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9 Chicken Pieces, 2 Regular Chips & Regular Gravy $14.95 @ KFC (Online/App Required)


New online only deal starting today at KFC. 9 chicken pieces, 2 regular chips and a regular gravy for $14.95.

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  • If you can add the two large sides for $6.95 some how it’s a good deal

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      That was targeted.

      • The 10 for $15 deal ran multiple times during a 6 months period.

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        This seems to be targeted too. Its not available for me, like some others here have already posted.

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      You are trading in 1pcs of chicken for gravy. So while it may not be as good as the previous deal, it is still really great!

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      The difference is this deal comes with a regular gravy, whilst your shown deal comes with 1 extra piece of chicken

      Regular gravy = $5.45
      1 piece of chicken = $3.45

      with a 5c difference, this deal is better.

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          Firstly, i love the kfc gravy, however regardless it's a mute point. This is ozbargain, we are talking about value, refer to my above comment why this is better value.

          It's OK to be wrong

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          KFC gravy has been landmark for 40+ years

        • isn't the gravy made from the chicken drippings (old oil used to cook the chicken)?

          • @A-mak: Where else do you think gravy comes from?

          • @A-mak:

            isn't the gravy made from the chicken drippings (old oil used to cook the chicken)?

            Changed it a few months ago, powder, oil and water now

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        Regular gravy is gravy for ants! Seriously, not enough for that many chips and pieces of chicken.

        • definetly seen it on facebook pictured with at least 2 medium chips and a medium gravy.

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            @Cave Fire: Only one size gravy now, comes in the same tiny tub the p&g does.

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    9 for 9.95 with 2 chips and gravy for $5

    Seems decent value

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    I haven't got this on my app

    • Same, wonder if it’s targeted

      Can others see it yet?

      • I don't have it either.

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      Might not show until the store is open

      • yeah nah, still not showing for me unfortunately.

        Maybe I'll try creating another account to see if it works

    • I'm in east Brisbane and it's not working for me

  • wow, this is probably very close to cost price for kfc

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      Nah just get some twelvey to make it. You'll be alright

      • sounds about right 😂

    • Got this deal tonight and 7 of 9 pieces were wings.

      Are employees guided on how to select pieces for these deals?

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        We are, that isn't standard. For 1 piece on its own ordered, it cannot be a wing. For orders of around 10pc, 2 can be wings

        • Thanks for clarifying. I'll know better for next time.

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      '$4.95 Hot Rod® Fill Up Until 4pm' - these weren't too bad, what's the next 'meal' under $5?

      • Split this deal between 3 people.

        • +1

          Me, myself and I

    • -2

      erm… that looks like data from kfc lol

      • Yeah how can i get this data? do you have a api haha

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          It's from the menu the app pulls from the server. It comes in JSON and I run a script over it. My comment history shows more details somewhere in an older KFC thread.

      • the poster could have deleted the kfc internal product codes, no use to public.

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          Thank you for your input

          • @cooni: all good, just thought someone was risking their job to post on ozbargain

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      Wow, no more regular coleslaw? That was my favourite substitute side!

      • Nah that's just menu shenanigans.

    • YO@ they got rid of original burgers for.. crispy burgers?

      • It seems they don't rename products, they give them a new code.

        Crispy is the old fillet, but double breaded to be crispier according to their marketing

        • They taste completely different, so should be two different products.

          Might be an unpopular opinion, but if I'm going to a chicken joint I'm wanting to taste.. chicken. Not batter. I get why they've doubled down on the breading, it's a lot cheaper, but if I'm eating something between two bits of bread already why would I want extra bread?

          • @pennypincher98: I think people would complain that although the original fillet was fried it was soggy and didn’t have that classic fried crust. This new breading has fixed that issue.

            • @binti33: Personally, I never got a soggy original fillet.. the breading is just so ridiculously much now it tastes like a Coles brand knockoff you'd find in the frozen section.

              I tried it and I'm glad because I haven't gone back to KFC since. Not like they're the only place that sells fried chicken lol.

    • No more Giant Feast?!

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    Okay! It's definitely a deal but not for everyone! KFC chicken is getting smaller nowaday. They are more focusing on wings, chicken nuggets and burgers. Their chicken are also not as tasty as before, quite disappointed!

    • +3

      Agree. Red rooster is much better.

    • -1

      As you get older your taste buds change, I've seen it in my great grandparents, my grandparents and now my parents, same complaints and the food is exactly the same, the only solution as I see it is to legalise voluntary euthanasia to save us the whinging.

      • Thanks

      • +2

        only solution as I see it is to legalise voluntary euthanasia to save us the whinging.


      • +6

        Does it have to be voluntary? Seems you have built inefficiencies into your proposed model.

      • Will you go first?

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      The cooked food that comes out of KFC has been pretty inconsistent. It's probably due to the food prep involved and the low pay of the staff.

      I still order and enjoy KFC and their app deals are much better value (e.g. compared to McD). I also think that the fried chicken is nutritionally better than many other fast foods.

      • +3

        I also think that the fried chicken is nutritionally better than many other fast foods.

        Username checks out lol

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      KFC chicken is getting smaller nowaday

      Agree… The wings are so small they must kill em before they get out of the egg. Same with drumsticks.

  • This or cheap as chips?

    • This.

    • +5

      Cheap as Chips: 8 pieces, 6 nuggs, 2 sauces, 4 large sides, $25.95.

      This: 9 pieces, 2 regular chips (equivalent to 1 large), small gravy, $14.95.

      Add 2 large sides for $6.95 (if it lets you with this deal) and pretend the extra piece of chicken and gravy is 6 nuggs and 2 sauces, $21.90, and you are 1 large chips short of Cheap as Chips for $4.05 cheaper.

      So it depends. Do you want 6 nuggs and 4 large chips, or no nuggs and 3 large chips and an extra piece of chicken and $4 leftover? Does the $14.95 deal also allow you to add things like 5 tendies for $7.45 in case you need more boneless chicken for the kids (or adult kids)?

      Personally I could stand to eat fewer chips and no nuggs because I prefer the pieces and KFC chips are pretty mid, so my choice is this deal (coming from someone who has ordered the Cheap as Chips every time we have KFC since that deal was released, except when 9 pieces for $9.95 on Tuesdays was a thing).

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    hmm i dont see this in the apps I am too eager the store is not opened yet

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    Fark the fill up box! Noooo, was a good paring with the extra 2 rods for $3

    • Pretty good value, though i thought the previous ones were better

  • +5

    Great deal - could absolutely make multiple meals from it. I'm actually a massive fan of reheating KFC in the airfryer. More often than not it's way too greasy originally - what I get a day or two later IMHO is better than what is sold in stores.

  • +8

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

  • Budget night meals tonight 😁

  • +2

    Normalise including gravy in meals!

    • The moist maker!

  • Maybe a lot of traffic to KFC online. Slow in the app and browser. I put it in the cart, but check out is disabled ? Nearby KFC is open. I tried in the app and browser. At least I want to be able to place the order for certain time if it is only available for dinner time … Is it only available for dinner? It says DINNER. Let me place the order for certain time, lol.

    Customise the chickens to all Hot & Spicy 😋. I am in Sydney City. So, Hot & Spicy is available.

    • I just added it to cart and I can get to check out, so might be specific to your store - maybe something is out of stock. See if it is still disabled with OR instead of H&S

      • Problem with KFC in front of Central station, but no problem with KFC Haymarket. Thank you 😊

  • Why can't they ever offer a KFC deal on my cheat day??

    • +1

      Just make everyday your cheat day

        • Eat the chicken then walk 10k steps, cheat day?

  • +3

    Wish I could change the chips to colesaw

  • +1

    wish they had hot and spicy

    • Yes, in certain locations, check other locations. I'll pick up my hot & spicy KFC 😋

  • Woah look at that magic gravity defying Gravy in the photo

  • Keep in mind they reduced the plain gravy size a little while ago. It used to be in between the small and large P&G sizes, now it's the same size as a small P&G :(

    • They also made it powdered gravy recently. Not as nice imho.

      • Yeah, the new stuff is way easier to make but tastes way worse imo

        • +2

          Oh really? So the "gunk" (there is a proper term for it but i've forgotten) at the bottom of the pressure cookers is no longer collected and mixed in? That's a shame if that's the case

    • +1

      I thought I was going crazy when they changed it, but it definitely shrunk a couple of years ago :(

  • Ok noob here on chicken pieces.

    I only like breast. Can you ask for all breast or they just do what they do?

    • +1

      Can’t ask for all of one piece, it leaves us without a variety of pieces. for breast theres usually not many per tray.

      • Yet when the shoe is on the other foot…

        Friday night we got 21 pieces for the footy and 17 were wings and legs with 3 rib pieces and a tiny breast piece that looked like it had been hiding at the back of the warmer since opening.

        Guess my store was taking on all requests for the big pieces that night.

      • If you asked for all wings they would happily do that for you, but nobody wants all wings!
        When I used to work there, we would have 2 types of bags. The standard bag would have 2 drumsticks, 2 ribs, 2 wings, 2 thighs and 1 breast. We also had bags which only had 11 drumsticks and 7 thighs.

  • Thanks OP

  • Such a shame my local store stopped offering hot and spicy all year around.

    Is this single redemption or can we get it multiple times during the offer period?

    • +1

      It's multiple times. I can reorder again and put it in the cart.

      Not hot and spicy enough for me. I use ABC original chilli sauce (bottle) and eat with white rice. Very nice treat 😋. Try ABC original chilli sauce that is sold in Coles/Woolworths or other asian supermarkets.

      • +1


        It's not spicy enough for me either, but I prefer the way it's fried

  • Suitable for 8 year anniversary dinner?

    • +5

      9 pieces, save it for 9 year anniversary.

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