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[NSW] $10 Ramen Opening Special @ Tenkomori Burwood


$10 for all bowls of ramen from 17/05-19/05 to celebrate the grand opening of Tenkomori Burwood. Located in Burwood Westfield Food Court.

Mod: According to comments, the promotion has started a day early

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  • +1

    Ooo finally, they’re right next to the kfc there. Looking forward to trying them

    • Their Tonkotsu broth is so delicious I love it !!! Go to the one at Wynyard regularly .

    • You work at the Burwood one?

      • +1

        On the KFC giant snack pack post, I commented about drive thru and rewards for hitting #1 on the leaderboard

        • Ah right right. I guess not then :)

  • +5

    The restaurant between maccas and KFC is cursed. Everytime I go there it changes.

    • No it doesn’t, hasn’t changed for 10 years

      • +4

        "Everytime I go there…" could be 10 years ago ?

        • +6

          I think the bigger issue is this guy causes places to change by just showing up. Let's hope he isn't hungry for ramen.

      • you know he is 80 years old, right.

    • +1

      The sushi shop that it's replacing had been there for ages…
      And I'm pretty sure Super Bowl next door has also been there for quite a while?

      • +1

        in the last few months, that sushi shop was practically dead and when i wanted to buy from it, the customer service was so bad i went to sushi hub

  • +2

    Expecting a long line

    • Go outside rush hour

  • -5

    How's this a deal though? If anything, $10 ramen noodles are overpriced

    • +2

      i mean you can't even by a 6 inch sub for under 10 now

  • +3

    tried the one at wynard and was quite disappointed

  • +1


    been to this one last year for $1 at Wynyard. If they offer the same but $10 definitely not worth

    • Inflation on specials are way too high. No deal

    • So, you don't think the ramen is tasty ?

    • Where can you get ramen for $10 these days?

      • nowhere lol

  • +1

    It started already

    • Thanks for letting us know sunnyc, how was the ramen?

      • It was just okay

    • Closed again for the day, just tried

  • +3

    Just had a black garlic ramen. It's decent, especially for a food court option. You wouldn't travel to come here but if you find yourself in Burwood Westfield it's absolutely worth going to over most other options.

    No line at all today.

  • anyone tried the acai place in the food court? any good?

    • Go to boost juice. Açai places are a scam

      • How so?

  • What time do they close? Dont even have a number we can call

  • Just went; overall pretty good! Got the vegan ramen plus an egg rice bowl. Great options including curry and rice bowls, and honestly prices are pretty good regardless of the deal, so I'll be eating here again in future. Just some things to note:
    - Went just as lunch rush was getting hectic. Had to wait about 30 minutes from line up to getting food. I imagine it's going to be more hectic throughout this weekend so just keep that in mind.
    - Broth noticeably is a mix of hot water and some sort of broth concentrate. It basically tasted like hot water on the surface, however if you mix it through its fine. Probably not a problem when the staff are flat out.

    • +1

      I got there around 5:30pm to get some early dinner and the line for ordering was like stretching all the way to Oportos.

      Overall it was pretty satisfying albeit that the broth seemed to be watered down but it is understandable since the amount of orders they had to maintain today.

      I defs will be coming back to try some other stuff on the menu when it dies down abit.

      Note: Anyone who's going, should check out the menu on their website. Might be hard to see the menu at the back of the line.

  • -2

    The sheep mentality is so strong

  • +3

    There's a FAT line today (as of 12:08).

    • +2

      Omg, thanks for sharing. I was thinking about it, but decided to do some gardening instead.

    • +1

      Oh my god I see myself in that picture. Line was definitely not moving and I kinda gave up after 15mins. I assume today would be the same…

  • Not too busy today, prices are normal

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