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[PC, Epic] Free - Farming Simulator 22 @ Epic Games


Freebie from Epic games. As usual, available from 1am AEST.

Full credit to Billbil-kun.

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      Disappointed with free?

      • Don't get me wrong, I will still get it for free. But the mystery vault it supposed to be 4 AAA games.

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          Is it? Last year was Payday 2, Fallout New Vegas, Midnight Ghost Hunt and Death Stranding. I wouldn't consider Payday 2 or Midnight Ghost Hunt to be AAA.

          • @Donners22: Holy crap, is it already a year since Fallout New Vegas was free?! I still haven't played it beyond character creation 😔

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        No offence - but Shit is also free.

    • Is Tetris a single C game?

      • I'm terms of budget, nah. But according to the official Tetris website, the iconic puzzle game has exceeded 520 million in sales over its lifetime, with "billions" of sessions played online every year. Doubt whomever is getting paid for those sales these days cares how many As people give it 😁

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      AAA or not, it's a very popular and successful game.

      Farming Simulator continues to be a success story for GIANTS Software. The latest entry in the series, Farming Simulator 22, has sold more than six million copies – from the original base game to the Platinum Edition & Premium Edition since its release in November 2021.


      Another game that just passed 6 million copies is Kingdom Come: Deliverance. That was a very popular free deal. Yeah, the deal was for two games but it was pretty clear Kingdom Come was the more popular of the two.

      • +3

        it's a very popular and successful game

        it's actually a really good game. I've sunk many hours into the 2019 version. It is surprisingly chill, lots of mods to add interesting aspects to it, and even tho there's a bit of jank, it's pretty consistent in how fun it is. It's not like a normal game where there's a story, action and characters. It's more like minecraft - sandbox game where you define your own goals.

        • +1

          it's so chill that I've fallen asleep on the couch playing it on Series X, mid harvest, then woken up half an hour or so later and i've driven across 4 fields, the freeway and ended up in the creek!! LOL

          It is a really good game though, especially in multiplayer

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    HayDay was my favorite farming game … will give this a test when I get a chance.

  • +10
    • Without watching it, is the crazy train out of control video from some valve game that derails, that did the rounds years ago on steam and is stupid crazy?

      Yeahnah the penny dropped as soon as it played, it's not. I'm thinking of the train simulator one.

      • +3

        did you mean this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnAMDg7IVWs

        I do remember seeing this.

        However, the video i posted earlier seemed more related as this deal is about farming simulator.

        Both are in a similar style, so I'm pretty sure the same guy made them.

        • That's it lol 😂

    • +3

      I will never get tired of this video, I look forward to it every time this game is posted. Thank you.

      • Hahaha me too… Most welcome mate

    • @starbearer That video is incredibly stupid. I love it!

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    Lost track on what version is Farming Simulator up to now? Farming Simulator 69?

    • -3

      They dropped a DLC - Edoo's mums 'house of comfort'.

      • -3

        This comment chain doesn't deserve the downvotes… people need to get out and relax on a sex farm for sex hookers or something.

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    Everyone might learn something here instead of paying for overpriced veggies 😜

  • Does this have a tutorial yet? I've tried to play farming sims, but I know nothing about farming, show me what to do!

    • +1

      Just make crop circles. It's the only fun I had with this tedious game.

      • First you get the Starfruit, then you get the money, then you get the women 👍🏻

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    Now I can use everything I learnt from Clarkson's Farm to win this game ez!

  • Can I drive the tractor on a public road without insurance and cause an accident?

  • nice. I was eyeing off Premium 22' but nothing on sale. Freebie to get things started, yes please.


    Did I do it, son?

    Am I cool now?

  • +3

    Does the game involve finding a wife?

  • Do I have to stay up until 1am or will the deal still be available later on in the day/morning?

    • +2

      You should have a week to claim it.

  • +7

    Had zero interest in farming a year ago…..

    Now i'm…. (Checks Steam)… 468.7 hours in and………..


  • If one gets this, does it make one eligible for FARMER WANTS A WIFE? asking for a friend!

    ….from the shows details "Eligible farmers in Australia go out on a series of romantic dates" nah its me… wife is hooked on show.
    Thinking if I get this I maybe I get a look-in ;)

    • +1

      Let us know how you get on.
      Don't forget to claim your million-dollar production budget for romantic dates like helicopter trips, cuddles by the campfire in the bush, and Quad bike adventures through the back country (that you don't have to think up, plan, set up or pay for), with a side of manufactured drama.

  • Framing Farming simulator 2019 was a previous Epic giveaway in January 2020.

    I've been collecting all the Epic giveaways from the start but somehow missed that. So glad t be able to get it this time around.

    • "Framing simulator 2019"
      not a carpentry game?

  • MFs need to goto bunnings a buy a shovel.


  • Don’t write off this game too quickly. A bunch of us on discord watched clarksons farm and then spent way too many hours plowing fields together in multiplayer!

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