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Gigabyte RX 7900 XTX Gaming OC 24GB Graphics Card $1359.15 ($1327.17 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original Coupon Deal

New record low for a Factory overclocked 7900 XTX.
Choose your preference when deciding between the Taichi linked here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/844983
Vs the Gigabyte in this deal.
I think the Taichi is a slightly faster card.

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  • +6

    Seems like a lot of card for the money (well, considering what we have previously been used to).

    • When a single gpu cost as much as a new pc is just ridiculous.

  • +1

    Only 24gb?

    Can it run crysis?

    • It manages

    • yes but only in times of… crysis

  • +1

    If the clock speed is set in the factory, how is that overclocking?

    • +4

      It's an overclock compared to the non OC model it is based off.
      You can of course overclock this further yourself.
      The card has been binned from factory, meaning it can hold a higher stable overclock, so you potentially have even more headroom.

    • +3

      The company overclock these cards higher than the standard clock speed for a 7900 xtx.
      They also accomodate generally a better heatsink/fan setup

      • +1

        Yeah i bought my powercolour 7900xtx as it doesnt run the stock fan setup and runs very cool.

  • Ohh very tempting but will hold.

  • +1

    Nice, but June 3rd.

    • +5

      We pray for a bountiful Computex.

  • +7

    HODL… HODL… 2 more weeks to Computex.

    • whats computex?

    • +1

      Oh cool. Been waiting for that.

  • +3

    HODL for hopefully a 5080 which will outperform a 4090 at half the cost in Q4

    • That's my hope as well

    • +12

      LOL sif they will go cheaper, its nvidia you are talking about there!

      • +9

        Jensen's greed knows no bounds however neither does my HODL. I will HODL until the 5080 becomes sub $1000 by which point the 9090 will be all the rage!

        • +2

          Jensen is the a-hole that started these inflated GPU prices.

          • +3

            @pinkybrain: The customer is the a-hole for buying them and sending a clear message that the new price is acceptable and fair :)

            • +4

              @spriggan43: The high prices started during covid when supply was low and scalpers took advantage + crypto miners also continue buying the cards at that inflated price cos they didn't give a shit..

              The customer is the a-hole for buying them and sending a clear message that the new price is acceptable and fair :)

              I think demand for GPU has been down for a while now, so I don't think it is customer sending message that this is the acceptable prices..


              Just this look at this current ozbargain thread / post with people saying to HODL.. etc..

              I am sure there is not that many customers buying these $1000+ GPU nowadays (except those that can afford it or must get a new GPU)
              However nvidia struck it BIG with AI boom so they don't give a shit and keeping these inflated prices and they don't care as much about their GPU gaming market being down because their AI market is really up..

              As a result AMD also does not need to be as competitive with their prices..

              So this is the current state that we are in.

              • @pinkybrain: This comment accurately reflects my thoughts as well. But the GPU demand going down is mainly for gamers. unfortunately machine learning is keeping that demand a little higher than what would have happened if it was solely for gamers

              • @pinkybrain: I just spent around $1400 on an AMD 7900 XTX, so they arent that much better pricewise - they cant price it to 4090 levels as the card isnt as fast, though suspect if they had one it would be at least a few hundred cheaper.

                • @Franc-T: They are much better pricewise I spent $1400+ on my 7900XTX and 4090s were around double that.

                  That said its ridiculous how dear they all are nowdays

    • +7

      I want some of what you've been smoking!

      • I'm thinking they toked on a bit of asbestos

    • It's nice to pipe dream.

      I say this as someone who will buy a 5090 and sell his 4090.

  • +4

    Have the exact card, it's great.

    • +2

      no dramas with the drivers?

      • +1

        The Adrenaline drivers are bloody awesome! I have a 7800XT and it's had zero issues at all and no driver issues.
        Funny thing is when Gray Zone Warfare came out, it was the NVidia and Intel guys having all the driver and FPS issues.
        AMD reigned supreme!!

      • Nah not a one, it updates once a month, no issues. I remember back with RDNA1 and Vega, there were issues but I think RDNA2 and RDNA3 have been basically fine.

  • I'd have bought this if it weren't for a 2nd hand 4080 I found for $1350 on FB.

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