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Amoy Glutinous Rice Dumpling 3pk 180g $3, Shrimp Shaomai 10pc 130g $3 @ Woolworths


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    Glutinous Rice

    Note: Does not contain gluten.

    Amoy Glutinous Rice Dumpling

    Seem to have gluten added ???

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      Glutinous rice doesn't have gluten, but this dumpling - wait for it - has filling in it, which apparently contains SESAME,GLUTEN,SOY,FISH.

      The packaging is probably plastic, so better not to consume it.

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        has filling in it

        What are the ingredients ?

        • Why would you like to know that?

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            @pizzaguy: Because if you are ordering a food product online, it should be mandatory to list the ingredients.

            • @jv: I know right! Annoying af.

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                  @jv: MSG ALLERGY - is a myth!
                  Disproved decades ago!!

                  You may have a sensitivity to it.
                  But we've had this debate before!
                  Especially your friends reaction you claim as proof!!

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                      @jv: You're being downvoted for semantics. An "allergy" is a reaction that involves the immune system, whereas your MSG sensitivity that makes you feel sick technically isn't caused by an immune reaction. Yeah I know, how dare you…

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                      @jv: But msg is a naturally occurring protein. Genuinely do you not consume tomato’s or cheeses given they’re actually really high in msg?

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                        But msg is a naturally occurring protein.

                        The ones added to many foods are synthetic.
                        They are the ones I'm allergic to.

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                          @jv: I’m not an expert but I thought MSG was genuinely chemically indistinguishable and identical regardless of processed or naturally occurring. And the processed stuff is very pure, that is extracted from natural sources anyway… anyway just curious. You do you.

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                            was genuinely chemically indistinguishable

                            Nope… I have no problem eating food naturally high in MSG, but the artificially made stuff that is added, that is a no-no

            • @jv: It should be mandatory to declare all ingredients, but does that happen in practice?
              I wonder how coke gets away without declaring its 'secret recipe' in ingredients. Apparently they call it a 'trade secret', so they don't have to list recipe ingredients on bottles

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                I wonder how coke gets away without declaring its 'secret recipe' in ingredients.

                All the ingredients are listed on the product, as required by law…

          • @pizzaguy:

            Why would you like to know that?

            So they can complain about it some more, as they haven't reached their quota for the day!

    • Is that because soy has gluten in it

      • Soy doesn't have gluten in it, soy is just a bean.

        Soy sauce, a sauce made with soy beans, usually has wheat flour/starch in it.

    • Is that you VJ ¿

  • Has anyone tried them?

    Was planning on picking one up the next time I'm at Woolworths.

    • Very good, IMO, worth trying. For $3, it's cheaper than Asian grocery store, otherwise, you can pick up anytime at Asian grocery store.

      • How are you cooking them?

        Steaming on stovetop or microwave?

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          Cut off the corners, and microwave it for 3~4 minutes. That's it.

          • @O O: 2 Mins for me on a 1000w Microwave, it's already extremely hot and crispy on the outside.

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            @O O: The fact that you think microwaving them is acceptable tells me I shouldn't trust anything you say about the taste or quality.

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          Steaming it for the best taste, I tried microwaving n hated it.

      • Are these in the fridge or freezer?

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          In freezer section.

    • I love the rice dumpling. I stock up when it goes on sale

    • This is my best quick yum cha item.
      Easy to cook with microwave. Here are the steps to get best results any time.

      1. Remove plastic cover but keep the tray
      2. Put the tray on plate and put a bit of water in the plate
      3. Sprinkle water on frozen dumplings wraps
      4. Microwave for 3-4 minutes
      5. Remove the wraps and done!
      • My approach is slight different:
        1.Remove plastic cover but keep the tray
        2.Rinse it with tap water for a few seconds
        3. Place the wet frozen dumplings on a plate
        4. Microwave for 2 minutes on one side
        5. Microwave for 1.5 minutes on the other side
        6. Open but not remove wrapping for ease cleaning later

  • Love the rice dumplings. Just got some yesterday from my local Woolies but sadly they were marked $3.90 which is the same price as every time they go on sale.

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      Look at op you can get refund

      • +1

        I tried asking online since I can't be bothered going back but they said since I bought it in store the refund can only be issued in store. But then they gave me a $10 e-gift card for the inconvenience which was more than what I paid so it's all good.

        • There’s an online woolies chat? Never knew that

  • Why does the package photo look like a block of chocolate?

    • Seasoned with dark soy bean sauce I think.

  • Good deal! thanks

  • Made in China or Hong Kong?

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      Made in Hong Kong.

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        Nice. Alot of things that used be manufactured in Hong Kong are now made in China.

        Edit - geeeee…. that neg came quick.

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          Not to worry, I gave you a +!

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        Made in Hong Kong.

        China then.

        • -3

          Soon, not just yet.

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          Fun fact: not all Chinese are citizen of the People's Republic of China.

          Didn't know a dimsim can be so political.

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            Didn't know a dimsim can be so political.

            Dimsims aren't Chinese. They are a westernised/Australian-ised version of dimsum (they resemble a deep fried version of shao mai to me). Go to any Chinese grocer anywhere in the world other than in Australia and you won't find dimsims.

            • +4

              @brotherfranciz: Well. Dimsim/dimsum/dianxin (or more accuately dim sam in Cantonese) are English translation of whats generally referred to as 點心.

              點心 on its own means snack/tea item. However, a common useage of 點心 refers to a variety food found in yumcha, with origin from the southern part of China (GuangZhou/Hong Kong and the like).

              The history of it in Australia goes back to the early Chinese immigrant arriving in Australia. The westenised siu mai (pork wrapped in a wonton pastry) and called to dimsim. The australian version of dimsim comes in variois forms and shapes (generally like a meat ball wrapped in some sort of pastry). Like Mangolian beef, innovatively created by early immigrants and is only found in old school Chinese takeaway shops outside of the PRC. Sourcd: relatives from China arrived in Australia in the 50s.

  • Glutinous rice one doesn't seem in stock in many stores? Can only find Sydney CBD.

  • These thingos are like $12 for 4 when eating out at restraunts. Awesome deal!

    • +1

      These are very small in comparison.

    • You could make that comparison with like any food at all, comparing buying it at a restaurant VS at home, and come to that conclusion though.

  • +1

    Thanks, just picked up one of each to try.

    Still tagged as $3.90 on the shelf, but scans at $3 at checkout.

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    If you're after the best tasting Shao Mai, it has to be the Hanabi ones from Coles. It's pricey, but definitely closest to restraunt quality. Everything else is either too mushy or taste like a Shaw Mai shaped fishball.

  • Any stock in WA?

  • Thanks for heads up OP, will look out in my local store

    • Sold out at my local 😢

  • Got the siu mai but seafood rice dumpling was sold out. Siu mai is very average. Only worth $3 to me for such a small amount.

    • Did you steam or microwave oven it ? I found steam is much better than microwave oven to heat it up.

      • I steamed them

  • Literally no stock in any SA stores.

  • 10pc 130g - 13g per shaomai lol?

  • -5

    My spouse is Chinese aged 32 been in Australia 8 years and I am not allowed to buy packaged food that comes from China. Then
    Chinese don't eat packaged food like we do in the West, usually fresh fruit vegetables and meat. The risk of contamination and filth and disregard is rampant in China. The reason Australian milk is imported into China with great relish is because powdered milk manufactured in China killed a lot of Chinese. tastes great good luck.

    • +1

      Chinese don't eat packaged food like we do in the West, usually fresh fruit vegetables and meat

      Lol wut? The amount and variety of packaged/processed/premade snacks/toppings/drinks sold and consumed in the mainland and by immigrants living abroad is mind boggling and absolutely popular. Have you stepped foot inside a local Asian grocer recently?

      • I call BS as Well. Plenty that would eat no shortage of instant noodles, msg and other junk and fast food, yes they have McDonald's in China now. There are also plenty of overweight Chinese from eating said western food.

        It's still calories in-out to a point and overeating all that meat and oil is still heavy. It doesn't magically go to muscle, especially if you aren't into resistance training or burning it off.

      • His spouse is Chinese, therefore he automatically knows everything about China.

  • -3

    I should add. made in Hong Kong China but there's no Chinese writing, it's all in English and it's all made specifically for the West.

  • +1

    Warning, not gluten free!

  • Yes, strange I bought for $3.9 yesterday.
    Can I claim the differences if I have the receipt?

    • You may want to check with woolies customer service (which I'm not), but if it was priced $3.90 on your store's shelf and you paid $3.90, then there's probably little you can do.

  • Lol at the name amoy…. Equivalent meaning to a chinese sheila..

  • I tried to buy some at Woolworths Haymarket but they said that because they're a Woolworths Metro they are priced higher so it's still $3.90. Is that correct?

  • I wanted to avail of these as it seemed a good price, and I have had experience with this brand before when I visited HK… Shame of it is, I went to my local and they didn't stock it. The lady went on their system and it showed that the closest woolies that would have it is in Townhall - Just 98kms away! Bugger that.

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