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AmEx Statement Credits: Spend $400 Hilton Get $80 Back, Spend $500 at Qantas Get $75 Back, & More


Variety of Amex Statement credit offers for the travel categories released over the last few days, targetted quite likely, as usual.

Few others

  • Wyndham - Spend $400 or more, get $100 back, up to two times.

  • IHG - Spend $350 or more, get $75 back.

  • Hertz - Spend $250 or more, get $50 back.

  • Four Seasons - Spend $300 or more, get $60 back, up to two times.

  • Marriott Bonvoy - Spend $400 or more, get $80 back

  • Pan Pacific hotel group - spend $400 or more, get $80 back.

  • Adina - Spend AU$400 or more, get AU$100 back. Thanks @Rifty6210

  • Peninsula Hotels - Spend $500, get $100 back. Thanks @xers and @GUYANDSON

  • Mandarin Oriental hotel groups - Spend $600, get $120 back @GUYANDSON

  • Avis - Spend $250, get $50 back. Thanks @xers

Might be a few more out there, targetted based on your previous spend (or lack of) etc.

Check the individual offer T&Cs before booking to ensure you meet the criteria for the statement credit, e.g. hotel restrictions, currency requirements, pre-booked etc.

Safe travels!

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  • +6

    Shame Accor doesn’t participate anymore

    • Yeah it's a shame! Unless it's very niche in targetting the audience for the offer (but doesn't look like it as this looks like a blast of offers).

  • +2

    I have a few more offers on mine:

    Hilton - Spend AU$400 or more, get AU$80 back.
    Adina - Spend AU$400 or more, get AU$100 back.

    • Thanks! Added Adina!

    • Did anyone else get Adina? Strange I got all of the hotel chains except this one.

  • Did anyone get any of these offers (bar Qantas) on their Velocity Escape card? I got them on my standard Elevate and the supp, but jack on my Velocity Escape (which is a bummer as I could really do with some more IHG offers haha)

    • +1

      I have most of the offers available on my Velocity Platinum card if that helps.

    • Nope, nothing on Velocity Escape. Not even my Qantas Explorer had the QF offer :)

  • Can u buy $500 of points at Qantas ff and get the $75?

    • "Offer only valid for flights that are within or depart from Australia, which are paid for in Australian Dollars."

      So no.

    • +3

      No, but in the past Qantas gift vouchers worked for the credit https://www.qantas.com/au/en/book-a-trip/gift-vouchers.html

      • Still working now??

        • +1

          Yes, I tried a few days ago and received credit today

      • +2

        yes, buying gift voucher was working for me last year
        however I feel that the gift voucher is extremely hard to use

        It requires to use the dedicated page to book for ticket using the gift voucher
        and I wasnt able to book for multiple tickets (only single adult) when I wish to book for the whole family

        Besides, after each ticket booking, a new voucher of remaining balance is being issue

        • -1

          would anyone know if this is the same page where Flight Credit is redeemed? if so, it is publicised that these flights can be more expensive

      • keen to know if it still works

        • Sure does! :)

  • Can I use Amex travel credit and still get this?

    • Amex travel credits can only be used in the amex travel portal. But one way to use both is possibly making a split booking, for example with accommodation. E.g book a few nights via amex travel and then book a few nights directly with hotel. Call hotel to combine bookings. This may cost extra though, so be aware, especially if there are standard booking charges that then get applied twice across the multiple bookings.

  • I only get Hertz and Adina :-(

  • +3

    Got all of them plus Avis ($50 back on $250 spend) and The Peninsula ($100 back on $500).

    Shame about the lack of Accor, would have been nice to combine with Accor+ discounts.

    • Thanks added! Long list now ha!

  • [Targeted] most not on my Plat edge

    only got Adina & Mardarin.

  • +1

    got these ones as well

    spend $500 get $100 back - peninsula hotels
    spend $600 get $120 - mandarin oriental hotel group

    • Thanks added!

  • Excellent time for an upcoming trip!

  • The Hilton offer says it is valid in-store only. Does that mean it wont work on the cheapest rate which requires you to pay online at the time of booking?

    • +2

      Thats right. Prepaid rates won’t work.

      • Is this amex deal any value then? Have to turn up way in advance?

    • If you go in further looks to be for their restaurants not for accomodation

      • You can use it on accommodation as well.

    • May not work for Hilton but it maybe worth a try to call their reservation department. I called one of Accor hotels before to ask them to book my stay at the cheaper price online and pay in person when checking in and they could do it.

  • Shame that it’s selected countries only

  • Got all of them but most of them say valid in person only at the front desk and not online.

  • Some require in-person transaction at the hotel, anyone knows if online booking works?

    • You can book online and pay in person

  • Boooo. Only got Adina.

    Does Four Seasons cover Hawaii? Trying to work out whether to borrow parents card 🤭

  • +1

    Does anyone know if these Amex offers work when buying on Qantas Wine.. previous qantas wine txn descriptions on my Amex came up as Qantas Loyalty Mascot
    Just seeing if anybody has previous experience?

  • Sorry dumb question maybe. If I book via Expedia and pay via the Amex card do I still get it?

    • In the t&c it says,

      Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment.

      I guess you can't use expedia then.

      • +1

        You can if you pay in person at the front desk.

    • No. Since you didn't pay directly to the hotels, instead in your statement it's Expedia which doesn't qualify for the hotel offers.

  • Amex Platinum

    Only got Mandarin Oriental

    • IHG - Spend $350, get $75
    • Net-a-porter - Spend $700, get $100
    • Mr Porter - 12% back, up to $200
    • Technogym - 10% back every time
  • Can you use the Qantas for Qantas hotels or is it only flights? I’m the t&c say flights but it says from Qantas website and doesn’t say excluding Qantas hotels

    • I'm wondering the same for Qantas Wine.

    • "Offer only valid for flights that are within or depart from Australia, which are paid for in Australian Dollars."

  • -2

    i have the qantas amex, does it work with that?

  • +1

    Got Langham Spent time $800 get $200 a couple of days ago.
    Atm Langham offer 3rd night free in Sydney through FHR on the Charge card - that's $840 for our 3 night stay. So now $640 for 3 nights with breakfast, late check out and $130 to spend in the hotel.

    • I'm a little late but if you go through FHR, dont think you're eligible for the Langham deal….

      • +1

        Yes you are, just have to pay at the hotel. We just did it and got the credit

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