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[Uber One] $1 Deals (Selected Restaurants) @ Uber Eats


Checked my Uber Eats for a feed tonight and saw this banner

Upon further inspection it appears that you can get selected meals from restaurants in your area for $1!

Dinner sorted for me tonight! $2.99 delivered!

Can't find T's & C's, but it says a week so added expiry as Sunday as guessing it'll run over a few day.


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  • +10

    Mine says check back later for more :(

    • same

    • Same in VIC. Anyone getting any luck in VIC?

      • It worked on my misses account, and I changed my address to hers but it didn't work on my account (both in VIC). We are both uber one members so doesn't make sense - possibly targeted offer

      • Yes and with tips i paid $4.32

    • +1

      I can't get no……..satisfaction.

  • +1

    I dont have that in my app.

    • +29

      Click on offers, and look for those with brown tag with "save on select items" or "x offers available".

      I didn't have the banner but went through a few restaurants with those and offer was there.

      • Thanks this worked for me and tomorrow lunch is now sorted for $1.99 delivered.

    • Change address and do a pickup at a park.

  • +1

    got it!

  • +7

    Pad See Ew Chicken for $1.80 delivered. Thanks OP! If it hadn't been for you, I wouldnt have even opened the app tonight

    • Delivery usually has minimum spending right?

      • +2

        Minimum Delivery takes into account the RRP of the item, which in this case was $20+

    • +1

      I got the exact same haha, $1.97 though 😯

    • Same choice here but mine was $1.99 delivered. Can’t complain. Lunch for tomorrow sorted.

  • +20

    I was able to schedule one for tonight and tomorrow different restuarants. Had two tabs open, once i paid for one i switched tabs to order from the other. Ordering from the app your only able to order once.

    • +6

      Good workaround, just make sure the promo doesn't disappear and you're up for full price tomorrow…

    • Wish I knew it earlier!

    • +1

      Thanks, can confirm this workaround works!

    • +9

      Becareful they sometimes follow up on old orders and apply promo for first order and charge full price for others (not all accounts got this)

      Workaround is to use revolut for payment method and throwaway account with new phone number, email and alt phone

    • +1

      Make sure you do not edit your order otherwise it will remove the discount

    • Oh no, I placed an order, and I'm not sure if I can cancel it and place it again. I'm just worried I will lose the deal.

      • Its not common that they charge full price later, i'm guessing that it must be manually done if the account is flagged or something as only happened a few times and got banned for declined transactions

        • @Fat Horny Ghost

          If you unlink your cards, would they still be able to charge full price later?

    • If you have a few people in your household, I added 4 $1 items to cart from 4 different restaurants, opened each in a new tab and checked each out. On of the tab couldn't be checked out, but I went back to cart and clicked on the store cart after I had place another order, and it still checkout OK with a newly loaded page.

      • I just did this, clicked place order all extremely fast (maybe too fast?), and it charged me full price for all orders other than one.
        Be careful.

        • I definitely didn't click fast to try to get the system to glitch. As mentioned I actually opened a new page to navigated back to the cart with the item and could still check out at $1. The key is to have added all items from different restaurants to their respective carts before checking out.

      • This didn't work for me, although each tab said 'we've got your order' only the first one went through and when you refresh all items are removed from cart except the one order.

  • +3

    Pizza delivered for less than $2.

    Unfortunately it was stone cold.

  • +1

    I've got "check back later" - tried multiple locations in case it was just none near me and got same message. Will try tomorrow :)

    • Restaurants appeared today :)

      • Restaurant cancelled as out of stock - then promo disappeared and charged full price for second order, so cancelled that myself. Guess I'm cooking tonight :/

        Restaurant cancelling shouldn't count as me using a promotion..

  • +1

    Got 1 whole chicken for $1.97 delivered. Thank you Op

    • Which resto?

      • +4

        Los Pollos Hermanos

    • Poor chicken didn't have much value put on his/her life.

  • Didn't get it, checked 2 different accounts

    • +1

      it just popped up on mine, but says. check back later for more

  • Didn't get the promo banner and couldn't find any stores with this promo. Where is everyone ordering from?

  • +1

    $1 for t bone steak. Dang I already ate.

  • +5
  • +1

    Good selection of choices

    • +1

      Quite a few included restaurants near me, with about 5 that actually look worth while getting.

  • Damn nice. Chicken Pad Thai for $2.99 delivered.

  • already made dinner and ordered a $1.97 Pad See Ew. Thanks OP

  • Targeted? :(

  • 'Mine says check back later for mor..'

  • Got a $1 steak and a $1 Yiros, thanks OP.

    • How'd you get 2?
      Just two accounts?

      • Yeah, have 3 actually. 1 didn't get it unfortunately.

        • Same. 2 got through one somehow failed.

  • Epic find dude, cheers

  • +1

    Legend OP!
    I was about to order dinner for the next month but it looks like you can claim a $1 deal once only. You can’t order it from another restaurant.

  • Was browsing and nothing, then refreshed just after 5pm and they all started popping up. Found in Todays Offers.

  • Nothing on mine

  • Is this limited to particular stores or areas? Im not seeing anything in my app

  • Lunch for tomorrow sorted! $2.35 for a chicken pad thai

  • +1

    Fyi, you can claim 2 seperate orders (different stores)

    • How?

      • You need to do it after the first order

      • +1

        Had to have both orders in the cart and then immediately process both one after the other.

        Worked for me but had to pay the delivery fee still.

        • Thanks, used 2 phones to place order at the same time :)

        • You only pay delivery fee if the item's original price is less than $20, hence $20+ items are better

    • You can't though. From what I can see.

      • +3

        You definitely can, I did. I think you could order more, so long as you've loaded the cart with what you want and don't modify the delivery time or order in any other way. I did the first 2 from my cart fine, the rest still showed $1 but I fiddled with the scheduled time and it reverted to full price.

        • I ordered the same way and I can confirmed it worked

    • You can do at least 5 and schedule (before you save to cart). Save the carts and then place the 5 orders back to back very quickly before the system figures it out.

      • +1

        Did that once with two orders and paid full price on one order. Check they don't charge you more on the delivery day

        • Good point, i will screenshot.

          Edit: still saying the discounted price.

  • +1

    Cheers OP! 🍺

  • Can't see anything here.

    • Same here. Maybe targeted?

  • $8 Small Margarita, I might pass XD

  • Thanks OP, got one chicken teriyaki bento for 1.97

  • Not much around me and I don't like ordering from places that are more than 12 mins away, so I'll wait until tomorrow when the deal's dead.

  • +3

    For anyone curious it's because Tuesdays are dead for deliveries. Not sure why but the worst day of the week for deliveries is Tuesdays. I'm not slaving today because it's just normally shit. Doesn't surprise me UE running this bloody banger of a deal today.

  • Got check back later for more

  • 1
    Broken Rice with Pork Chop, Pate, and Fried Egg

    • +1

      Cơm tấm?

      • Com tam dac biet

    • -1

      Why did they break it? Ask for refund.

  • I didn't see any banner…but looked at some local places, and at least 4 had the $1 deal.

    I already cooked dinner so have tried my luck at scheduling a goat biryani delivered for $3.60 for lunch tomorrow :P

  • chicken laksa for $1.97 delivered. sweet!

  • 1
    Katsu Chicken Bento

  • +3

    It seems it only takes you away from seeing the deal it wont remove it from your cart after you buy something for $1!

    Add the $1 things you want to your cart then pay for them one by one, it worked for me,

    While you cant see a new deal the old deals will still be in your cart!

    (Yes multiple delivery fees but theyre about $3 or less)

    • I made an order at one place and my cart at another place went back to full price.

      • +2

        Really? Damn I mustve just had a lucky break sorry!

        • +1

          Yep! Looks like it. Well done!

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