[iOS, Android] First 1000 Users Get All Features Free Forever @ Hookd App (Australian Dating App)


Hello OzBargain!

Hookd is a new Australian completely free dating app that has arrived in the wake of popular dating apps such as Hinge, Tinder & Bumble (as well as other platforms) locking down most of their core services behind paywalls, gambling based algorithms and many other frustrating limitations.

As Hookd is new, they're offering an exclusive deal for their first 1000 core users, which means when AI features come to the door, or cool new community focused and centred products come to life, you'll be sure to get each feature free forever.

Although Hookd is promising to keep it's core features free unlike potential other companies, it's still good to know you'll be able to get some other really cool features completely free just by being one of the first ones on the app!

Give it a try and let them know what you think!


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  • +37

    What to tell the wife? Too good a deal to pass up?

    • +11

      Ask her to sign up too.

    • +9

      We're all about being sincere, genuine, and building mindful relationships, so maybe in fact do, pass this one up 😊

  • +16

    This feels similar to the deals for 100 condoms. I'm not getting f****d either way.

  • +9

    I too would like to meet hot singles in my local area

    • +1

      Meet hot single jvs in your local area

    • +1

      Are you a hot single?

  • +3


    • +14


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  • Will you screen out seedy men who only search for women half their age

    • +2

      isn't that all men?

      • Just ozbargain members

      • Not my target demographic 😁

    • +5

      Why bother? They will match with the seedy women catfishing with heavily filtered photos and cancel each other out.

    • My gf is almost half my age, what's your problem?

  • +1

    I have no health insurace OP, can I still join in.

  • +1

    Hookd is a free dating application with the objective of re-invigorating competition in the market. So many apps are used to having to easy users and making them pay for every tiny feature. Hookd's attempts are to change this for the better

    I'd recommend making the italicised part a little more parseable

    • Appreciate the suggestions

  • -1

    May be worth noting to those who do sign up, please use a well presented photo to avoid being determined as a bot or spam in the future πŸ˜‰

    • +7

      What if we have a face like a dropped pie?

      • +3

        Yeah big issue here too, i have face like brad pitt

        • +1

          I look more like Brad Pigg

    • +1

      Can u tell me if u already hv 1000 applied? As i only get on the list without getting any email.

    • Ah dammit, the bot will confuse me with a (young) Brad Pitt. πŸ˜‰

  • Why on earth would you want a dating website that has AI features?
    While unfortunately this will probably become part and parcel of our dystopian future, why would you intentionally want this?

    Might as well marry a Nigerian prince!

    • To find the best matches for you? I don't really know. But shoving AI in basically everything is becoming ridiculous. Is AI going to find us relationships instead of us finding it on our own.

    • +5

      My bot will go on a virtual date with your bot so we don't have to.

      • That’s funny

    • +1

      Hoping to meet an OS with the voice of Scarlett Johansson.

  • How will we know if we are in the first 1000 to sign up? will there be a notification or something on the app?

    • Only around 200 clicked links. Safe to assume you should be part of the first 1000

  • joined

    • +1

      I'll swipe ya bigboy

      • +3

        joined. Let's make this a love triangle

  • +25

    a dating network full of ozbargain members… that first date is going to be a cheap night

    • +1

      Sound like jv😁

    • +5

      dominoes baby? got me a voucher luv….

      • +2

        only if you pay :)

    • +3

      Full of asian guys?

    • -1

      great for a golden gay time

  • +8

    An app that 'has arrived'… except it hasn't.
    This is a template website, and LinkedIn says the company only has one employee.
    What makes this any different from plain old data harvesting?

    • +5

      This one has AI, hence it's new and different.

    • +1

      But they do have an ABN (94 667 755 375) that is current (since 05 May 2023) even if the CEO's own personal ABN as an individual sole trader (47 326 193 575) was cancelled since 09 Feb 2022)…

      So unlikely to be a Nigerian Prince running the show. ;)

  • +1

    Your perfect match is… jv😜

  • +1

    "Hookd is a new Australian completely free dating app that has arrived in the wake of popular dating apps"
    so what's on offer here, or the bargain, if it is already completely free?

    • +1

      I'd almost confuse this app for a fishing app (angling).

      Depends on what you're catching πŸ˜„

  • Installed and it is not loading on S24 :(

    Stuck at the loading screen.

  • +2

    Should rename the app to Sausage fest, because it will be 98% dudes.

  • +1

    Hi CEO of Hookd (Jesse Robert Hayward, presumably),

    Not sure if you are legit, or some sort of scammer trying to get the personal details of others… but would the following intro be flagged by your AI (because I don't want to waste my time creating an account that would get banned…)? ;)

    "Jesse is an avid traveller and enjoys exploring new cultures. He has a keen interest in learning languages, such as Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin, and has been consistently studying languages for more than 1300 days. Apart from that, Jesse is also passionate about football and umpires in the local senior division. He is currently on a pathway to hopefully move to the State League. Jesse likes to keep himself active and outdoors, and enjoys riding his motorbike on sunny days. His love for learning new things is evident in his hobbies, and he is always eager to expand his knowledge and skills in various areas."

    (Pro tip: when posting aboutyour own company and promoting an app that requires personal information and photos, you may want to avoid talking about the company in the third person, and actually introduce yourself to make users feel more at ease… just a thought.)

  • +1

    HookD.. i prefer the next gen, HookE and some R at the end…
    Cheaper long term and no babies

  • HookD holds a competition for the cheapest date possible.

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