Dr Pete Soda Stream Syrup $5.95 + Delivery @ Soda Stream


Dr pete sodastream syrup 440ml
Back for limited time
For Dr Pepper fans

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  • Doest it actually taste like Dr Pepper?

    • +9

      No. It tastes like Dr Pete

      • 🤣 is Dr Pete, Dr pepper's identical twin? Honest question

    • This is the only sodastream flavour I buy and it tastes pretty similar to Dr Pepper I believe. I would say that it tastes closer to Dr Pepper Cherry than the original Dr P.

  • +3

    RRP. It was 40% off until yesterday. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/845710

    • +2

      It's frustrating that when I posted the USA flavours as an individual post the mods somehow deemed it to be a dupe of that deal. Despite the reps deal not mentioning anything specifically discounted in the title other than "40% off".

      • So the mods then modified the title of the rep's deal.

        • +5

          And still doesn't fit under the normal rules of a dupe either. Unfortunately they can be super inconsistent.

          Oh well maybe next time.

      • Mods doing a great job as usual

  • -1

    or just 2 parts coke, 1 part root beer. ;-)

    • Yeah, Nah..

      close but no cookie sunshine

  • +3

    Wish they had the Diet Dr Pete 😞

    • It's close to diet version already?
      Most SodaStream syrups are blended with sugar and artificial sweeteners.
      i.e. this one has 4% sugar and about 45 cal per glass.

  • +1

    $12.50 delivery 🤮

  • Compared to $2.50 for creaming soda syrup when on sale at Colesworths.

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