Tesla Model Y RWD $57,700 (Was $62,700) | Tesla Model 3 RWD $56,700 (Was $60,700) Delivered + On-Road Costs @ Tesla


Price dropped to an all time low, beating my previous post.

Tesla Model 3

LR and Performance price remains unchanged.

Prices above exclude on-road costs (varying per state).

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    Brother errrrrr

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      What’s that brother

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        Let me tell you something, brother!

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          The cream RISES to the TOP!

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          Brother. Get up brother. Oh this is a fine mess.

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    this is a massive drop wtf lol

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      Aussie dollar is up 5% in the last month?

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        do you really believe it's due to the exchange rate??

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          Tesla does adjust prices to aud fluctuations
          But no it’s due to slowing sales for sure

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          Tesla has always adjusted pricing to reflect changes in the conversion rate, you can cherry pick which event you believe to be related to which other event. But historically it fits.

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            @rickdwp: so how do you explain price drops in US? or price drops in China where the exchange rates are relatively stable? Even Elon calls price drops as demand levers

            • @MkVIGTI: Bitcoin exchange rate ?

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            @rickdwp: Another factor is the NEVS that just passed - Kia has already said it's affecting their decision on the EV5 price and Tesla might be trying to get ahead of that (and I think Tesla might also be able to sell credits to other manufacturers so this might be feeding into pricing decisions). Not discounting the oversupply and currency conversion considerations. I'm so pleased with these price drops.

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              @Sindex: NEVS doesn't take effect for another year yet, so I doubt it's that.

              I'm assuming that Tesla has simply decided to cut their profit margin to move more vehicles….and at these new prices, I'm guessing it's going to work - I know quite a few people who were keen on getting an EV but thought the purchase price was a bit too high.

              • @klaw81: Not technically started, but Kia has explicitly said the NEVS is affecting the price they'll set for the EV5 because they need to sell enough to offset their Tasman ute

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          u must be kidding right….nothing to do with exchange rate more like no one is buying them …

          a number of factors;

          interest rate high so no one is buying as cost of living has increased dramatically, so need to sell off
          america making them cheaper in the USA as they just put a 100 per cent tax on inmported china EV's cars
          backlog of stock

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      Just another 5k drop and everyone will be driving them as Uber/Taxi.

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        that's already started when they couldn't get any of the Toyota hybrid stock

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          Toyota by far the biggest loser, with years of backlogs on so many models.

          • @ATangk: actually they are the biggest winner but just behind the EV game because they are not focused on that side of the business… I will explain

            Toyota in fleet sales never actually had huge discounts compare to other Japanese brands

            Came pre covid they were selling 5 cars and earning X amount of dollars

            during and even now they have jacked the price up and also cut production but earning the same amount of money.

            yes they have backlogs but most people actually wait and the thing is that once the cars get to port, they sometimes increase the price again… as the customer to can cancel with no obligation or you can pay the extra money and get the car. most people will pay extra to get the car.

            Now by our calculations in selling these Toyota hybrids now they only need to sell 4 cars to get the same amount of commissions pre covid when they were selling 5 cars

            2019 Rav 4 - 2.5L 2wd Hybrid $35500 drive away
            2024 Rav 4 - 2.5L 2wd Hybrid $45830 drive away

            Actually selling 4 now make more $ than 5 back in 2019

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              @Poor Ass: $35k then is $45k now everything has increased twenty percent.

              Its the dollar going down

              • @Tleyx: Toyota price jack yes

                but the dollar is not down Aud actually went up 38% against the Yen from 2019 to now

                Yen is actually at it's lowest point of 10 years so it's best to buy some now if going to Japan or to invest

            • @Poor Ass: If Toyota and Tesla stop trying to capture market share, the Australian market will become a dumping destination for Chinese-made EVs. Of course, if this is the case, it will still be very beneficial to ordinary consumers like us.

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                @MindReader: Pretty sure like 90% of EVs are Chinese made

                They just got the infrastructure for it

              • @MindReader: The teslas that come here are made in China

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      I think Tesla output is greater than sales so they need to discount to reduce stock

    • Has Tesla moved to India yet?

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      It's because Tesla has maaaaassive stocks of unsold cars… they're parking them in dirt lots all over the place by the hundreds. Massive over production compared to demand. Makes Tesla look like it might be teetering financially… but if you're willing to take the risk, this really is an unbelievable price for these cars.

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        Yes, Tesla's inventory almost DOUBLED from 15 days last year to 28 days! (compared to Toyota at 46 days, Mazda 60 days, BMW 64 days, Ford 40 days, etc, etc…..)

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          Where do you get these stats?

      • What country?

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    • ?

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      🚀 🍆 🎯

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        Rocket Eggplant Dartboard sounds like a great game.

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    They have too many unsold cars, so they’re renting car parks to store them in AND they keep building and sending more of them over here

    Prices will drop again

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      Looks good to the market when you say x cars delivered. Reminds me of CD sales. Units shipped on the charts, just ignore that boxes and boxes are sent back to the supplier 6 months later.

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        Yeah very much said the same on the Sunday post. Heaps of cars pilling up in Germany and US (and probably Shanghai too). They've probably got to much production capacity as the real need is $30,000 cars, which these cars are still to expensive for most people and the lack of updates give less incentive to upgrade.

    • I think if Model 3 LR drops another 5K to about $65 drive-away it will give Xpower some competition. (as Xpower buyers imo are impressed with 3.8s but disappointed with the range).

    • I have a friend that owns a dealership in Western Sydney, he is freaking out, he has TOO MUCH stock of cars. (he isn't a Tesla dealer).

      There is just too many cars around and people are still lamely holding out for post Covid pricing.

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        Lamely? Prices are heading that way son. I don't think people understand the production time has dropped dramatically for EVs. So now they can pump cars out the door quicker. Which means a massive pile up of finished cars if demand isn't there.

        I would say in the next 3 months expect EVs to be another 5% cheaper. No matter what the brand.

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          Ye i'm agreeing with you, by post Covid pricing, I mean how excessive prices were because shipping globally got whacked. 2018 Mustang's went from 45k to 70k.Sellers on the second hand market are greedy and expecting to make profits still lol

          • @tightm8: It's mostly the same across the entire retail sector. Just look at air tickets. Now that demand and supply have returned to pre-covid levels, prices will follow for sure.

          • @tightm8: It wasn't just shipping, it was supply chain shortages. Remember how tech corporations couldn't get enough CPU's/inputs etc. Then on top of that it was up and down human resources, THEN the shipping issues. There was a lot at play.

            But now the supply chain is on steroids because all those issues have pretty much gone away PLUS BYD/Tesla etc. have these mammoth production facilities that are superfast at pumping out cars. So they have to sell so many more cars than a say a VW sold 10 years ago just to keep everything moving.

            I just don't think people can afford to upgrade a car every few years at these prices. It also feels like there are just so many more car brands out there ICE or EV, just so many more cars in the market which is going to lead to a massive deflation over the next few years unless one or two of the majors goes completely out of business.

      • +1

        "people are still lamely holding out for post Covid pricing."

        you mean people are holding out selling their car privately (therefore not buying new/newer cars)?

        Your friend selling new or used cars?

    • Yes, Tesla's inventory almost DOUBLED from 15 days last year to 28 days! (compared to Toyota at 46 days, Mazda 60 days, BMW 64 days, Ford 40 days, etc, etc…..)

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    haha My friends who paid $76K

    • +44

      your friend probably enjoyed the car longer. You laughing at your friend that paid more, is he/she eally your friend lol

      • +31

        hahaha not really :)

        • +5

          Fair lol

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        If only you invested in Tesla stocks

      • +3

        Should've invested in a high yield BMW instead

      • +4

        Cheers what did u have for lunch

      • Cheers what are your thoughts on the migratory patterns of the monarch butteflies?

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      I did pay $76k. And if I had an option to go back and delay the purchase by 2 years knowing it will be 13k cheaper, I would still buy it again. It has been a fun experience driving it. The best piece of tech that I have owned. (Not a car person)

  • -6

    And this will keep going, they're MASSIVELY overstocked despite slashing production.

    Only buy if you like the idea of your car depreciating insanely fast (and you want to tell the world what kind of person you are regards Elon).

    • +1

      What does that mean?

      • +11

        Most people wouldn't drive a Tesla because they don't want to support Elons douchebaggery.

        • +22

          I hate Elon, but I am still tempted by this

        • +2

          What exactly is the problem with Elon?

            • +8

              @mickeyjuiceman: Not everyone shares hatred precipitated by ideological leaning. I don't get the hatred for the guy, but on the (profanity) scale ranks pretty lowly considering who else is out there.

                • +1

                  @mickeyjuiceman: So far you haven't actually said anything. Just calling people stupid. Typical, really.

                  • -3

                    @DewinDell: Here ya go, I said this (among other things, just a few minutes ago. You need to work on your reading comprehension).

                    And this will keep going, they're MASSIVELY overstocked despite slashing production.

              • +5

                @Ham Dragon: Some people go to ideology but the reality is that Elon is just a straight up a-hole. The barest of Google searches will give you a dozen examples

                • @Trentgibbo3: I don't follow the culture wars / have way better things to do, but the little I have read or seen Elon's good outweighs the supposed bad. Mention Bill Gates, for example, or Zuckerberg, and you won't get the same pathological response. Hence I don't get the irrational hatred for someone who clearly isn't as bad as at least 100 other prominent people alive today.

                  • +1

                    @Ham Dragon: Both (Zuckerberg in particular) have been pretty widely despised at times.

                  • +1

                    @Ham Dragon: Zuck doesn't post homophobic, transphobic, racist and anti-vax nonsense, so no, people don't really have the same reaction to him.

                    • +5

                      @tp0: No, he just runs insidious, invasive spying platforms that target children for monetisation and is unapologetic about it. Top bloke. Shall we move on to Bill Gates? You sound offended because this person has contrary opinions to your own. I don't listen to or read Elon's musings, so I don't happen to care what they are, maybe you could try doing the same.

                    • @tp0: At least link to one of those accusations.

                  • +4

                    @Ham Dragon: You seem to follow it pretty closely since you know so much about the other billionaires and are using the irrationality of "whataboutism" to push blame to them in every other comment. I haven't heard of Bill Gates calling anybody a pedo and he is at least openly spending billions on charity.

                    • +2

                      @Trentgibbo3: Yeah "I don't follow culture wars" immediately followed by repeating verbatim some of Elon's contributions to the culture war.

                      • @tp0: I'll never understand how one man can so easily, readily & repeatedly induce the most epic butthurt simply by being himself & speaking his mind without much of a filter.

                    • -1

                      @Trentgibbo3: Way to miss the point. You don't need to be engaged in the mindless culture wars to grasp the current zeitgeist, at least what's depicted in the MSM. Elon can't fart loudly without wall to wall media coverage accusing him of being a "phobe" or "ist" of some variety. Bill Gates might not have publicly labelled someone a pedo but he did visit Epstein Island 37 times…make of that what you will.

            • +4

              @mickeyjuiceman: I think what you're meant to say:

              "Elon hurt mah feelings but I'm not sure why because I was told to think bad of him by the mainstream media".

              • @Spets: No, one only has to read his drivel on X

                • +2

                  @Randolph Duke: You don't have to read it, you choose to seek it out & be outraged by whatever his latest controversial (according to leftist hacks, usually) musings are. Simple solution…don't follow him, or don't use X.

                • +3

                  @Randolph Duke: Here is the secret. You don't have to read it. Further, how does driving a Tesla, a family sedan, signal anything to the world? Hate to imagine what you think of VW drivers lmao.

                  • @Koppeldread: I like all the projections you & @Harry P Ness have thrust upon me - well done.

              • +3

                @Spets: Elon-stans really are funny. He's never gonna love you no matter how hard you try

                • @mickeyjuiceman: And yet you have zero evidence of your source of hate towards him :)

                • +11

                  @mickeyjuiceman: This is a brain-dead meme response, and it's the 2nd time I've seen you post it in 2 days.

                  Not a single person here is either professing their love for Elon, or hoping for love in return.

                  The only point that I see people making is that a lot of the hate directed at Elon is based on rumours, innuendo and conflation, repeated and self-justified within an online echo chamber where everyone works each other up into a lather - it just builds into this massive, ridiculous pile-on where everyone seems to be competing for some mythical prize for the dumbest, most mindless, spiteful comment.

                  Nobody is forcing you to visit Twitter / X and read what Elon says. If you don't like the guys attitude or politics, or the products his company offers, that's fine. Just avoid those things; it's really not that hard.

                  Please, just go away and shitpost elsewhere - some people actually just want to discuss deals and products on their merits, and we have to scroll through acres of hateful trash to do it.

    • Elon is no worse than any other big tech CEO

  • +1

    In WA the Model Y RWD is listed as: $55,900 +ORC ($62,522 drive away)

    • +5

      Plus $1400 delivery fee and $400 order fee that you aren't getting out of paying and included in any value for rebates - that's where the $57,700 comes from.

      • Ah, okay thanks.

  • +4

    This speaks volumes of how badly Tesla is doing…

    I think I'd only be happy picking one up if it's under $50k though, otherwise it's still overpriced. So I guess I just have to wait a month or two.

    • +19

      I think it is car manufacturers in general. Heard of numerous Ford dealerships who have an oversupply of Rangers now.
      Maybe the economic conditions are finally catching up with people and no longer blowing money on new cars.

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