Apple AirPods Max Wireless Headphones (Sky Blue) $699 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart (Officeworks Price Beat $664.05)


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    I’m a heavy Apple product user, but will not buy any new product of theirs with “lightning port”! Yes I’m talking to you, AirPod max….

  • These perform similar to airpods pro 2, at a way higher price. These also lack a few features like conversation awareness

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      They are pretty old now, they must be working on a new one. Maybe trying to figure out how to get it to work with Vision.

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    as much as I love apple, there's no good reason to pay this much for a product that's 3.5 years old and missing features that their newer audio lineup has

  • Next gen will have USB-C and megsafe. so this will be a terrible resale value

    • People buys used headset? Yuck. They can buy mine, always soaked with sweats for $200.

      If yes, society is FDCK! Just plain disgusting. Imagine the earwax breathing on that + the solid sweats.

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        Better than throwing in bin. When there is seller, there is always buyer

  • Tip for gym users 🤣🤣

  • Have they fixed theses issues with sweat and noise cancelling?

    • Using mine for 2 years+ now and never had a problem with heavy sweat and noise cancelling.

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  • I lost my pair (don't ask) and honestly for working out they are just the best pair out there.

    I find plastic ones like Bose QC35 and NC700 get too hot on my ears and because they are all metal they are almost unbreakable. Throw then into your gym bag and you are good to go.

    Very tempted to buy another pair, but surely a new model is launching soon (with USB-C and conversation awareness and hopefully a better carry case).

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