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Mcvitie's Digestives Chocolate 266g: 2 for $3.40 @ Woolworths


McVitie's digestive 2 for $3.40.

This maybe a price error as this is a better price than ive ever seen, and its often priced at half price $2.20 ea or $4.40 for two. Also on the receipt it showed a deal promo of $4.40 for two, but it scans at $3.40. A saving of $5.30 on normal priice.

This deal makes it $1.70 each

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    Here is the link.

    2 for $3.40 it's for Mcvitie's Digestives Milk Chocolate 266g & Mcvitie's Digestives Dark Chocolate 266g

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    Aren't all biscuits digestive?

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    It's cheaper because it's smaller I guess! The normal original one is 355g

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      Shrinkflation strikes again!

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      That is probably the plain ones. It doesnt look like it has shrunken for the flavoured ones. If it has shrubken, the price has increased with the shrinkage. That would be real shrinkflation.

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        They have been reduced in size.

        Plain: 400g -> 355g
        Chocolate: 300g -> 266g

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          Wow, and i didnt even notice. With a price increase as well.

        • Thanks for the info! Now I know not to buy them anymore.
          They were pretty damn good, but so bad for me.

          • @SuperGreen: Everything has increased in price, you cant stop buying everything.

          • @SuperGreen: Buy the Aldi version, taste the same and it's 400g

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      It was 400g a few months back because I make cheesecakes. Now I use aldi's version which is 400g. When I saw it went down to 355g….. i was so pissed

  • the new mini digestives are amazing. they go on sale every now and then for 20-40% off. highly recommend
    enough for a snack on the go and stops me from smashing half the cylinder of the big ones in one go

    • Heres me, eating half a biscuit when hungry and still fat as fakk!

      • i think i can eat 2-3 biscuits with a coffee for an unhealthy breakfast. if im using this as a late arvo snack and im super hungry, i can have 3-4.
        not a great thing but it tides me over when work is slamming me

        • Somehow these feel more satisfying to me than fruits.

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    This actually give me diarrhea

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      Ouch, might be worth doing a food intolerance/allergy test to find out what is doing it.

    • Eat too many and you basically got a belly full of flour and chocolate. Our ape ancestors didn't come across entire packets of McVitties Chocolate Digestives when they were swinging around the jungle. It's not natural to scoff too many of these at once.

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        I've personally experienced evolution and can smash the whole packet ..while reaching for the second…

        Shut up and take my money ;)

      • Thank god we have evolution. We don’t tend to throw our poop nowadays either.

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        You have your ancestors belly? You should get that checked out buddy. Meanwhile we have all evolved on wheat diets.

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    Palm oil biscuits ☠️

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    Literally order 3 for pickup, my kids always hated these but for some reason they started to like them

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      Better find something else the hate instead. I primarily live on 85% lindt dark chocolate and lentils these days as they're the only thing that survive more than a few days before the insatiable teenage monsters devour everything else in sight.

      • Now we all sit together to eat this, that sight is beautiful 😂

        My wife doesn't like anything non-chocolate. So I finally got something I can gather my kids around for

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        I’m getting images of Godzilla now.

        I have friends who couldn’t believe how much less shopping they needed to do after their son left home.

      • ginger nuts are often not popular with teens. although some teens like them

  • These are really nice.

    Great price.

  • Is this instore?

    • Yes, instore. Possibly online also.

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    Damn, now I need to check this out. There are great nibbles whilst watching the Giro D’Italia. I mean surely watching someone doing strenuous exercise burns calories doesn’t it?

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    It's not an error, it's literally a Multi Buy promo & it's written on the product page:

    Buy More Save More

    2 for $3.40

    • Yes, i see now what is on the receipt. Was looking at the weong line.

      McVities Digestives Dark

      Chocolate 266g
      Qty 2 @ $4.40 each $8.80
      BUY 2 for $3.40 -$5.40

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    Always a fan of the originals, never tried chocolate flavored ones, maybe I should.

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      You should give them a try. Also the new double or is it fully coated, or whatever they are called are also very good.

      • This weekend for sure.

  • I love these and this is a bargain, but I'm always amazed by what goes into them compared with my other favourite imported biscuits.

    Walker's Shortbread Fingers ($2.90 Woolies)
    Wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt.

    McVitie's Digestives Milk Chocolate
    Wheat Flour, Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Skimmed Milk, Whey, Butter Oil, Vegetable Oil (Sal, Shea, Palm), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate), Natural Flavouring), Palm Oil, Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Sugar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Acidity Regulator (Malic Acid), Salt.

  • Are these the same as chocolate wheatens?

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    With price inflation and product shrinkflation we are finally getting skinnier

  • digestive biscuits were actually invented to 'ease digestive problems' aka reduce farts. People used to take a dose of baking soda, so they just put that into a biscuit with a bunch of other stuff.

    • interesting. i always thought it was because they were high in fibre!

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