. Super fast. Camera pretty good. I'm using VOWIFI kogan because no phone coverage where I'm working.

    • Hows the operating system and software? Any issues with the phone? Any issues with apps not working.

  • I bought Poco F3 from AliX, Volte didn't work on Vodafone had to switch to Optus. Built-in apps like Photo viewer/video player have Ads built-in which is annoying

    • +2

      Got same phone about 2 years ago and just palmed off to wife while she figures out what to get next after her Mate 20 Pro died.
      She's on Voda and Volte works fine. Just have to enable it as per above or https://youtu.be/ID8Lj0lUFGI?si=C_H0uK5D2gtE6ZZ_

      Built in ads can be disabled -

      • I have an F3 Global bought from Amazon UK, can't get VoLTE to work on Vodafone. Have done the steps above and it does works on Optus(Coles) & Boost but not on Voda :(

        • Yeah that's the one I got aswell from Amazon UK.
          Very odd.
          Like I said mine has Volte on Voda.

      • +1

        Thankyou so much the ads are now gone.

        Nb. Love my Poco X3 Pro

      • +1

        Cheers for the links, didn't run into ads often on my X3 Pro but they were annoying when they popped up. Never thought about disabling them…


  • https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006852277057.html?gatewa…
    I have found this deal for the Xiaomi Redmi Turbo 3 5G, price seems to be super decent, but… I'm not quite sure if the seller is trusted or not, if there is anyone who have regularly bought things from Aliexpress, please let me know if this deal is a scam or actually a bargain, thanks!

    • Are you kidding me? 2 reviews and 48 sold. This might not be a scam but it isn't worth it at all.

      • can i please hear your thought about this? $478 AUD with SD 8s gen 3, IMO the spec is pretty decent tho, please tell me what make you think it's not worth it. Thanks

        • +1

          Lack of support and warranty. Not enough reviews to see the whether the seller is legit or not. It's not the specs of the device but rather everything else.

    • its cheaper because its not a global rom. you have to get that version, or you miss out on some support i think like updates. always check their entire page they often tell you whether its a chinese rom or global rom. global rom is usually more expensive.

      • cool, thanks for the detail answer, yes it's what make me wondering why there are some cheaper deals given they are the same model

  • How are the GST collected paid to the ATO?

  • Does not having band 26 cause any concerns

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