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Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream/Honey Potato Chips 165g $3 ($2.70 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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$0.15 cheaper than last time.

Honey soy chicken flavour

Price matching $3 Coles 1/2 price special. Save an extra $0.30 a pack with subscribe & save on Amazon.

24/5: Sea salt and salt & vinegar now available on Amazon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +7

    Best chips out there! Had some visitors take some home to the US to show em how to do chips ;)

    • +3

      Ruffles are the king

      • 100%. I always get 2 giant bags from costco :)

      • +3

        Samboy Atomic Tomato FTW

      • Bring back arnotts crinkle cut or ogradys.

    • They sell for 12 dollars overseas

      • I'd believe it. Nothing like RR overseas

  • +2

    Thanks !
    Loading up for the winter

  • -1

    Used to enjoy these chips until I learnt they use cochineal as a food colour! Cochineal is a little insect found in South America.

    • +14

      at least it's natural?

      • +1

        Sure. Why not add cockroaches too.

        • +4

          Klaus entered the chat.

        • +4

          If you enjoy chocolate.. don't read up on what's allowed when they are making them.

    • +3

      If I buy chips, which is very rarely, I get Kettle Ocean Salt ones - just 3 ingredients in total.

    • +3

      Its a lot more common than you think.

    • +2

      Is this a bad thing, or just a 'eww' factor?

      • +2

        Brother eww….

        • +1

          eww what's that brother

    • +7

      Used to enjoy these chips until I learnt they use cochineal as a food colour! Cochineal is a little insect found in South America.

      … and?

      (Wait till you learn where chicken eggs come from!)

    • +4

      "Use of a bug extract in food shouldn’t alarm, says University of Guadalajara biotechnologist Liberato Portillo Martinez, who has studied cochineal insects for decades. The amount of insect remaining in the pigment is minuscule — and besides, he adds, many food products are deemed safe and approved for sale even if they contain small amounts of whole or fragmented insects."

      • -2

        I guess they could just use a red colour maybe from paprika or a mild chilli!

  • +2

    Thanks op! Purchased a few.
    I assume that these are not short-dated like those sold by the amazon warehouse?

    • That's correct

  • +1

    out of stock

    • +1

      I just bought

      • Same, just bought too.

  • +5

    I don't think I can go without eating a pack a day if I buy these, so not even going to bother.

  • +5

    175g should be the minimum for a big bag of chips.

    • I have poor self control so for me the smaller the bag the better.

  • Shame they don't do the Dijon Mustard and Honey flavour in a big bag.

    • That flavour sounds awesome I gotta try it

  • Still got a lot left for around $1.50 from Amazon Warehouse ;)

    • Link/address please?

      • Link is the same as the OP link.

        They only go on sale when Amazon decides to list them due to being shortdated in a few months.

        But they pop up very often :)

    • yeah would like to know that too thanks

    • No sources lmao

  • Another good chip is that NZ brand that has bird on it. You can get it from the Reject Shop

  • You could got much cheaper chips/snacks from your local NQR shop.

  • +1

    I've resorted to buying Aldi chips to save money.

    • Yeah, their Red Rock Deli equivalent chips (Blackstone or something?) are good, the chilli flavour is top-tier imo. Chorizo is meh.

  • I see coles has the same price and for all the flavours too

  • Sea salt and salt & vinegar now available on Amazon

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